MVCI Poll: Black Widow or Scarlet Witch?


Black Widow and Scarlet Witch, both members of the Avengers. If only one of them can be a playable character for MVCI as a DLC character, who would you prefer to be in the game? Natasha or Wanda?




Scarlet Witch for me!




SW, easy.


Technically, polls aren’t allowed (since we did just adapt the [rules from FGD](Rules of FGD: Read Me First Or You Will Be Banned However, I’ll leave this one for @“DevilJin 01” to decide.


Psylocke. Thank you.

Though among the two you listed.

Scarlet Witch.


Scarlet Witch. She would undoubtedly have a more interesting playstyle.


Holy shit! Erm, I’ll take both of them!