My 1st Tournament

It was two weeks ago. I had to take a day off from work to attend. It took me about 2 hours to get there. I had to take 3 trains and a bus.
So I get there and notice just about EVERY big east coast player is here. Now I’m nervous. I spent 20$ to lose. So they finally call my name and I’m on a PS3 against a Fuerte.
Not only did he beat me he demoralized me. I was missing combos and generally choking in a big way. I wasn’t using my stick which didn’t help since mine was for xbox360. My body must’ve realized how bad I was sucking cause after the 1st round of the 2nd fight I was about to unplug the controller until someone reminded me that it wasn’t over. People started encouraging me which just made it worse since people rarely encourage winners.So after losing I went to dunkin donuts hurt. Wasting time until losers bracket started. I went back and I was called for losers against a blanka. I was trying to psyche myself up but it just wasn’t working. I just messed up everything. I missed a HP -> Super something that I’ve literally NEVER missed since I started playing abel. Missed COD -> C.HP -> Ultra plenty of times and got hit by random blanka balls.So I was eliminated and left. I woulda stayed just to watch but it was too crowded to really see. And I had 2hrs of buses and trains to get home.

Sounds like a blasty-blast.

In reality you need to not get caught in that bullshit, if you’re scared of the crowds my suggestion would be to bring a headset and listen to music while you play so you do not get caught in that bullshit and stay focused. Also your first tournament you’re not supposed to always win off the bat and there will be alot more tournaments. People lose all the time man just shake hands and walk away not like a once in a life time experience.

Atleast you played your matchs, also never EVER rage quit or anything in front of everyone unless you want to be DarkPrince v2.

Ouch. You gotta shake that habit. It ain’t over til it’s over! And eventually it was, but like Ikuzo said, at least you played your matches.

Also thanks to your post and me quoting it, I learned about [INDENT]. Thanks.

unless your name is mago you shouldn’t be going in for the money. go to tourneys for the atmosphere and the good games. the casuals afterward always a blast too, so don’t leave early next time!

I wasn’t trying to quit. I honestly thought it was over. Lol

lol. it happens to the best of us.

soon as you think its over, you quit, thats problem. as suggested before bring a ipod or something to listen to calm yourself down

my very first tournament was in TO i placed 33 out of 67 ppl. to me that never played fighters seriously and had the crowed and bs and nervs i think thats pretty damn good. for a rookie at this.

You see, the problem with tournaments is that there’s rarely any “minor league” tournaments for the newcomers like me. You’re competing with the best right from the start, and some of these cats have been hustling at fighting games for almost a decade now.

Like, just recently I went to some random ass SFIV tourney at a halo/counterstrike lan center…middle of friday…thought it was an easy first.

And guess who shows up…Mike Ross and Viscant, knocked me to third place and outta the prize money. It’s frustrating, but keep at it.

First tournament I went to - my opponent’s friends stood behind me saying shit like “c’mon man do that flowchart.” I play Ken and I definitely wasn’t flowcharting, but that unnerved me enough to play worse than usual.

On the drive back my friend told me they were probably talking to their ELF buddy, who had me in wakeup games when they were saying that crap.

Play and learn, play and learn. Shut everything else out but the game :slight_smile:

Most tourney goers feel that crushing pressure when they first start going to tourneys. The only real solution is to keep going to tourneys. Eventually that heart-wrenching atmosphere is far more bearable and you can really show your stuff.

I just went to another one. I brought my headphones with me as RSnake suggested. I still went 0-2 but I felt alot better about how I played. I felt like I was outplayed rather than feeling like I choked. That’s what happens when you play listening to Kanye.

You should put [media=youtube]WSnrZf3a7rE[/media] on your headphones. :love:

I play Vega so alot of players at tourneys in London have no idea what to do, decreases the pressure on me for sure.

Don’t worry. It’s perfectly normal to go 2 and out at your first tournament. Tournament pressure is something you have to get used to.

This is the best advice I’ve ever heard:rock:

It is really crazy how your surroundings can really dictate how well you play. You might get execution down 100% at home, but at tournaments, the atmosphere can substantially have an impact on your performance, especially if you enter one by yourself.

In tournaments where at least one friend entered along with me, I felt much better mentally. Even after we both lose our matches and waiting for losers, just being able to sit against a wall and talk about the competition, last minute strategies, whatever, it really helps to relieve the tension. So try to get your friends to enter with you; it’s a great learning experience everytime you go. And if you don’t have friends that are into the scene, make new ones. Tournaments are a great place to network with people around your area.

Only the best homie :wink:

This reminds me of the first time I went to a Smash tournament. The atmosphere is definitely different, but eventually you’ll grow to like it more, especially if you get the chance to watch other players.

lol !