MvCI Meta and Tier Discussion


New Tier List:

  1. Dante
  2. Zero
  3. Nova
  4. Jedah
  5. Morrigan
  6. Rocket
  7. Hawkeye
  8. Dorm
  9. Chun
  10. Spiderman


Is that in order of strength?

Dante top tier nothing new. He’s more beatable than he was before, but still basically a top point and a top support. Zero, Nova, Jedah all make sense. Morrigan is finally being shown to be powerful in a game where only certain characters have quick get off me options or invincible super. She has a psuedo DP to beat out sloppy offense and one of the best invincible levels 1s to slow the game down with. She basically has the closest to Ultron’s pre patch j.HP. Very difficult to AA and one touch puts you in a combo and can be repeated regularly until you are hit. Even though she’s mainly a point character, her tools are also very good support for another character and astral vision is still really good, if in different ways from MVC3.

Rocket makes sense. Like Dante one of the best characters that duo as top point and top support. Doesn’t have an invincible DP but has the best preemptive defensive options in the game. Once you set up shop people can’t just fish for stray hits and get a guaranteed combo anymore. Which is probably why Hawkeye is coming up as he’s one of the few characters that can fish into full combos against him from a range where he doesn’t have to deal with traps. Everyone else has to deactivate the traps or force themselves into a situation where they’ll get hit for trying to hit him.

Hawkeye, Dorm, Chun and Spiderman are all solid. Dorm is still pretty much high to top tier despite the crying a few Dorm players probably did. Hawkeye is probably close to top 5 really now. Other than not having super oppressive mix up or an invincible DP, he may have the best overall set of assists in the game. Up arrows tag makes everyone better especially if they have a port. Can easily convert arrows into full combos while setting up a field of frame advantage for another character to tag into and start offense should he not immediately land a hit. No instant chicken blocking means he basically has a full screen mix up if the opponent isn’t patient to pick their spots to jump. Reflecting is tough vs him just because of the speed he can fire shit with and messing up a reflect means full screen combo. Chun and Spiderman are good, but probably arguable for top 10.

I would say Strider is pretty much a shoe in for top 10 at this point. Has about the best mobility in the game, air invincible super if you try to challenge him in the air, vajra tag about the best assist in the game and he actually hurts now so you can’t just weather the storm vs him like in 3. Ouroboros is strong in a new way now that it’s just an extremely high durable set or projectiles surrounding him that let him force his way into mix up. Like a weaker spiral swords basically. If you dont have an invincible super or coon trap super on the ground he can get in nearly for free with Ouro.


Mostly agree, though not necessarily in the same order.
And even despite his falloff, I still think Ultron deserves to be in top 8.

Also, Firebrand, Gamora, Strider, and Strange are all contenders for the 9/10 spots.


I knew I forgot someone, I’d shoe in both Strider and Ultron likely. The order is rough. I’d say that Gamora, Strange and Firebrand are very close and arguable for the 9/10 spots along with Spider and Chun.

New Tier List:

  1. Dante
  2. Zero
  3. Nova
  4. Jedah
  5. Morrigan
  6. Rocket
  7. Hawkeye
  8. Strider
  9. Dorm
  10. Ultron

I feel Ultron is probably the fairest out of the bunch and can be fought easier by the rest of the cast.


Don’t know about Morrigan and Hawkeye.

Ultron and Gamora are stronger than those two.

Thanos too.


Hawkeye has been winning a lot lately he destroys half the cast with just zoning and space stone. Ultron is good and he can help set up shop so I can see him being top ten. I find Gamora abit overrated. Morrigan is underrated, has great tools to reset neutral, a good mix up game. Her Finishing shower also trades with a lot hypers in the her teams favor. Although I am most likely biased since I main Morrigan. Idk why you think Thanos is better than her I would like to hear your reasoning.

I agree that Ultron is the fairest of the top ten, but I feel if you are going to add Strider and Ultron you should of kicked Dormammu out instead of Chuns. He is very good, but I find that he is not so dominate to be in top 10 especially if his partner dies. While Chuns is just crazy fast and shuts people down way to quick.


I can’t ignore Dorm with the right partner though, he’s basically guaranteed spells if he has ANY space in this game. Chun is pretty stupid but honestly I find navigating Chun less stifling because she’s not as good at controlling space. While stupid fast, there’s something about her approach that even a bum like me can weather to a degree and honestly when I weigh her vs the rest of the top I see Dorm doing better against them with the right support. It’s definitely arguable though.


Can Hawkeye even fight Dante?


from watching Duel Kevin against other Dante players in recent Tournaments I would guess the match up is either in Dante’s favor 6-4 or 5-5.


He should be able to fight Dante and worst case scenario if you’re playing Hawkeye you have him teamed up with someone who can fight Dante.

Once you get space I should imagine Hawkeye does alright vs Dante as because Dante’s buttons are slow as fuck and his gun super got nerfed, he can’t just blow through Hawkeye’s neutral as easily. Which is why a team like Hawkeye/Coon is so strong as Coon can lay down shit near Hawkeye so if Dante even gets close he can’t just land a stray hit and get going.


Thanos has the Armor Lunge Punch which does great wall carry, two very usable teleports, the best non super command grab with followups, HK Shield, inescapable frame traps, a great projectile and good movement for a big body plus big damage.

Zoners can’t get too comfortable with Thanos because of ports, his projectile and the Shield and if they get sloppy, they get punished with Straight punch into wall combo.

Gamora ain’t overrated at all. She is good and can fight both Morrigan and Hawkeye straight up.

Mind you, both Hawkeye and Morrigan are good as in High Tier good. They proven that they excel and don’t belong in the Mid pack but Top 10? That’s a stretch and a big one.


People really have to stop using damage as a reason why someone is good in this game. Thanos imo has an easy port to deal with.
I guess I’ll have to wait to see the epic Thanos in tournament.


I think Thanos is perfectly viable, and while he’s definitely the best of the Easy Damage Big Guy Club (along with Sigma and Venom), none of them are anywhere near top 10.
They don’t have enough dirty tricks or mixup potential to fit in with that upper tier. Honestly I have a hard time even putting them in top 20.

He’s not bad by any stretch. There’s just better options.


Pretty close to the way I feel about him. There’s just nothing he does that makes me fear him most of the time. His standing jab is deceptively fast though
which is one of the only reasons why I consider him one of the best of the big men for easy damage. That being said most of the other big body types I’d say
can give him a run for his money. Like Thor, heck even Monster Hunter and Nemesis.


Monster Hunter is a big body?

In any case, she is better than Thanos.

Thor and Nemesis, while good, they aren’t.


Point me to some top tier Thanos play. I’d love to see it. Whose rocking Thanos and making a real dent?
(Granted the question could be put, whose still playing this game in general OOOOOOOOOOH!)


Thor has deceptively good movement which gives him good mixup potential on top of having great throw options. I wouldn’t put him Top 10 either, but he’s definitely better than Thanos IMO.

My opinion on Nemesis mostly has to do with just how insanely good Biohazard Rush is in this game. He also has good buttons, good armor, and good throws. I personally think he’s better than Thanos, but I admit that it’s a harder sell.


I don’t think Legend was trying to say thanos is top ten just that he has more potential than morrigan and Hawkeye as characters.

Regarding Gamora the only reason that I think she is overrated is because of this space meta we are currently in. Space surge easily counter her guns and limits her options.

If monster hunter is a big body can I assume that dr. Strange, Dormammu, Venom, and Sigma are big body characters? I believe these characters are all bigger than her.


As far as being attacked Dormammu is a big body while standing anyway, Monster Hunter plays like a big body has one of the slowest movesets in the game than I think every big body outside of demon dash/roll light. You can refer characters as far as archetypes or visual design. When attacking Dorm or certain characters they are susceptible to more attacks (although capcom has been changing this in their designs…see Abigail), some people may use another catch phrase such as tanks due to armor options.

But I’m referring to slow assed characters that don’t zip all over the screen. Her dash is worse than every character that’s called a big body practically. LOL and yes I’m not the first person to refer to Monster Hunter as a female big body. They get no bigger than that folks. Large girls don’t really exist in media.


But mah She-Hulk, LOL!