MVCI Thor thread - GO MJOLNIR!



So this character is a lot of damn fun.

Adding more stuff later.

You can Kara his command sweep (df. HP) into his command throw increase range.


He’s definitely way faster now, but it seems like a no-go on flight combos still.

Right now I’m just trying to sort out his best combo paths. There’s a bunch of ways to keep them in the air while Thor goes up & down. Mighty spark is pry the easiest. But you can also just go all heavies… SJ H, down+H, H, land, jump H, dash H, etc.

He’s also the only character I know of so far who can start combos off regular throws.


Yeah air mighty spark is definitely the best for consistency/beginners as far as combos go.

I assume you mean HP? HK will spike em.

I totally missed mvc3 so the HSD is strange to deal with till you figure out things that get around it.

His command sweep is really interesting in that it gives him a high damage low combo starter.

Flight might still be useful what with all the Dormamu, rocket racoom ground obstacles of doom that seem to be popular right now.


ha, so i guess it’s just you and me in this lonely sub…

yeah Flight is definitely still good for getting away. He can plink dash all over the place in flight.

one thing that might hold him back (similar to UMVC3) is the speed on his normals, and lack of mashable jab.

gonna do some testing tonight on which moves can still plow through projectiles, like Mighty Strike. he’s got a lot of stuff i haven’t found an exact use for yet like Mighty Smash, Mighty Blow.

I’ll find a way to make him work though. I’m committed ever since I unlocked Haggar’s color 4 (tan skin, white pants, blonde hair) which matches Thor’s alt, so now I have a Hot Boiz team.


(catches and slowly shatters the Mjolnir) (cues Led Zeppelin’s “Immigrant Song”)


Air qcf.HK can be used to start a combo on grounded opponent.

But far more useful is it can be used in an air combo to force low/throw reset on the ground. Really good nice!

I’m gonna try and post some easy BnBs that I was using. All of them do 4.5 to 5K without meter. 6 to 6.5K with meter which I think is enough for starters.

Finished all the combo trials, some really cool starter ideas they showed off, especially the d,d,HP -tag-> into fireball carry!

I wish I knew if Thor has any armor or invincibility in any of his moves, I assume his hyper command throw prolly is or is really god damn fast.


Please post BnBs as soon as possible – I’d really like to know what to do with this char!


I think overall his hk mighty strike is mostly there for his resets. Like…I think most of what people will post will be some combo that leads to that. Who knows


Here are a couple bnbs I’ve found that are relatively easy and quite damaging (it also doesn’t use any wall bounce, ground bounce or stone as it meter neutral)

You can start with whatever ground string into launch (I use j.HP -> c.LK, s.HP, Launch but you can use whatever. You’ll need to tweak the combo if you use a really long ground streak, which I’ll explain)

So, the combo is j.HP, c.LK, s.HP, Launch, j.HP x Divine Drop x Mighty Blow LK, j.LK x j.HP x Mighty Blow LK, j.LK x Mighty Spark LP, Land -> Relaunch, j.HP x Divine Drop x Mighty Spark LP x Mighty Tornado.

Damage scaling is weird, I think it’s based on character stamina or something. So, on Iron Man for example this combo does 6.6k, but on Hulk it does 6.7k. It doesn’t work on Rocket Racoon. I haven’t tested other characters, but it probably works on most or all medium / large characters. Works mid screen or in corner.

If you have an extended ground sequence before the first launch, or if you start the combo with like a Reality Stone Surge, etc. you’ll want to cut “j.LK x j.HP x Mighty Blow LK” from the combo or else it’ll drop. So, after the first Mighty Blow, just go directly into j.LK x Mighty Spark LP then land into a relaunch.

If you’re in the corner and want to spend 2 meter, you can do an even easier combo. Just do whatever into a launch, j.HP x Divine Drop x Mighty Blow LK x Mighty Tornado… then you can just do a second Mighty Tornado while they fall (the timing is very easy). This does about 7.3k damage on Hulk.

These combos are fairly easy and high damage, but they don’t leave the opponent in a good place for a follow up so I’d consider them combos to use for finishers.

Most damage I can squeeze out of thor/rr atm. Any ideas?



That’s kind of the same idea I had with Thor/Ryu just replace with donkey kick + shinku.

This game tries REALLY hard to keep you from breaking 7K with 1 meter.


Nice work on the the BnB!

At mid screen after launch I like to do j.HP, airdash j. HP x LP Mighty Spark, j.HP x LP Might Spark, j.HP->j.HK, dash LK->c.HP, j.LP->j.LK->LP Mighty Spark->Mighty Tornado. I think yours does more damage but, this one works on everyone.

If I get them in the corner or carry instead of j.HP-j.HK, into LK, Launcher, I cancel j.HK into HK mighty strike. It will reset them on the ground into forced wake up. You can do mighty hurricane (command throw) or c.LK/df.HP into combo again.

After LK command throw in the corner I like to do df.HP,HP,HK,c.HP->j.HP,j.HK. airdash down or downforward and go into techroll chase.

Later on we can compile all of these combos in another thread.

I think stones right now, Space stone is super attractive but, I kind of like Reality and Time too. I want see if you can time a Time Surge on reaction to certain projectiles to punish people with a throw or combo.


Speaking of Time Stone, there’s something really odd – after a Mighty Strike LK in the air during the infinity storm if you start spamming j.HP Thor doesn’t lose height or get pushed back so you can mash out like a dozen j.HP’s.


I need to find better tag out options for Thor to help the other person’s incoming. Anyway, can you combo off of heavy command throw or do you just do super?


You can combo off of it, but you have such little hit stun to work with that its hard to add much. You can for example dash forward, do a launcher, j.HP x Mighty Spark LP x Super which adds ~300 damage.


Royal Flush is still reppin for Thor


An update to the BnB I posted earlier, tweaking the start and the beginning a bit.

j.HP x s.LK x s.HP x s.HK x Spinning Thunder (1 hit) x c.HP -> j.HP x Divine Drop x Mighty Blow LP, j.LK x j.HP x Mighty Blow LP, j.LK x Mighty Spark LP -> Land, Jump, j.HP x j.HK, Land, c.HP, j.HP x Mighty Spark LP x Mighty Tornado.

Tweaked the starting string to optimize the allowed hitstun and optimized the ending a bit the best I can find so far. This does 6795 (against Iron Man, 6890 on Hulk… still no clue why the damage is different) 1 meter solo, almost 200 damage better than the previous… with that said, such an extended ground series is probably a bit unrealistic in a match. The ending tweaks still add about 70 damage. Keep in mind with this version, midscreen you’ll have to dash before the final relaunch.

If you guys can find anything better solo 1 meter, let me know!


Probably too early to hate but with the removal of his beam his nuetral seems literally only mighty strike spam.


It’s part of why I like using the Reality Gem, to help make up for the loss of a standard projectile


Nobody said on this forum yet. But if you end a combo w/ h.mighty strike, it spikes them to the grown with neutral tech. Ex. Of how it can be used:


Shout out to ninjaman yt