MWC quick results for sunday


3rd Strike

  1. Flash G
    2)Ricky Ortiz
  2. ???

1)some guy using Zappa
3) ???

1st & 2nd)Ricky Ortiz(MSP, Sent/Storm /Capcom) or Mark(MSP)
3)Jose Garcia(MSP, maybe Mag/sent/capcom)
4)Sin(Team Scrub)
5) Cesar Herrera (Mag/storm/cyke), Juicy G(???)

These are the results I heard from Cesar H. Last I heard Ricky won mvc2 winners and was playing Mark(Juicy’s friend) in the finals. Score was 3-2 Ricky. Teams tournies were canceled, except for maybe MvC2. But Cesar said so far there were only 3 teams for the Mvc2 Team tourney so we’ll see. Thats all I know so far that has not been posted(at least I dont think) yet. Heard MWC was dead, not many people there.


He used Mag/BH/Cyke


Ricky got first, Marc Ansay (Madbooface) got 2nd.

Only team tourney that happened was 3rd strike. Not enough Marvel heads.


Nah, you’re thinking of someone else. SiN was definitely Sent/Cable/Capcom.

It wasn’t that there weren’t enough Marvel people, it’s just that not enough people wanted to pay $10 to lose a second time, and/or to pay $10 to lose to shitty equipment. The reason the 3s team tourney happened is because the price was lowered to $5.

BTW, good games Sunday night dude… yer fucking good :stuck_out_tongue: All yer top tier chars are better than mine!


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Ok then he’s not who I thought he was… but everytime they called his name I made sure to watch his matches because I knew he was supposed to be one of the best… and he was using Mag/BH/Cyke.

What does he look like?


Mag, blackheart, cyclopes was a guy named Sam from Montreal.




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Ha thanks. Too bad I scrubbed of the tourney early.


Jill, Iceman, Tron own everyone, 16 wins low tier king

(evil Jose)


That was some good shit! Damn!