MvsC2 Bi-Weekly Tournaments DFW

Hello :slight_smile:
My name is Rhiannon.
I work at a videogame store called “CGX” at the Irving mall.

Every other week we have MvsC2 Tournaments!
I’m trying to get the word out because right now the prize is store credit…
but if people show up more frequently we can do cash prizes, and more.

Give me a call if you want to sign up!
{972} 841 8339

This Saturday, 2pm.

We normally have about a 15/20
people turnout, but it needs to be bigger.
$5 to play.
Free to Watch!

I also really would like some high caliber
players to go up
against our reigning champ,
Henry :] He’s in need of a challenge :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

sounds good. what are the rules for the tourney? is it like doubel elim, 2/3 matches?
and also, is this the only game you have tourneys on? i’d like to see tvc, tekken 6, or sf4 there. but mvc2 is good enough.

Sounds pretty cool, I just made a thread in the southwest discussion, Rhiannon u can post as well, u can put any information u want on there about the tournys u are running, anything at all… If me and a few of my friends come to this can we bring our own setup, if that’s alright with u of course, we play on dreamcast

damn pyt’s comin? might drop out then.