MvsC 2 Team Thread: Cable, Sentinel, Cammy


Imo this is the best team in the game. It’s hard to get rushed down with this team and it’s not hard to catch run away. Cable w/ Sent -g- assist, and Cammy -aa- assist shouldn’t be getting rushed down by Mag or Storm. Also Sentinel w/ Cammy -aa- assist shouldn’t have a real problem catching up to a run away Storm. Also it’s DHC is really, really painful as well. Ahvb x2 into Drones, then air combo is death. Also Sentinel w/ Cammy assist is Sentinels easiest way to get in on Cable. Cammy assist beats almost every anti air. If any one can post combos, starts for this team thanks in advance.


You’re mistaken.

Cable/AAA gets rushed by Mag and Storm.
As a matter of fact, Cable/anybody gets rushed by Mag and Storm.

Sent/AAA is really good, but it has it’s holes.


Cable with Sentinel drones assist and Cammy -aa- shouldn’t have a big problem with the rush down factors.

Here are some combos for this team

1.) Sentinel w/Cammy assist. Launch, delay, lk, fly, delay tap up + lk, lp rocket punch, tap up + lp, frying pan + cammy -aa-, lp rocket punch.

2.) This is techable but definatley worth doing. In corner w/ Sent cammy -aa- assist. Combo into drones, launch, lp, grab, fly, call Cammy, unfly, ( Ur now on the ground and cammy barely hits opponont) so know u can do lp rocket punch, fleets, into magic series, or just do a launcher into magic series.

This one is prolly know but this is a replica of the Sent/Commando air combo which is launch, call Cammy -aa-, super jump, fp, down rocket punch ( This one is easy and it hurts )



a really good Cable/AAA is hard to kill w/ Magneto…

and (IMO) Cammy dont work as well for an AAA as CapCom would.


Remeber u also have the drones to help u out. The reason why I like Cammy is becuz if Magneto gets in and he’s tri jumpin and ur smashin on Commando to help u out, he some times won’t come out or he’ll get kicked in the head, but w/ Cammy she’ll come out rite away and stop Magneto.


Cable/anybody gets raped FOR FREE by GOOD Mags and Storms.
Sent/AAA also has it’s holes susceptible to rushdown, but is still a really good duo.

You just haven’t seen yet how to fight against this team.
This is just an alternative to Team Scrub (Cable/Sent/CapCom).

BTW, the best team in the game is Storm/Sent/AAA.


You’re entitled to your opinion, no matter how wrong it is. lol


to much 4 real player

hey that team it hard to get in are u 4 real. cable can hop and shot and sent the throne or if u try to super jump and try to hit cable from the top cammy hit u too.she is invisiable too and if u think that team is not the best team in the game and that Mag rapes Cable with Sent assist and Cammy assist come down to a Fall River tourney and we’ll see what happens come on down freshmen in mvc2:cool: :cool:


ok they only get raped if they arnt veary good with cable/any1

if you r going to use cable/any1 there will most likely be a trap of some sort. so if you master the trap and find a way to fill all the holes then it is veary hard to get to.

just like the cable/doom v mags… cable/doom kill’d mags untill he finds the patern and tri jumps around it.

and every duo has its holes…(even s/d,sprile/sent,sent/bh and so on…)

and anyway… how come mags is so fast?? he has got to be like 50+ yrs. old. right? and he is the fastest one in the game.


to much 4 real player

Are you serious??
OK, sure guy.
And I KNOW Mag rapes Cable.
I’ve done it many times, and seen it many times.
You have no clue.
Only scrub Mags have trouble against Cable.

You’re right.
Every duo has it’s holes.
But some teams have holes that are CONSIDERABLY bigger than other teams.
And the holes in Cable/XXX traps are considerable.

I used to have PLENTY of problems of playing against Cable/XXX teams.
Everyone does at first.
But after you learn the geometry, Cable is just rushdown practice.


cable+sent drones=anti-mag

although gayble+cammy might not be able to handle mag, but sent’s assist definitely will get in mag’s way… not only the drones cover alot of spaces make it difficult to tri-jump, but sent himself(?) is a big metal shield making it very hard to get into cable… at least in Oz, even the best mag players find it difficult to get around sent’s assist. IMO sent’s drone is ta best anti-mag assist for gayble. i might be wrong, but just my 2 cents.


Sent/Cammy is too fuckin good.

frying panning your opponents into the cannon spike fuckin hurts.

also, this duo controls tons of space. sentinels frying pan control the space in front of him, and since the cannon spike arcs, it controls spaces the frying pan cant cover.


Here is a Cammy combo (Note: Rollable)

Launch into kba when on the ground d/f two kicks super, dhc into fleets.

This is also a safe and good way to dhc into Sent becuz if the opponent rolls, while rolling dhc so it becomes safe.


that team is not any not the best team in the gane by far commando and cyclops assist are better sent can fly around cammy easily and it is also easy to run away from with storm cammy cant catch storm


to much 4 real player

ill play you and or paul for money if you pick that team or any other teamcammy assist isnt that good ricky said it before and i see what he means


Cammy is hella overrated as an assist.

Her use in stopping Sentinel from flying is stopped by the brilliant Sent strategy of “drop assist in front of Cammy and ignore her”.

She’s useless on Spiral, Blackheart, and Strider, and the rest of the cast can still drop assists in front of themselves and rush the point man for free.

The only person Cammy does really good on as an assist is Doom, and even that is iffy.

Storm/Sentinel/AAA owns up your team…


I agree with RealPlayer, I’m by no means a Magneto Expert. What is a expert anyways. I can do his infinites, Tri jumping is to good, and he’s just to fast. I personally am not scared of Cable and Cammy. Or cable and Capcom, or cable and doom. The only one that stops me some of the time depending on how and when they call it is Sentinel’s ground assist. To me cable/sentinel is more deadly then Cable cammy. But that doesn’t mean you can’t just jump over the sentinel assist and mess up cable. Nothing works all the time. I’m just real patient and wait for a mistake. Shit, Bison can mess up cable if he makes a mistake.


good guardbreak:

in the corner, and close. jump HP, land, jump + call cammy, ahvb


That is why I put Cable 1st. So he has two assist to keep Magneto off of him.


And no way to build meter. Cable with no meter is bait because you don’t have anything to fear. he can’t damage you without meter.