MWC/SBO Results


  1. Dai
  2. Sabin
  3. ShinjiGohan

Alpha 3

  1. Sabin
  2. Sabre
  3. Grego

3rd Strike

  1. Justin Wong
  2. KO Fiend
  3. Fubarduck
  4. Floe
    5( tie) Gootecks
    5 (tie) Tony Defily

SBO Quals

  1. Team East meets West (Justin/Gootecks/KOFiend)
  2. Team Texas (Fubarduck, Jose, Jose (Puerto Rico/Austin)


  1. Sabin
  2. DSP
  3. Buktooth


5 Byron - SC
5 PRO - ST Lous
9 Travis - IA
9 Cue - NE
9 George Fed - IL
13 HNH
13 josh ballard
13 vitamin e
13 Jais - KY
17 Quintin - IL
17 TGH
17 Kobayashi - IL
17 Aric - IL
17 Sam - IA
17 Bob Washington - NE
17 Ari
17 luigi bo
25 Bye
25 Austin - NE
25 Kurt Horsting - IL
25 Eric Beck - OH
25 Scott (Sabre)
25 Alex E - TX
25 Jeremiah - IL

1 Buktooth
2 Justin
4 rusteezy
5 VDO (MI)
7 kikey21 (MO)
7 floe
9 redevilninja
9 roberto il
9 hector IL
9 Wes
13 Frankie IL)
13 deathscythe
13 Kurt Horsting - IL
17 DIgimon Emperor
17 Scott (Sabre)
17 Grego (MI)
17 DSP
17 markudea mi
17 Noel
17 keits
25 Bye
25 Bye
25 judgment Day (MI)
25 Bye
25 jeremiah
25 Bye
25 Bye
25 BombChivo - IL

Results of ST on 06/21/2008
32-man bracket

1 NH2 (lost to no one)
2 Jesse Howard (lost to Nohoho, John Rambo)
3 Damdai (lost to Nohoho, NH2)
4 ImmortalBMW - IN (lost to Jesse Howard)
5 DreamTR (lost to Nohoho, Jesse Howard)
5 NKI (lost to Immortal BMW, Damdai)
7 chris doyle (lost to Immortal BMW,
7 FLOE (lost to Immortal BMW,
9 John Rambo
9 justin wong (lost to Immortal BMW, DreamTR)
9 Buktooth
13 little mac
13 Scott (Sabre) (lost to NKI and chris doyle)
13 Geoff Arnold (lost to Damdai, Floe)
17 josh ballard
17 DSP
17 306090
17 Wes Truelson
17 keits
17 michael SIlva (MI)
17 Murphagator
17 raisin IL
25 Bye
25 S-Kill
25 DS NY
25 Nate (WI)
25 protolegend IL
25 Kris Walls
25 GhettoOnTheRise - IN

Results of ST SBO on 06/21/2008
16-man bracket

1 TEam Barely Legal
2 TEam Boogie Down
3 seth buktooth
4 little mac immortal
5 Bullet Buddha
5 These controls Suck
7 Tango Cash
9 seeme online
9 TEam Ken Fei

Details on who was on what teams will be given later. Winning team was NKI/Justin, second was Chris Doyle/Shag.

Results of Smash Bros Brawl on 06/22/2008
32-man bracket

1 Cue - NE
2 Delta Punk - IL
3 Ryzan - IL
4 Justin - NY
5 Eric - IL
5 Tim Mckenna - IL
7 Matt Smith - IA
7 keits
9 Samy - WI
9 Will - IL
9 Noel - NY
9 jeremiah
13 Dan - IL
13 Ricky - IL
13 Jeff IL
13 Princess Aura - IL
17 Thomas - OH
17 Bye
17 Adam Legion - IL
17 Studly - IL
17 Alberto - IL
17 Bye
17 Miguel - IL
17 Jake - IL

some random MWC cam footage, showing the venue, courtesy of DSP:

SBO quals over or is it 2/3?

wow This tournament is moving at record speed. Great job DreamT for running a tight ship sir!

ggs to everyone in EX3, from keits, sabin, dai… actually I don’t think I played against Dai, Wong, Luigi-bo.

Was 3s SBO quals really 4 teams?

wow, I thought it would have been more teams for the sbo quals!

Good shit it a3, Scott!!! Way to represent for AZ!!!

Ryan, 5th place? What happened, Man? My money was on you to win 3s. :sad:

That’s what I’m hearing.


Wong’s team won it in the 3v3 3s SBO qualifiers too.

Speaking of 3v3 3s, who was the Ryu guy who kept going on the big win streaks? That was a great performance.

Some of the team names were funny too. :wgrin:

I’m going to post this both in the MWC and results threads so that the maximum number of people can see it.

I proudly announce the first ever Northeast vs. Midwest Most Extreme Elimination Challenge event!

Time: Organization begins 3-4pm
Actual event starts 5pm

Place: Midwest Championships (duh)

-This will be a team elimination event. Teams will decide amongst themselves the order that they will play before the event starts (this prevents counter picking) and then it will only be revealed at the time of the event.
-Elimination style, think CvS2. Player 1 plays Player A, if player one wins then he keeps playing until either he loses or all players of the opposing team are defeated.
-Matches will either be single game or best of 3. This will be determined at the event itself by a vote of the players involved.
-Every player must select 1 character they will use throughout the entire event. These will be recorded by a non-participant prior to the event’s beginning, so that there cannot be any chance of lying about who you picked to play as! No sneakiness here guys :wgrin:
-Teams MAY have more than one of the same character selected (a team can have two N.Kens for example). The reason I am allowing this is that there are many one-character specialists at MWC, and to say that only one person can select a character may actually prevent some players from performing at their best. We want this to be a true test of skill, so the gloves are off.
-NO MONEY IS INVOLVED. This is not about cash, it is about bragging rights, respect, and the love of the game. Let’s see who really IS the best!
-The PS2 to arcade cabinet converters WILL be allowed for this event, as long as they work. I will test them on Saturday morning and confirm.

But the question remains: who is on the teams?

It’s pretty simple: at 3pm on Saturday, I will see who is physically at MWC and I will make an announcement that if you feel you are good enough to participate in the event, to come see me. Please keep in mind that if you are not from the Midwest or East Coast, you are not allowed to compete (sorry Buktooth!). However, due to the fact that Jason Wilson and Sabre are the die-hard MWC staff and basically are the reason that MWC has existed forever, they WILL be allowed to participate as members of Team Midwest if they so desire. If an overabundance of people are asking to participate, final teams will be determined by a group vote. I personally would love to see a 10-on-10, and since we’ll have 2+ whole hours to do it, I don’t see why this can’t be made possible.

SO, that is the plan of action. Let’s get fucking HYPE! I think we are about to start a new MWC tradition that is going to become legendary!

Oh yeah, one more thing…

Just in case you think that some people might decide to go next to last or last to be on easy street? Well guess what: I am hereby setting a rule that if you decide to be the anchor (last person to play on your team), that the next year you are NOT allowed to be the anchor. So choose wisely!

Yes, 3s SBO quals were only 4 teams. And they had to basically beg for a 4th team so it would be an even bracket.

I think three things deterred people from entering:

  1. The $20 a head entry fee. Let’s face it, the common gamer does not feel they are good enough at 3s to pay that. Only the best of the best will bother, and when you have a godlike team of Justin/KOFiend/Gootecks, you have to REALLY be confident in yourself to believe you can win.

  2. It’s on american arcade controls. Which are not the controls you’ll actually be playing on in Japan. I don’t think I need to elaborate on this point any further.

  3. This is the biggest one: unlike the TGA qualifiers, the tickets are not guaranteed. In fact, you will only receive 10% of the pots of all the official games, as well as all the entry fees from the qualifiers themselves. Do the math: 4 teams in the 3s quals ($240), lets assume 16 teams enter ST because there are a buttload of ST players here ($320), 40 entrants in 3s (that’s only $40). So so far, there is only $600 in the pot for 5 players going to SBO. Let’s get crazy and assume that the numbers for Guilty Gear, Marvel, CVS2, Tekken, and Smash EXPLODE. Let’s assume that 200 entrants show up for these events total. Well…that’s $200 dollars. Now let’s REALLY go crazy and say that the SNK side tournaments, Melty Blood, Arcana Hearts 2 etc. get crazy numbers and donate $100 dollars to the cause. That’s a whopping $900 to split amongst 5 people. Do you think that will cover 5 plane tickets to Japan?

Bottom line, unless EVO is going to pull a rabbit out of their hat and donate lots of money for tickets, this has been the single worst disaster in the history of the United States participating in SBO. I mean, even with Emotiongear throwing someone off the Guilty Gear team, at least TWO people are getting their full tickets paid for…I just see zero logic in what happened this year.

One thing I do want to stress: Jason Wilson had nothing whatsoever to do with the decision to make MWC the SBO qualifiers for 3s and ST and should not be held responsible in any way if the plane tickets to Japan are not provided. Jason, Sabre, Myself and many others are busting our balls right now to make MWC the best event it can be, because above all we want the players to enjoy themselves. I hope that everyone has had a good time so far and that it will only be even more hype tomorrow!

One more thing before I shut up:

I have been capturing some of the best moments so far of MWC on my camera. I plan to release them on Youtube as “Midwest Moments” as long as there is an easy transition. If not, I would like to send the files to someone to convert and get up there over the next week. I got some really good footage of the setup, the crowd, the random games tourney, and I plan to capture much more. So if anyone is good at getting video off cameras and onto Youtube, please PM me. thanks.

Also, thank you so much to the two people who have given me pictures of Tee at MWC. It means so much to me and I am looking through them right now. I will make sure that one particular picture gets to his brother Deon :tup: The SF community rocks!

I really hope a large portion of the Mystery Tourney got recorded :frowning: It sounded epic

good luck phil and john in the sbo st qualifiers
take that shit so i can see u guys in japan

That right there is why I didn’t organize the GTASF to try and take down 3S. Before C3 when Justin laid out how the SBO qualifiers would actually work, Toronto was in the midst of organizing a major group to try and take this qualifier down. When you realize that you’re not getting the bill paid for, or even the majority of the bill paid for though, you’ve really got to wonder why you’re bothering in the first place. It’s a shame, we really wanted to come down for this event but the draw just wasn’t there after the SBO bubble was burst.

i can understand that stance entirely; however lately I’ve started to think about it differently. For people like Andy from TGA and even DreamTR, they aren’t getting sponsored to send qualifiers to Japan for free. I think the fact that we expect 100% free tickets just for winning to be a little ridiculous…I also think getting only 10% support for something like this to be ridiculous as well, so the solution for me lies somewhere in the middle ground.

edit: good luck to the qualifiers regardless, hope you guys do well

yes good luck to all i hope for the best to all my connecticut friends go john rambo n dsp

tournament seemed small today, like 100 ppl or so

i wonder what tomorrow will be like

oh and i was having fun today, keep up the awesome work

the mystery tournament was hillarious this year

I think something like what FFA doing is very reasonable. Even tho there have been players entering just for the fact that the airfare is free, which is just sad. There are also players that practice hard but aren’t able to afford the costs. So half the costs of airfare doesn’t seem like a bad idea.

I also want to add that i think the team format (outside of Cali) factors in to the total number of participants drastically decreasing them. I have alot of theories im not going to get into but something like a 3on3 can get really complicated especially with how big the US is and how bitchy people can be.

Anyways im looking forward to hearing the ST results. Should be very interesting.

Realistically, it’s a tough time right now for most people with the economy not being so great and gas prices being sky high. I really have no idea why the tickets aren’t covered this year, but to be honest, from talking to kofiend whose gone twice, being in Japan for 10-12 days is a $2500-3000 trip including airfare. Assuming $1200 for a ticket, that is still NOT a cheap trip. $1200 is not chump change by any means, but I mean come on, this is a trip to JAPAN to PLAY STREET FIGHTER IN THE BIGGEST TOURNAMENT OF THE YEAR. Isn’t this why we all play street fighter competitively to begin with? Who cares if the ticket is paid for or not, OBVIOUSLY there is no money being good at street fighter, it’s only for the honor and the sport and not getting your ticket to Japan paid for is part of that.