My 2010 year on status and other such monstrosities

Wow, has anyone seen this yet? This thing gather’s status updates then puts them on a fancy background ending with " My 2010 year status, cause I said so " or some other cute quote.

Man, the gems that will be coming out of this one will be priceless. Quick, someone grab a domain name and let’s start capitalizing on this bitch.

Maybe if you had the link…

Am I too on the bleeding edge?

You’ve been here long enough to know that no one* is actually going to read that.

  • 2009 members and newer not included.

You are not suppose to read that. You are suppose to stare away from a distance and slowly turn to salt as you awake to it’s horror. those are not my status “updates”, that’s just a result of dark vile putrid human engineering.

oh my god my eyes bled

I don’t… what?


I’m confused…