--- mwc: umk3 results ---

i don’t have qualifier brackets, but here are the top 9

1st- moe (chic-a-go)
2nd- thrower (chicago)
3rd- tony (chicago)
4th- jetphi (reppin joisee beeyaches ;))
5th- big floyd (indiana)
5th- juicyg (chicago)
7th- ivan (texas)
7th- x (philly)
9th- danny (st louis)

-again, the chicago guys were mad chill
-thrower’s pretty funny
-i got hella lucky that people choked :smiley:
-there was an invisible ermac… :confused: i should’ve recorded that =(
-i’ll be cappin footage this weekend and posting next week. lookin for webspace.
-have the top 9 footage and lexhibition match for lex’s title (lex-vs-moe, 4/7)
-thanks to everyone who came out, tourney was quick and painless, like the rest of mwc in general.

sup nukkah