MvCI Meta and Tier Discussion


Captain Marvel is one of the characters that I really enjoy using. Her offense game sucks despite her being an 8 way air dash/ flight character due to her shitty normals. In a way, she reminds me of viper. Contrary to popular belief, Vipers offense wasnt that great either. Her air normals are pretty crappy and same with her plink/wave/air dashes. What she did excel was blowing up other characters offense. So what did Viper players do? They paired her with assists that puts your opponent in long block stun to let get more mix ups since she has trouble forcing a hit.

That being said, I think Captain Marvel really needs a character that puts the opponent in long block stun to make her work and compensate for her shit normals. Slide is the exception though. That move is godlike. I would consider also learning blitz+tag crossup/non crossup shenanigans to open people up. Not sure how legit this is though.

Her hammer fist (air d+hp) has some interesting properties. Its faster than and a wider hitbox than almost all her other air normals and can cross up easily. However, it causes her to bounce off. You can cancel the bounce into an air dash but only if you haven’t used your air dash before if i remembered correctly.

Crouching lks in this game are pretty bad. Aside from not being able to rapid fire, its almost twice as slow as crouching lps averaging 7-8 frames start up. For some reason, they made upbacking invincible to lows, yet not to mids, so a complete shift from the previous games.


Captain Marvel being slated? Granted Nova and Ultron are probably better picks but she

Possibly some combination of WinterSoldier/MonsterHunter.


If anyone believes in Frank out there, play him with Winter Soldier for easy as fuck level 5 setups. You can take 3 camera shots in Bucky’s gun super alone.

Not a particularly strong team, but it can be an annoying one with a leveled Frank, and although he’s definitely weaker than his Marvel 3 self, jumping LP beats ALL teleports. Hits them before they can even block or attack. Hits above and behind Frank as well.


Still think Frank Dante with Soul is about the best you can do with Frank. Get pretty easy chances to get to 4/5 and Dante has plenty of ways to mix up on his own that are helped by a lot of Frank’s shit that can help lock down for Dante. Frank’s level 3 is really slept on with Soul Storm as well as it always gives you a way to set up an unblockable during the storm. Plus if he wasn’t already at level 5, it gets him there immediately. He also has a pretty solid invincible level 1 that like Gamora’s and Zero’s is invincible until the freeze starts. Can also go through projectiles up to a certain point and is great for tag lockdown.

Since people don’t think Frank has great mix up, probably not going to work out to pair him with another character that can’t high/low/cross mix up very well.


Hey guys, primarily a lurker but was curious on your thoughts who abuses Time storm the most? Thus far, it seems like the supports (jedah/dorm/Dante) are some of the scariest


It’s interesting because I feel certain characters abuse the surge better and certain characters abuse the storm better. Like characters that have good air buttons can abuse it really well as they can throw out a dumb air button and then teleport and tag in partner for a lot of shenanigans and set up long range pressure that way. Characters like Ghost Rider, Monster Hunter, Haggar, Arthur can really abuse that.

As far as the storm anyone who can spam fireballs or long ranged normals really fast on screen can abuse it nicely. Characters like Strange, Morrigan, Dorm, Strider, Zero can really flood the screen with stuff. Gamora already floods the screen nicely and then conbined with time storm allows her to convert really easily into big damage meterless combos into reset or level 3.

Strider can do about 3 or 4 reps of a satellite gram loop from full screen with the storm.


This game is somewhat void of teleport characters, there are one of two but assists aren’t used or benefited in the same way as they are in Ultimate. So any character who has any extended presence on the screen can benefit from having a teleport; as well as characters who are hyper mobile just become even more of a nuisance to chase down and catch. I play WinterSoldier/Time, he dominates the screen from far back and his grenades bounce, so having the teleport makes it a lot more difficult for him to get pinned down, and it gives him legitimate ambiguous setups with his grenades that come from out of sight off screen. But WinterSoldier has a shit ton of projectile armour and some seriously legit punishes, but it comes at a cost of mobility, so Time fills that void.


Unless they make level 4/5 Frank’s j.LP an overhead (I strongly think he needs this buff, at least on the first hit), your best bet with playing him is doing roll 50/50s and utilizing his moves as a high-damage support character. Realistically, you pretty much have no need for him in a game with Dante and MonHun, but for chumps like me who liked Dead Rising (1/2 specifically, didn’t play 3/4), we’re stuck with Frank Whack right now. To speak on his stones for a minute:

  • Power: Not much for him here, though Power Stone is probably better than his special wall bounce. I’d be leery of using wall bounces anyway because he needs them to get more after his hypers.
  • Time: Time surge is good since Frank lacks an air dash and has bad mobility. You can also go for Time Storm combos into level 5, or reset into a free level 3 if you’re feeling bold.
  • Space: He’s definitely not bad, but he can’t capitalize off of it like other characters due to his shit solo mixups. You do have both a level 3 grab and an AA grab, so I’m sure some set up exists for this.
  • Reality: Unless there’s some amazing combo into level 5 from Reality Storm, you should pass on this. It’s not a all-in-one tool anymore.
  • Mind: Ahahaha
  • Soul: Probably his best stone. Not only does he get EVEN MORE HEALTH from Soul Surge (because of level 5’s damage+resist, it’s basically 33% more health than normal), but you can either bring your point back for another chance at leveling him up, or bring Frank himself back after they finally managed to get through his level 5 healthbar.


Yea, I agree. It seems like anyone with projectiles can leverage time stone in the neutral. I think to truly break the stone people will need to play characters who are truly changed during the surge. I’ve been impressed with how much characters offense can change during the duration of the surge. Alioune and miniboss were posting some interesting tech for jedah, Dante, dorm.


So no doubt Coon is pretty damn good, but I’ve been seeing people comparing him to Zero. Zero who despite nerfs can basically play exactly the same way he can before the nerfs. I’m not seeing the lack of invincibility in a lot of this shit LOL. Coon as good as zero?

If your character can practically do whatever he wants, when he wants to do it. Your character is bullshit.


If you’ve been seeing people say stuff like that you’re most likely spending too much time on social media which is screwing up to begin with.

Past that, I think they play different roles on a team so there’s really no point to compare them. It’s like saying MVC2 Magneto is better than Commando or that MVC3 Morrigan is better than Doom and Dante. Zero is more of a point character and Coon is more of a support character. There are quite a lot of characters that have better point tools than Coon, but Coon is popular because he has a lot of hit boxes that other characters can abuse on tag while still being able to do some point play himself.


Yea Zero and racoon have different types of bs. Plus racoon has that od trap super. No idea why that thing stays out so long


Uhm. Nope. All I use is Facebook and I have no gamer friends. Just forums Mr. Pot. I’ll let Mrs. Kettle you stopped by.


Hearing crazy stuff like that it’s either social media or other forums, because definitely don’t hear anything like that here. At least here people understand that Zero is a stronger tournament character if you don’t count support value.

I would hope that you’re not seeing real life people compare Zero to Coon. That would be unreal.


Because there’s Zero. Easier to evade that/learn side switch combos or just pop it, block one mixup, maybe two. Block zero? He’s a mobile mixup.

You’d be surprised, there’s a scrub zero army at next level and I fix the machine in nyc. I think they’re sonic shocked.


LOL. Well realistically there’s no reason the trap super should last that long. It’s not like Coon has below low health like he did in Marvel 3 and his hurt box is still nearly as small as it was in that game. He’s the only character that I have trouble hitting with Morrigan’s j.HP. That’s a small animal.

Something is wrong if the trap stayed on screen for the entire duration without finding a way for the opponent to run into it. Especially if you were using space stone. It could be on screen for like 2/3’ds of the time and it would effectively be the same super.

Characters like Zero and Dorm are in the game though so you might as well keep everything you got.

Yeah, well they’re most likely all young people that post on the tweeter so you effectively are hearing from people that would post shit like that on social media any way. Of course Zero players don’t like Coon cuz Coon forces everyone to play the slow game to win and Zero players don’t like to play slow. I’m sure they shake in their boots whenever a Haggar/Coon or Haggar/Sigma team shows up. If Zero and Haggar are just barreling at each other, Haggar is gonna win so they have to slow down, which lets Coon and Sigma lay shit on the field and then good luck.


People complaining about ridiculous in a Marvel game. Keep in mind I was botching about people botching lol! Yea, keep perspective Dorm/Zero/Date exist. Who can convert off most random shit. Least you know where the floor is lava with the trap. I fight a lot of Coons now. Took a minute but I’ll pop their trap quick.


I’ll accept nerfs to derp support options if derp point characters get nerfed too. Otherwise, you’re just gutting the concept of support and making the game “2 points plus a stone”.


So Dante has a new unlockable, why does it not surprise me.


Well he’s pretty hard to block any way as long as he has a tag partner, so why not.