MvsC on xbox live marketplace

hi all man.
here there is a petition on one of the best beat em up games :wink: please read it and sing it



haha 0 signatures.

I like the idea. you know it’s going to take a HELL lot of signatures right? just for a “possibility” and a “chance” for them to consider it.

I’d tried signing it but it said

“Author did not approve petition. Go to to review and approve petition.”

Imsoniac try again the link is now edited. now it waork, there are 3 persone for now… consider that i posted only in this forum…

Doesn’t the lack of the Marvel licence contradict this whole petition?

The fact that the link doesn’t work also kills this thread. :confused:

this is the link… i’ve edited before… but i don’t know how link issn’t work :\

it doenst work, what i do want is capcom to re release the games unchanged.

they dont need the lisensce to re release a game they already made. they could litterly put mvc2 3s capcom vs snk all on one DVD

seal, i hope they’ll do what you say… i hope…