MvsC2:Underrated and overrated characters

Just post which characters you think are underrated and which ones are overrated and why.:cool: :eek:

Underated: Spiderman he is very mobile has some great tricks, cable has a very hard time against him.

Overrated: Magnus, simply because he has a very hard time against Cable/Doom.

I like this thread!!!

Underrated: Magnus! i mean come on… this guys owns! :evil:

Overrated: Servbot give meeh break! servebot is like on every team now and he is to fucking cheap! :lol:


i think cyclops is overated.I think he sucks shit.

and i think blackheat is underrated.he’s raw as hell

megaman is underrated.he owns magnus for free.i dont think anyone is overrated.people think theyre good for a reason

under=any team that can trap is under rated. caz pep say o ya u do this to get out of it… BS …

over=no 1 can b over rated!!!(imo) just some char r good agenest alot of other char.(mags storm sent) and other char arnt good agenst that many

heh traps are underrated everywhere except here cause they can get out of them.there for they are under rated for good reason

thats y u gota change it up like cable/doom theres like 5 dif. traps
with dif time’n

eh i guess that might work but im sure people else where have seen ways to get out of them all.

well ya i guess they can egt out of em all but it takes em a while to c which 1 there n

yup.u need like 4 more posts

Umm, I say MvC2 Dhalsim is underrated. :slight_smile:




She is a ghetto version of Magneto! Plus she is fine >_< she can Power drain me any day!


Ghetto version of Strider… a connected Plasma Storm is insane. You can go level 3 happy! :eek:

Omega Red

I didn’t know you can combo into his coils in a aerial rave… sweet’ness.



What the HELL? This guy takes horrible damage and dishes out horrible damage. Well maybe except for a mashed Yoga Smash XX Yoga Flame XX Yoga Inferno… but that’s it! Oh and his poking game… woot. If you want poking go with Omega Red. He can drain life and meter AND throw the bums away.

i think tron. is overrated…(she just an assit IMO)

the under-rated charcter would have to be B.B.HOod now she can deal some serius damage (Block-chip or real) with her qcf PP
(And i think it can counter things like a HVB on the ground)

Cyclops isn’t over rated. That dude is one annoying mofo.

yes he is.stupid priority:bluu:

cyclops is anoying.

sj. hk,hk,hk dj, hk,hk,hk,

land qcf-pp/tiger knee -kk

then all over agian.

god!!! but his asist is preaty good.

i think hes not over or under rated.

well mixup supposdly has a great cyc but i dont know cause he raped me with his first character and never got to see it:(

huh??? how u play him??? u go wit steve to tampa???