My 2 PCB in 1 Joystick Xbox360/PS3 wiring schematics diagram(with a switch)

Hey guys, this past weekend I converted my SF:AC joystick to work on Xbox360 and PS3, with 1 USB cable coming out, and a switch to tell the joystick which console I’m using it for.

The Xbox360 joystick I used was the mad-catz arcade joystick, and the PS3 (as stated in the pic) was a Cthulhu PCB.

Since it took me a few different diagrams/tutorials to get the exact wiring schematics I needed, as well as goign to various websites, I decided to create my own to help others out as well. This is the EXACT wiring schematic I used.

The “Xbox360 USB Wire Coming In” on the left side there is the actual wire that connects to the Xbox360 PCB, and where it meets the PCB the 5 wires are exposed. At that point I cut the green (data +) and the white (data -) from the group of 5 wires, and soldered wire extensions onto them in order to run it to the switch.

Also, I did not wire up LT/RT (xbox360) and L1/L2 (PS3) to my joystick, so that is why you only see wires going to 6 out of 8 buttons.

If you have any other questions about this exact setup here, feel free to ask, but I just thought I owed it to the forum here to make this diagram since I know how confusing it can be to put a few diagrams together.

Sorry for the ghettones, but it is pretty easy to follow :stuck_out_tongue: