MWC 3s Team Tourney Results

  1. Ricky Ortiz(Chun) CA
    Jason Wilson(Oro) (Elena) CA
    Flash G (Ken) NY

  2. Cameron Buckner(Urien) (Hugo) NE
    Datrick Orr (Ryu) (Alex) NE
    Aaron Williams (Alex) NE

  3. George Fed (Ken) IL
    Simon Yoo (Dudley) NE
    Jamarr Lewis(Necro) (Ryu) NE

  4. Crow(Chun) TX
    Azn Hitler (Ken) TX
    Joe (Yun) TX

Great tournament regardless of how many people showed up!
There was very high level comp in almost every game.
Roger is like a fucking Android. That kid is just 2 good. And Ricky was outstanding in everything.

Houston is really improved in 3s,you guys are hella good.
So has Chicago! Good shit George and Domingo for beating ME and BUTCH! Some high lights of the team tournament were when Flash G was just man handling our team with Ken in the winners finals and I came back with “BloodUrien” to beat their whole team!:lol: Including Ricky! But then they closed it out and beat us down with some impressive shit talk at that.:lol: Yo know I had to mention that Flash please dont hate I know u guys still won. Everyone was mad cool and open so it was another great experience for me. Chris Wong is 2 nice man! I didn’t know they still made people like that.:lol: I’ll post up some shotouts later.

Shot Outs

Roger from Canada
I learned alot fool,I was the black guy using P groove Dhalsim.
Your really fucking good fool. Some guys doubted your skill but not I sir. I know a top 3 finisher when I play one.

Chris Wong
2 cool 4 words

Mexican women need to let black guys beat more often.

David,Joe,Jimmy,Ranma,and the rest of Houston
I like Houston, you guys are fun to be around.

Joe stinks man,hes hella cool but he stinks 4 real.
Nigga with the dreads, I liked your Dudley man. Nice combos.
I didn’t get to hang out with u guys like I wanted but so what. Good games in the arcade though.

Your Yang sux. j/k man really. Crazy Magneto shit fool. Your too good in that.

Chi Town
Tony u have good days and bad ones ya know. Dont sweat it man. Geo and Domingo,good show in 3s. I like the level of comp u guys give me now. Fun Alpha 2 shit at Sal’s.

The girl that used K groove!
She was hot and good! I would like to ser her play Delon.

Apoc,Nelson,and the other guy?

You guys were cool as fuck as usual man. 2bad Chris got all drunk like that. Please dont take Brandon’s sick behavior like we all are like that ya know. Hyper Fighting looked great. U and Butch were baging Nelson!

Jason Wilson

YOur crazy for running all those tournaments man but hey u pulled it off.
Thats was great fool. Lets make it happen again next year.


You guys played great and earned your places all the way man. No exuses here. Ricky I thought we were cool man. I dont know why u didn’t shake my hand. I had the copy of kof 2k2 but the homie didn’t wanna give it to you after that though.

But anyone I left out my bad if u kicked it with me,u most likely were cool as a fan.(Detroit)

Peace Out fools
Super Good

Yea, Cameron…

i think the 3S team tourney was the highlight of the weekend…so fun…

I think we’re having one here for SW regionals in a few weeks, you guys should try to ome if you can…it would be great to see NE or Chicago players there…!

Its always fun to hang with you NE kids…Cameron, Simon, everyone else…you guys are crazy…and dammit Jamar, you’re in trouble when TX learns how to fight against Necro…:lol:

I think the best thing about FF in NE is the atmosphere…you guys really LOVE your 3S and I like that…big ass props to Butch, Aaron and Datrick too…you guys definitely need to join Simon, Jamarr and Cameron next time they come down to Texas!

good games everyone!

peace out & turn it on!


Hey Ricky went to Ne? For what? I guess the money.:evil: