MvsC3: Please help me get better at especially with Felicia




Please help me get better at MvsC3, especially with Felicia. My goal is to not suck, get 200 ranked online wins and all titles. Here are some links to show you how I play

Felicia is my favorite character, the one I want to be the best with and use the most. I want to get 200 online ranked wins and get all titles… but I’m actually very bad at the game even though I’m trying hard. And by very bad I mean after like five hours of playing online I won 8 games and lost 33. Its very…depressing sometimes, especially when I rank down into fighter. I have done all 10 of Felicia’s missions, but I can’t do them consistently. It took me hours of trying to finish just the 10thn mission.

Felicia, despite being the character I want to be the best at, is the character I at the weakest with. I put her on point so I make sure I use her, so I can learn her, but sometimes I feel like I just get beat up like a punching bag and then switch out w/o doing any damage to the opponent.

The only time I feel dangerous, or even half competent, with Felicia is when going crazy with
Kitty’s little helper. In all the confusion I can do damage just because the opponent doesn’t know what the hell is going on… during this time I like to summon assist partners and super jump etc (even better when assist partners look like Felicia, like Wolverine’s red/blue color scheme looks like Felicia’s red/blue color scheme etc). In all the confusion, jumping around, using Felicia’s teleport, and not knowing where to block…I can do some damage to the opponent…and then Kitty’s little helper wears off… Then I don’t feel like I can knock a character out.

I also have other basic problems.
Mess up using DHC not to attack opponent, but to safely swich out characters…end up doing the same super twice >_<
WIth Morrigan I always try to do the air missle super after a air shadow blade…I almost never connect.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated, losing so much just burns the hell out of me and I know I’m trying hard.

To better describe my playstyle so you can see how I play, I’ve uploaded two youtube videos. I’m putting the links at the top.
I’m player “WildGrinner” on Xbox live.

Thank you very much

  1. Focus on controlling the fight from the ground. Felicia is VERY weak in the air, with extremely limited ways to both deal damage and defend herself. I noticed you jumped in at almost every opportunity in the Hulk vid and you paid for it with life. You stayed grounded in the beginning of the Dante vid, dealt some damage and stayed at an advantage or neutral position until you backed off and allowed him to teleport for a combo, but when you were fighting Ryu you took to the air and lost the potential for big damage and the advantage.
  2. Use your assists better. Felicia NEEDS an assist to protect her while she closes the distance so she doesn’t get completely zoned out or just run into random Hulk H’s. There were a few times in these vids where you were at a full screen, neutral position where you could have called out Morrigan and used it to approach more safely on the ground. Call out your assists thoughtfully and don’t mindlessly spam them though, especially against Ryu and Akuma, but keep the concept in mind. I use Dr. Doom’s Beam Assist on my teams to clear the horizontal range of the screen of garbage while I move in to do work. You** may** have to change your team in order to have better options for approach/defense.
  3. Blocking is better than hitting buttons. Focus first on your defense and ability to block and push block your opponent effectively in order to protect yourself from characters like the Hulk jumping around and mashing H. Good blocking will cause some opponents to get anxious and start making mistakes all by themselves. This concept also applies to you doing full screen/point blank/wake up/random hypers without any hit confirms. In most cases, the meter is better spent to (safely!) activate Kitty Helper and augment your offense for a few seconds.
  4. Simplify your combos online. Online is too inconsistent to go for any of Felicia’s more damaging combos without added risk, unfortunately, so focus on something simple and effective to maximize damage off of a random hit. If you feel you have a great connection, you can go for the harder stuff but try starting with this basic combo online: c.L, c.L, c.M, c.H, S, super jump, sj.M, sj.M, sj.H, sj.S, land, toy touch xx dancing flash.

Good luck!


Good post Orch!

Also, don’t hard tag in unsafe situation. I only tag my team via DHC. It’s not bad to hard tag your best character, just dont male it a habit.

As for combos, I always start my combos, in Felicia’s case, Standing light attack. The range is ridiculous and is comboable.

Don’t throw out random supers, unless your akuma, ryu, or dorm. Dancing Flash is unsafe.

Above all, dont panick and press buttons. Calm yourself down when playing rank matches.

I use dante, sentinel, and felicia in that order. But I can use felicia on point if needed. I’ll probably addyou so we can train- but in case.i forget my tag is ArcanaVii


I’d at least try for LMH xx RBS > LMHS sj.MMHS dfM xx stuff online, lag would be pretty sucky to ruin the RBS link. Bit of a shame her launcher doesn’t have all that much range but better than it was before. I go for c.LMHS against MODOK and Amaterasu sometimes and have the launcher miss occasionally :frowning: Might just be better to do LMH xx RBU and try catching them with an air throw for more combos.

Felicia may have a “weak” air game but her Air Throw is pretty awesome, always try snatching people out of the air if you see the opportunity. Holding back ASAP and going for back Air Throws allows you to block a lot of the time if you’re unable to grab them.


Oh, I forgot to mention. Instead of using H, use back H (arrow kick). The range is much longer than H and if it links then cancel it into rolling buckler low attack then link to LMHS sj.MMHS dfM xx Dancing Flash or air reset. . The combo is a little difficult online due to lag but I can nail it down easily, offline and online. So practice practice!

And don’t be afraid to use delta kick and cat spike L and M. They’re all positive on block so don’t stop rushing your opponents until they had of Felicia’s feet XD


Thank you for the advice, I will be practicing the toy touch -> Dancing Flash until I can do it ten times in a row!


Hi everyone.

I still cannot do Toy-Touch -> Dancing Flash, and I use the Xbox controller (I don’t want to buy a Arcade Stick). Please help me learn how to do this.

I’m sorry, I must ask for more help or advice. I’m still losing most of my battles but I’ve found out two things.

  1. At 5pm on Fridays plus weekends easier players are online, so I’m not fighting Hardcore players who are way more skilled than me
  2. I still cannot do Toy Touch -> Dancing Flash with Felicia and not getting stronger because of it. Maybe because I use Xbox controller (I don’t want to buy a $100 fight stick b/c I don’t play fighting games that much)

Just doing
Toy Touch -> Dancing Flash
Is something I find very hard to do. I think I’ve done it on accident once. But every other time I’ve practiced this I fail quite miserably.
It seems to be just a normal “Tiger Knee” motion, correct?
I’ve done my best to study the tiger knee motion (I saw this video that explains it well
And while doing Phoenix’s mission 8 & 9 I’ve found myself having to do the same tiger knee motion with phoenix to do a very low to the ground air fireball (see at 50 seconds after Phoenix does air.S

Some things I’ve found out with Phoenix doing this Tiger Knee motion (down, down-forward, forward, forward-up + Attack)
A) With Phoenix you must slightly delay the attack after the forward-up motion, or else you will do the fireball on the ground & not make the Air fireball as intended.
B) With Felicia, would you have to slighlty delay the attack motion as well?

For the life of me I cannot seem to crack this… I don’t know what I’m doing wrong.

Any other general advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you very much.


Not sure what you’re trying to do with Phoenix but the way it works with Felicia is the Toy Touch recovery is cancelled by the jump, then during the start-up of the jump you’re cancelling it into Dancing Flash.
There’s two ways of doing this;

  1. d df+M f uf+AtAt
  2. df+M d df f+AtAt (this needs to done much faster than the first)

Also if you only have one meter or if Felicia is the only character left you can do df+M U+A1A2.

And yes, using 360 controller sucks something fierce.


Yeah, 360 controller does sucks something fierce because I own one lol.

Another advice is to activate “Show inputs” in training mode and see what you are doing wrong. Try to mimic the tiger knee motion until you get it right. After that, use Dancing Flash with a tiger knee motion instead of the regular motion several times.


After some practice I still can’t do the ToyTouch -> Dancing Flash, when the opponent is standing and having done nothing else to opponent beforehand.

The thing you showed me Arcana, where we were both standing and doing nothing. Then you did ToyTouch -> Dancing Flash for a 13 hit combo. I still can’t do that.

But if I launch the opponent, do an air combo that ends in S and once I land THEN I can do the ToyTouch -> Dancing Flash.

As for the whole Phoenix fireball thing, its just like doing a Tiger Knee motion fireball so that Phoenix shoots a air fireball diagonally down, just after she jumped and super low to the ground.

EDIT: ACK!! I get what you mean now Sugami!

  1. d df+M f uf+AtAt …now I know what you mean…I want to test this right now to see if I can do it. Because I was doing it the other way [2) df+M d df f+AtAt] and only found limited success with it. Hmm… I will test this out asap!


Update with good news! Doing that #1 method (d, df+M, f, uf+AtAt) I was able to do it twice in a row! I think this is the way I will be practicing on how to do it! Thank you so much!!

On Thursday I was at 57 wins & 122 losses
Now I am at 127 wins & 247 losses! I’m slowly nearing my goal of 200 wins!! ^O^ Thank you everyone!


Congratz man! :smiley: :tup: :clapdos::woot:



Ok, this is a little remedial but…how do I practice combos?

Because of what people have said in this thread, I want to focus on two combos.
A) c.L, c.L, c.M, c.H, S, super jump, sj.M, sj.M, sj.H, sj.S, land, toy touch xx dancing flash
B) LMH xx RBS > LMHS sj.MMHS dfM xxdancing flash
(essentially the same combo, but one has a rolling buckler slide then another LMH added to it).

How do I practice these combos?
Do I do each until I get it right ten times in a row, both sides etc? Lately my practicing has been just making sure I can do the dragon punches ten times in a row, rolling buckler ten times in a row, LMH -> Dancing Flash ten times in a row, both sides…
But now with this Tiger Knee Toy Touch -> Dancing Flash, I find myself able to do either the entire combo of “LMH + Launcher + Toy Touch + Dancing Flash” or even just the “Toy Touch -> Dancing Flash” ten times in a row.

When I fight with Felicia now, I find myself very good at dodging and blocking, but still I am not able to do punish my oponents. Its kind of like opponents attack and I either block, dodge, or punish with a 1 or 2 hits…again and again until the enemy does get a good hit on me and pulls out some long combo. Had I known how to do combos myself then in the time my opponent had done one big combo on me, I could have done two or three to him.

How should I best practice my combos? How do you guys practice your combos? Thank you very much.


Training mode. Work on muscle memory for each combo that you want to work on. Get used to doing her Arrow Kick [:b: :h:] it helps A LOT.


To punish your opponent, don’t push block every attack, do it if you’re in a corner or their pressure game is really good. Most character’s S attack is punishable. If your opponent loves to jump, then go for an air grab. I would also recommend reading the frame data on characters you have trouble dealing with, or you could just list the characters here and I’ll give you some strategies.



Thank you for the advice. One of my main questions about practicing was, when to stop practicing. Is it when I can do the combo 10 times in a row? 20 times in a row? Etc… yeah I really don’t know at what point I’m good to start fighting (I’m nowhere near that point yet, my record for just ToyTouch -> Dancing Flash is only five times in a row, and that is w/o doing the rest of the combo >.<). For practicing with my Morrigan and my Trish, I like to do the combo I want to be able to do anytime in a real battle by practicing that combo ten times in a row. I ask this for Felicia because well…I can barely do Felicia’s combos two times in a row and I wanted to know how intensely you guys practice your Felicia combos so I can maybe mimic it.

As for what give me trouble now (besides practicing/executing my Felicia combos)… hmm…

  1. How to punish Akuma’s electric hurricane.
    I saw a video once about it once at
    but I still can’t do the Push Block -> Punish yet. Instead sometimes I just do the sand splash.

  2. How to throw, during the heat of the combat.
    In Shoryuken’s MvsC3 wiki it mentions Felicia has “a Terrifying Grapple game”, but since I never really practice throwing, I never know how to use this advantage of Felicia’s. When you guys mention throwing in battle, or even when Arcana showed me the ToyTouch -> Air Throw, I haven’t been able to replicate it. I can do the command throw ok, just not during the heat of battle. I never know when or how to execute it well, especially air throws.

Ok, that’s all for now, thank you.


Akuma’s tatsu makes me go :xeye:
The only way to punish it is push blocking at the right moment or activate Dancing Flash but only if Akuma does not have meter. The reason why is because tastu M and H have positive frame advantage so they cannot be punished. The recovery time is however 14 to 16 frames, enough time to punish it after push block . I recommend to learn push blocking, then use cat spike or toy touch to start the combo or just dash in and do your ABC.

As for throwing, set the CPU to JUMP mode and practice dashing into air throw. Also, set the air recovery to random so you’ll learn how to get in for another air throw. Since you’re using a controller, assign one buttons that represent two attack buttons. With one touch of a button, you’ll be able to dash.


This video will help you get an idea on how to reset with Felicia. Notice that he usually dash, then go for an air combos. But there are times where just jumping forward is enough.

As for how many times you need to practice your combos, just practice for 20 to 30 minutes. It doesn’t matter if you mess up or not as long as you’re trying. After that, take a break. Take the whole day off if you need to. When you come back to training again, you’ll notice that pulling of the same combo will feel easier than last time. Little by little.

That’s all for now. Good luck on becoming a Hellcat!


YES!!! I finally finally hit my goal of 200 wins! Ah…yes, that feels good!

Thank you everyone for your advice! I wish I was a better student, I really tried and practiced almost everything you guys taught me but wasn’t able to execute it all. I still find I wasn’t able to do the ToyTouch -> Dancing Flash whenever I wanted, but I was able to do it three times in the heat of battle though! ^o^

Just for reference, take a look at my win/loss record

                     win    lose

2011_04_19: 026 079
2011_05_15: 050 101
2011_05_17: 050 105
2011_05_26: 057 122 <------when I started getting help in SRK forums, my turning point!
2011_05_30: 127 247
2011_05_31: 132 261
2011_06_03: 142 268
2011_06_05: 200 315

So thank you so much! I’ll be trying to get all the missions done in MvsC3 now. Again thank you everyone!


Good job! You made us proud, and yourself! :woot:


I’m a little late here, but I have something to say on the combo subject.

Learn it in training mode first. I get pretty bored after a while, so I don’t really do it “10 times in a row without fail,” I mostly just do it until I feel comfortable with it, or at least just know how to do it. Why? Because the pace of a real match is so different, you almost have to re-learn the combo, and that just takes, once again, more practice.

As for the Toy Touch > Dancing Flash, just keep practicing that the same way. I can do it pretty consistently on an X-Box controller, though a stick is SOOOOO much easier.