MvCI Morrigan Thread: Come, I'll show you such pleasures!

I’m going to main Team Darkstalkers (as is Chris G) so looking forward to how she develops. Love her in Time Stone to use the storm to bring back some of the old bullet hell goodness.

I’m going to run Team Darkstalkers too. I’m having a ton of fun messing around in the lab with them. I’m using Reality Stone and Power Stone.

So I’ve been messing around with Morrigan trying to figure out her new zoning game now that bullet hell is gone minus Time Storm. Like I figured the key is the new harmonius spear special. I’ll have a video coming out soon that shows why that move is OD for her zoning.

Lol heres me rushing down like a lunatic

Very vice insight video @“DevilJin 01”! I like the idea the use of the “Harmonious Spear” in Time Stone Infinity Storm. It definitely makes her zoning game better.

So how good is she actually? I honestly think she’s better than Jedah but I think Jedah usage is going to drop massively

Why do you think she’s better than Jedah? I honestly am just having a lot of fun with both of them since I play Team Darkstalkers any way.

Jedah is definitely easier to play initially with easier bnbs, but his optimized flight pressure and mix up will take some time. Morrigan will take time to optimize in all areas so won’t see her as much for a while. Think she has good potential though. One of the best ADD games, new changes to air dashes allow her to air HP you and then just go nuts with different direction ADFs and ADDs, still has strong air buttons like shell kick and j.HP and astral vision with spears allow her to cover up a good part of the neutral as well. Very versatile character.

Mash c.LP is still really good too. Shadow blade isn’t as easy to use to defend with by yourself, but still good as an escape with tag cancel. Shadow servant is still one of the best invincible supers and gives her space when she needs it as well.

Jedah has the same mobility options but he’s dashes are really slow and open, he’s good for a support but he has no way to deal with being put under pressure, his escape options are not good

It would be too teir if they was one character tbh

Y’all need to be doing Spear into Time Surge on incoming.

Ah ok. Well I guess it makes sense for me to use Time Jedah any way since he’s more more mobile with teleport. Can always just port tag if the oppression is getting near.

I think his air qcb+K Turbine will also be good to improve his mobility as it’s basically a super far travelling dive kick that moves him up and out of the air from most of the neutral. Then can just tag after as long as you have partner.

What can you get from that?

ehhhh I did up these two thangs

Tips video if you put some time into morrigan you prob know all that crap already, but if not then maybe something there for ya.


Generally, the lesson from this match is that if you should pair Morrigan with a character with good lockdown that works with Time and just RTSD.

Watching this makes me want to pair her with ultron point. Been looking for a character with good high/low mixups to pair with him while using wongs ultron lockdown strat.

For those who want to just watch the incoming setup.

That said, when Champ did this, he said he still hadn’t tested it out against all incomings. So maybe holding forward might beat it.

Seems like attack start up is clearly more honest compared to Marvel 3. Even Morrigan’s lights are no faster than 5 frame start up. If that is the fastest that’s really interesting for a Capcom 2d fighter.

Looks like her LP shadow blade is 4 frame start up. I guess that’s the only way you’re getting anything faster unless it’s a super grab or something.

Slower startup moves are the norm for rollback based games because rollbacks can be much more easily hidden in the startup frames of slower normals than faster ones.

Skullgirls fastest startup normal is ms fortunes jab which is 5 frames of startup. Most jabs are around 7-9 frames of startup. Painwheels is 11 frame startup for one of the slowest weak attacks in the game.