MvsC2:Best Team


What is the best team you can play with in Marvel vs. Capcom 2? Thanks in advance.



Storm/Sent = 1 character dead for 2 levels… Very Easy to excecute

Sent/Commando = Owner


Questions like this are pointless because the “best team” is not an objective thing, but determined by the level of competition in your area. For example, for people that are not that far along into the game, Doom/Blackheart/Commando would probably beat them all. You could take that team into France, for example, and probably OCV a lot of people - even EASIER then Storm/Sent/Commando could do it, even, since mindless Doom/BH is great on most early strats. If your comp is rushdown-aholic, Team Scrub would probably be a better option as it is REALLY difficult to rush that team effectively. There’s no question of “overall” when you’re not playing vs. “overall” people.


Then how about the top teams NOT the best since the game has match ups like any other fighting game and when u put in 3 on 3 and with assists this game can get kinda annoying to tier a group of character versus another group, even order of the teams can change the play.


I respectuflly disagree with Dasrik. Best team in the game is Ryu-B/Ken-A/Akuma-G for a number of devastating and shocking reasons. So shocking, that I can’t reveal them here.



hey man that’s bullshit. Doom/BH/Commando fuckin kicks ass. Watch nyte or Trinh or Valle if you need proof. I heard Arturo can play it pretty well too.



I play it too - in fact, I won a tournament match with it Sunday. It’s a good team, but it’s a lot of work fighting Cable with it if you don’t have turtling momentum.

Also, I dunno about Trinh, but Nyte plays Doom/Cable/BH, and Valle plays Team Watts.


That’s not bad but CapCom just doesn’t cut it anymore you pretty much have to have some one with rushdown like Mags and Storm or trappers like Spiral,Sent,Doom,BH etc. And of course infinites.


Re: ungh

Doesn’t valle play storm/sent/commando or random magneto teams now?


w0rd. storm/sent/capcom is the best team in mvc2…at least for now.


Storm/Sentinel/Cable :evil:


my left and right nut


i disagree, capcom still cuts it, cuts right throught it with caaaapppttaainn ccooorriiddooorr.

but mags, cable then whoever and storm, sent whoever are the best cause if mags cant rush it then cable will trap it. theres no way to protect against both effectvly. but also the teams that seem to be able to do it all are team scrub, mss, and msp.


check it out… The best team is Mag/Storm/Sent bcuz they have the most posts in


ok for me the top teams are

storm sentinel captain commando or cyclops
magneto storm pyslocke
magneto cable sentinel
cable sentinel captain commando

any good random team like

spiral sentinel captain commando
sentinel strider doom

I feel understanding these teams and how they are played will give you a wealth of mvc2 knowledge and all the tricks of these teams between them.

one example of a cool trick NOt eveyrone knows is what i call the

counter attack dhc which requires 3 levels and is VERY useful IMO

usually used with cyclops and psylocke and IT works with captain commando.

first u counter with the helper who should be on the normally used assist and cancel that into a super and then let a character dhc in. this allows for a safe switch PLUS damage if done correctly when the opponent is attacking. This combined with advance push blocks and cable hanging on the side with CAHVB and 3 levels can make someone change their game. :slight_smile:

lets continue to post tricks for these teams and or characters like for sentinel if the opponent gets too high in the RP hsf chains u can swith and land a launcher.