MVSC2 Joystick Setup/Modification Help

This beginning paragraph is just a little history of my experience with MVSC2 my actual questions can be found right after the paragraph if you don’t like reading a box of text =D

I’ve been playing MVSC2 ever since it came out in 2002, i started off playing at the arcade and got hooked almost immediately, of course the game just came out and nobody knew any of the insane combos that we see today but the game was just so ecstatic, anyways… moving on, i then purchased it for the ps2 right when it came out and noticed how much control and flexibility i had on the ps2 controllers opposed to the arcade joysticks, the one thing i loved most about it was the LP+HP & LK+HK controller inputs (the same inputs that are now removed from the PS3/360 version of the game) So I played the game for… i would say 5 years straight with my brother and we became very very good at the game, not Justin Wong or Sanford good but pretty damn close, we live in boston and were both pretty young so we didn’t know anything about tournaments or anything like that (not that there were any around where we lived). We stopped playing about 2-3 years ago due to me going to college. When i heard that it was coming out for the ps3 i was gushing with excitement and couldn’t wait to get a hold of the demo. The demo finally came out and i started playing only to find out that they stripped the LP+HP & LK+HK controller inputs, i figured maybe the game wasn’t finished porting and they’ll put it in the final release of the game, sadly enough when the game was released nothing had changed. I bared the loss and tried to adjust to the new settings but it was extremely hard, i found myself playing the game with the ps2 controller like it was a fightstick but it just wasn’t the same. So I decided to get the MVSC2 TE Fightstick so enough about me let me jump right into the questions i have to modify this piece of art!

  1. I really dislike the Sanwa Ball Top joystick, When i played MVSC2 on the arcade when it first came out i remember the joystick was not a Ball Top but rather a Bat Top. The feel just isn’t right for some reason.** Where will i be able to purchase just a Bat Top joystick?** i browsed Lizard Lick and i found one for $20 to me that’s a bit overpriced for just a joystick.

  2. Does anybody know what type of Restrictor Plate the original arcade version of this game used? I know for a fact that it isn’t the same as the stock MVSC2 TE Fightstick ones. I notice a big difference when i try to dash, sometimes the dash doesn’t come out and other times i find myself doing a delayed dash which messes up the combos i have ready to be unleashed.

  3. I wanted to remove the Square and X button on the fightstick because it feels very wierd only because it’s positioned at an angle, i know that its positioned this way for your thumb and index finger but i’m used to the original setup. I’m going to remove those buttons and replace it with the white buttons where L2 and R2 are. My question is, Can i fill those two holes up with something so that i don’t accidentally press the button by mistake? even though i un-assign them, i still find myself pressing them from time to time for some odd reason.

I’m sorry this was such a long post but i just feel like i had to share such thoughts, any replys would be greatly appreciated. Thank you! =D

Well the MvC2 stick uses the Sanwa JLF and you can definitely puchase bat tops for it on Lizard Lick. You just unscrew the balltop and screw on the bat top. Much cheaper this way instead of buying another entire stick unless you want to go Happ which leads me to my next answer.

I don’t know what the old arcade version of MvC2 used gate wise but, I know they used Happ parts which use either square or circle gates. I’d put my money on square even though you say it’s different. Happ use much much stiffer springs and I think even the switches are tougher which means it might not have seemed as easy to hit the square corners. You can change the spring in the JLF to one with more resistance but, contrary to what I said earlier I dont think the MvC2 case will support the space requirements of putting a Happ stick in there. You’ll have to buy a different case or build your own.

For the holes, Lizard Lick also sells 30mm hole plugs to put in place of the buttons you’ve removed.

Most people feel MadCatz really dropped the ball on these MvC2 sticks. MadCatz seems to think “Japanese Parts = Great Stick” without thinking about what kind of stick the game might be better suited for.

Edit: I did some searching and I’ve seen a few people here or there mentioning a circle gate on the old MvC2 cab. If that’s the case you can buy a circle gate for your stick aswell.

Just what i needed to know, thank you very much Kelter!

Unless they changed it Chinatown Fair has P360 or octo-gate. I played it last week I remember circular.

The Happ Joysticks that we talk about in our arcades do not use any Restrictor Gate.

Nevermind, question was answered in 2nd post =x

And there you have it.

What’s the best way for him to emulate the feel of this on the stick he currently has?

Just like I said in my first post, it would be nigh impossible to put a Happ in that box.

You will not be able to fit a Happ into Tournament Edition.

Thank you jdm714, so my best bet is to purchase the Custom JLF Round Restrictor from eczangief?

You can buy Sanwa LB-30N for your JLF.
Then get Custom Circle Restrictor from eczangief.

You will get the roundness of Happ, but you won’t get the spring tension feel of Happ.
But if you are cool with that, then that is go.

I believe the original arcade stick you are looking for is the discontinued and highly sought after and super expensive Wico Perfect 360. It is an optical stick. If you can even find one, $120 or more is what they probably go for now. You will have better luck finding a Yetti and Bigfoot and getting them to mate. And when you do find that stick it won’t fit in your TE. Optical sticks are silent and don’t click.
Just give up on on getting one unless your is Lil’ Wayne and got money to bloOoOw uh ah oh Oh!

The closest reasonably priced stick to what was on those MVC2 cabs is the Happ Perfect360. A $50 inferior knockoff Optical.

The iL Competition is the best substitute if you live with a microswitch joystick.

And when you get any of those sticks guess what? It won’t fit in your TE, you are better off making a case from scratch to house it.

Cheap easy and worst:
Buy a JLF Octagon gate and a bat top with a bat top adaptor

Medium Better easy to do kinda expensive about $40:
Buy a Seimitsu LS-32-01 with a LS-32 round gate and Bat top and adaptor. Have to unscrew mounting plate and orient stick so the connector faces left side but easy to do. Also connector must be twisted 180 (plugged upside down.) Less like a Happ, than JLW, but easy to screw together

Best Hard to do but more like a Happ/iL/Wico $40 + $tools:
Buy a Sanwa JLW and a JLW round restrictor gate, and somehow figure out how to hack it the te harness. It will cost you about $30 to $40 and have some wire work and diagrams to look up to make it work.

TLDR: Get a Seimitsu LS-32-01 + LS-32 Round gate + Sanwa LBN Bat Top + Bat top thread adaptor.

this might seem like a noob question but what exactly does the acronym “JLF” stand for? lol

JLF means, “Don’t mean shit but the model number”

It is the arcade stick you have in your te already.

I laughed

Lol i see. Recreating a Joypad from scratch doesn’t seem to be in my best interest since i just purchased this fightstick for a whopping 140, good thing i only purchased one to see how it feels, i was planning on purchasing two, thank god i didn’t! I think i’m going to go for the Custom JLF Round Restrictor like jdm suggested with the Bat Top joystick.

Another question, does the clicking noise that sounds on my stick now occur for all the restrictors? or is it just the octagon?

The clicking is the switches activating.

I did not mean to suggest anything.

I try to not tell people what to do.
I just give information.

You can get Seimitsu LS-32-01 and Round Main Guide and Sanwa LB-30N like rtdzign said.
But you said $20 for Joystick is too much for you?

I see, Alright well i’ve made up my mind. I’ll come back to this thread and post my experience. My PSN ID is Commanderfamz if you guys would like to play, my location is Massachusetts and i play with all sorts of characters, low or high tier. I Won’t be on until tomorrow night since i’ll be working until then.

Thank you for all the advice!

forgot to mention, for the left holes, you can get 30mm hole plugs on Lizard Lick.

jdm, I was actually looking at the wrong item, i was looking at this “Sanwa JLW-UM-8 Bat Handle Joystick, 4 & 8-Way” i thought this was the bat-top joystick but it wasn’t. I found what i was looking for though. Well i guess I’m not going to be getting that JLF restrictor lol! i’m going to browse around and look for more answers but if i don’t find anything i’ll just go for what you and rtdzign suggested.