My 2 Cents to newer players, Helping you level up!

Hey Everyone, I’ve been playing street fighter since 3rd strike (late 3s) and been playing the SF4 series since vanilla and likewise with the MVC3 series. when I used to post more frequently on my first account I noticed a lot of people in a variety of threads had the same problem. “What am I doing wrong I have my execution down and everything but I can’t consistently win” I had this problem, a lot of people do and I am going to do what I can to fix this.
I just made a Youtube channel in which I will do everything I can to help people level up. I will do tutorials eventually but right now I am taking a different approach. OverheadGreg has provided hundreds of replays, we have all probably watched before, and has given me a handful of new ones I asked for. What I am going to do is go into a in depth explanation about why top players do what they do, why something is working, why something isn’t working, Why someone won a match, what the turning point in the match was. I cant go over all of the fundamentals in the one video but in each video I will look closely at certain things. For example one episode I have up of Nemos Yang in AE 2012 I go over how to porperly rush down and counter hit set ups, In another video of Gamerbees Adon vs RFs sagat I go over how important patience is and how to play patiently, bait DPs, etc. So subscribe for new episodes and new content very often!.
The SRK community has taught me so much and now I want to do the same for everyone else. Thanks a lot guys if you want to check it out the link is

Subscribe, leave a like and a comment, hope this helps you guys out, more vids (more descrepitive and better quality) to come!

That’s really cool idea. Keep that coming! Many thanks. <3

Hah done, thanks for the support more vids to come showcasing basic fundamentals

Episode 2 is out. Audios a lot better.

Cool stuff. Reminds me of what Cross Counter started off with. If you’re looking for a cheap capture card, the Dazzle HD off ebay is like $40~.

Some things I’d suggest:
-The audio quality is a lot better during the gameplay on the second episode, but on the intro it breaks.
-Instead of pausing to talk about something, you can try looping in slower speeds a portion of the video while going over it.
-If you’re using someone else’s gameplay like the first video, you can download the video and go over it in a player so you can rewind, slow, skip, mark etc. while giving advice.
-Lower gameplay audio to hear your voice better.

Other than that, looks like it has potential. Sub’d. Can’t wait to see what’s next.
Keep up the good work. Can I request a more poke based character like Dictator next?

One silly question.
would it be hard to reproduce matches? that would require 2 good players of course.

I do not mean the whole match, just the concerned scenario. and instead of doing what the original player did, you come up with the proposed solution at that moment. even though later that may have cost the game (eg having to waste EX bars or getting cornered).so I am talking in the short term.

Just watched the videos! They’re quite handy.
It does seem to be the common misconception that better execution = winning, while you do need to have good execution, things you demonstrate in your two videos are much more necessary compared to doing the largest, most elaborate combo possible with your character. Videos like this are always helpful! You could perhaps show the various options a certain character could taken when you’re reviewing a match up too, eg. different attacks for anti airs, things those anti airs could have led into given the situation, whether it was worth the risk, meter status etc. I’ve only been playing for about 5 or 6 months on AE, and recently i’ve tried to pick up some other fighting games, and im finding that the basics are much more necessary. having reliable punish combos practiced is helpful too, but im only recently turning away from that… big, damaging combos at any cost = better player mentality.
Well done!

Hah thanks man, and yeah I plan on going even more in depth with the later videos but for now it was almost like I was just testing how it would look you know. Also I can’t go over too much or one episode would be like an hour long so I try to keep each episode short, based off a few fundamentals to try and give players some times to take it in before we go into other tactics and such. Thanks for watching! new episode soon

Third video was the best so far. Just keeps improving. Keep up the good work.

Thanks man! I got it screen recorded and good audio now, and Im finally getting used to sony vegas (well not as good as I would like) But i hope it keeps getting better! Thanks for watching bro.

Hey, I just saw what you are doing and I appplaud you for your commitment to help others. It’s people like you that make this community so refreshing and great and i ask to keep this up because this is also helping me out. Now, I’m not one of those new people, I even teach my friends, but this stepped up my game and i found myself improving my game. Keep this up, cuz you got a new fan :smiley:

Hah thanks a lot man! A lot more to come I hope that I can share all of the info I have gained about street fighter in my years of playing!

thanks bro i was looking for some help and you pushed me in the right direction (:

New episode is up. Goes through some basics of the game, if your new to Street Fighter you should really check this one out!

Thumbs up for all this work!

I don’t think CH setups to beat Crouchteching are part of the crass fundamentals (like “knowing range of your normals”) though :b That could use better sorting.

Yeah thats true its definitely a little more advanced compared to fire ball and normal ranges, but I thought I’d throw it in just to make sure everyone knows what it is and what not. Thanks for Watching!

This sounds great. I’m subbing while I’m at work but I’ll check it out first thing when I’m home.

Great video’s! I like the analysis of the matches, it’s very clear and it isn’t like rushed commentary at all. It really makes you think how to act in certain situations playing AE.

More people should watch it! :smiley:

Thanks a lot! New episode out guys!
Please comment rate, share the video with friends and Sub if you like it! I’d really appreciate it!

Really enjoying the videos, thanks! I think my favorite was the 2nd one since it seems hard to find videos of people explaining what THEY did in their own matches.