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It seems to work by hitting people low and having the opponent turned around I know its not exclusive to dante tho. I’ve seen somone do it with Arthur and C.Marvel


Well we’ll know for sure very soon. In the meantime, enjoy your 100% combos boys!


My question is Where do people draw the line between cheap and OP? Do I think this should be patched? I think so but I’m not sure. I can see it as a way for a character like Black panther to be a little more usable if it can be setup through his hard knockdown. Plus we can start seeing more people use mindstone!


I think it’s ok… but if it’s a glitch it needs to be fixed.

In the meantime I’ll try to find broken shit with my characters.


Obviously it’s a glitch.

It’s going to get taken out as they take out everything else that is unintentional and dangerous.

Overall though the set up is pretty easy to prepare for since they have to do a combo that switches sides in order for it to work so you have time to prepare a counter switch or reversal invincible special or super out. It requires a tag in order to work so that means counter switches are relatively safe if you do them immediately after they tag so they can’t reaction tag to punish.

You already can’t do stuff like this vs characters like Nova unless you throw relaity surge first (and he’ll still trade and escape). Teemo was blowing super nova level 1 against Richard Nguyens tag hard to blockables all day. I know with my team I can Morrigan level 1 tag pretty easily. Just have to counter switch if Gamora gets hit. Might as well see if there’s a way for my team to do this also.


As long as I can use caps shield glitch in a match before they patch it our ill be happy lol. I either forget about it, playing someone better than me, or just missing the timing. Thinking it’s a 1 or 2 frame window


Yeah Dante back to top 3, (arguably never left.) Time to face the Army of Dantes and Zeros with a new resolve. Do not go gentle into that good night.


Looks more like an odd fuzzy guard to me. Has anyone tested by holding forward to see it to be an actual unblockable? Combofiend said they’d put measures in to prevent unblockables from happening.


The unblockable protection is mainly just protection against meaty high low unblock ables and protects you from left rights during projectile lock down.

This is just a glitch that shuts off you guard for some reason. The character facing backwards likely triggers an issue with the blocking. Just another reason why you should play characters with invincible stuff. It’s not like you can block good mix ups very long any ways. Jedah putting you in the space box might as well be an unblockable. It’s completely worse than this unblockable TBH


I can stop Jedah, can’t stop this. I disagree.


You can stop this easily with an invincible special, super or counter switch. Especially if you have both characters still alive.

If Jedah meaties you in the space box, there’s no way you’re getting out without getting hit. With no tag options anything invincible to mash can be punished with baiting and blocking or reaction level 3 if he’s on the ground. He has setups where he can activate and force you into a meaty spiral and then other than blocks of God you’re taking a level 3


I think I understand it, if someone knows better then please correct me.

If you watch frame by frame, Volcano puts Zero into a reel state similar to breaking the wall bounce limit, but Dante interrupts it with guns into swords, this turns Zero around as he crosses the other side and uses hammer bringing him down, and freeze puts him in place.

The part I think is important, the game now considers Zero and Dante to be on alternate sides, Dante is on the left, Zero is on the right, but when Dante uses switch Dormammu comes in from the wrong direction the way Dante appears to be facing. So essentially it’s a left/right fuzzy, what you see on screen is opposite to the actual action taking place, even when Dormammu comes in. So players should be blocking Dormammu cross up, not forwards.


If it is just a visually ambiguous cross up then that makes it easier to deal with. I’ll mess with it when I get home too


To put it in other words. You know if you time surge over someone’s head, and even though you’re on the opposite side in the air your partner still comes in from the same side you started on (until you touch the ground)? If what I see is correct this is the same kind of visual cross up except in a much more complicated fashion. So the game is getting confused, Zero thinks Dante is on the left, but Dormammu thinks Dante is on the right, so Zero’s blocking stance is one direction relative to Dante left and Dodmammu’s attacking stance is relative to Dante right. It doesn’t mean this still isn’t an unblockable, the game might just be like “well I don’t know what the fuck to do here” and just ignores guard all together, but I’m pretty sure that’s what’s happening.


I’ve done it before, easier with Coon than others now, this my team has none of the above except counter switch.


That’s your team, but Chris G has already proved that you shouldn’t be trying to win tournaments with a team that doesn’t have some type of invincible attack. There’s too much hard to blockable stuff to be playing teams that have to hold block stun all the time.

For your team if you’re using space you will always have space storm to get out of any offense that has a gap in it (which is why space is the best stone for teams that don’t have invincible stuff). Plus counter switches.

What type of stuff do you have with Coon that gets you out of meaty spiral space storm activate?


The unblockable is super broken and should be patched out quickly, if you don’t have an invincible reversal then it is a TOD situation if I land a hit on you in the beginning on the match since you won’t have enough meter to counter-switch out before I land the unblockable into super.


Other characters are able to land the unblockable too through reality stone freeze, mind stone, moves that cause crumples like venoms f.hp


So how does the unblockable work?