MWC SNK Results 2k8!

Complete results:

Hey guys here’s everything that happened at MWC SNK 2008- the complete results:

KOFXI: (7, Round Robin)

1st- Dark Geese (6-0 never lost): Kula, Gato, Duo Lon (L) (2)
2nd- Justin Wong (5-1, lost to Dark Geese) Kyo, Clark, Gato (L) Kula
3rd-Random1234- Kula, Gato, Oswald (L)- Lost to DG, Justin)
4th-Humbag (Kyo, Duck, Gato, Kula)

Fatal Fury Special Results (Round Robin, 5)

1st- Dark Geese- Kim: 4-1, (Lost to Josh, beat Syyx in final to tie, then won in Grand Finals) (1)
2nd- Syyx573: 4-2, Jubei (Lost to Dark Geese in Grand Finals and in the Winners Finals)
3rd (tie)- Josh 2-2 (Andy/Axel Hawk) and Devildigimon/Digimonemperor 2-2 (Ryo, Krauser, Jubei, Cheng) :

5th- PBJ_Mixxa


Tied for 1st- Justin Wong (Big-Kim) and Dark Geese (Tung-Athena)** Justin=2, DG=3
3rd- Rashreflection-Shishioh-Kim

KOF NeoWave Results (16)

1st- Dark Geese- Young Geese, Iori, Saisyu, Choi (SC/MAX2) Never lost (2)
2nd- Cesar- Daimon, Kula, Clark
3rd- Fenix87- O. Chris, O. Yashiro,Iori

KOF 2000 Results-

1st- Dark Geese- Clark, Ralf,Choi, Joe Striker. (1)
2nd- Angel
3rd- Cesar

KOF2001 Tourney results: (RR, 4 people)

1st- Dark Geese- Kula, Bao, Iori, Choi (1)
2nd- Cesar
3rd- Angel

Samurai Shodown Tenka (5 RR)

1st- Dark Geese: Amakusa (4-0, Never lost) (4)
2nd- Rashreflection: Sieger (3-1, Lost to Dark Geese)
3rd- Keits: Sogetsu (2-2)
4th- Random1234: Mina/Yoshitora (1-3)

5th: Jeremiah- (0-4)

**Garou MOTW Final Results- ** (12)

1st- Tie between Justin Wong (Jenet) and Arturo Sanchez( Marco)
3rd-Humbag: Grant
4th- Dark Geese: Kain


1st-Split/tie between Justin Wong and Arturo Sanchez
5th- Keits
5th- FloE
7th- Humbag


1st: Rashreflection: Sokaku/Tung (2)
2nd: Humbag- Krauser
3rd: Keits-Krauser
4th: Deathscythe- Terry
5th: Spooky- Rick
5th: XAQShinor- Mai

**WHP: (4 RR) **

1st- Rashreflection- Jack, Muscle Power,Ryofu
2nd- Keits: Carn, J. Max, Shura
3rd- Dark Geese-Jack
4th- 30-60-90- Dragon

KOF MIRA: (11)

1st: Sukafoo- Mai, Fio, Athena
2nd: Syyx573 : Ninon, Jivatma, Ash
3rd: Digimonemperor : Hanzo, Mizoguchi, Jivatma
4th: Dark Geese: Jivatma-Billy-Xiaolon

Money Match and Exhibition Results:

-Dark Geese vs. Diety: Dark Geese wins 5-0.

RBS Exhibition Match:

Dark Geese (Mai) vs. Rashreflection (Sokaku):

Dark Geese wins 3-1.

Good shit though Josh nice Sokaku! :tup:

KOF2000 Exhibition ft5:

Dark Geese vs. Digimonemperor:

Dark Geese wins 5-0.

Vids coming!

-Dark Geese


More updates everyone check first post!

Was this necessary in a thread with 2 posts? :rofl: :rofl:

Not really but dunno if people are gonna check the updates I posted or not…

That’s the thing…it’ll pop off when more get home and shit lol.

Good shit, ggs. MI was off the chain.

MN > World… in MIRA heh :slight_smile:

GGs and such in GG thread!

ESOM, good stuff! Repping Minnesota! I hope MIRA2 becomes popular enough to have more competition.

GGs in RB2 Josh.

MIRA vids uploading now…the whole MIRA tournament will be up tomorrow!

Stay tuned!

-Dark Geese

Good shit Luk, I just wish you would have been in the Rb2 tourney. We need to get in some WHP… I’ve got some shit for you :slight_smile:

lol sparring with me doesn’t really count! :devil:

Man I was fucking tired hence I didnt enter RB2 or KOF98, plus I had to eat lol…we can practice up on WHP…I got Jacks infinite down and learnt some new shit thanks to Adam and Josh lol.

I’ll give you my new # as I have a 2nd cell phone…I’ll PM that shit to you.

KOF MIRA Day One Matches:

Was this really necessary?! :rolleyes:

Anyways… GGs to everyone I played. Good shit, DG, for running all these SNK tourneys. In due time, I’ma try getting into the SNK fighters (starting with 98UM).

… and while we’re at it, why don’t we also mention I got last in NeoWave too!

Yeah because Keits wants me to post Full results…lol. So no offense but I am in the process of posting full results…It’ll take some time because first I’m getting all the vids up…then I’ll update with full results.

Did you get last in NeoWave? That means there was a tie…that was double elimination…lol.

EDIT- The end of the MIRA tournament-

i want to see these NGBC matches man, XI as well.

Oh you’ll see them…Justin plays a very aggressive Big-Kim…he does shit not even THE TRIAD does Joey! :confused:

Serious he plays Big-Kim NOT how you would expect from Turtle Justin Wong. :rofl:

What got me I think was switching to Big-Tung…he eats Bigs for free pretty much…

Tung-Athena was giving him problems the WHOLE TIME…

So if we wouldve played out Grand Finals I wouldve stuck to my guns of Tung-Athena…

Good job dg running the snk stuff at mwc. I’m sad to see no one enter the rbs tournament. I have to step my game up to generate some interest for frxii on 2df.

Don’t worry overall the thing was that there was a low turnout period for EVERYTHING…

So it just needs time…I still have quite the faith in it…

GG’s to Justin in NGBC. Sorry i forfeited my 2nd match, arcana 2 winstreak was holding me back XD

And i would have liked to have joined Tenka, but it was way too early on saturday (noon). i didnt even get there till like, 4:30 that day. Fubar said he would have joined too if it was later (and said that buktooth probably would have joined too). Oh well, maybe next time. XD