My 2nd custom

i guess i can’t really call this a stick.
i need a name for this one :slight_smile: it’s already done, just needs a paint job and some art. the 8 button layout is for games like GGX that actually make use of them. this layout for my hands is perfect, i just drop my hands down and the fingers lay on them naturally. very confortable.

it’s surprisingly easy use the directionals on this. the button panel has a crooked cut on it because i got some kickback on my table saw. it’s very easy to make another one i’m not to worried as this is my second box and i’m still learning how to use the tools.

the putty is there for the counter_sunk screw holes.
oh yeah, i have to figure out how to mash a start and back button on there. i was thinking using some of the 24mm sanwas i have, but those are bright red and won’t go with the color scheme at all.


ok finally done. i’m going to do a little rewiring because some of the joints didn’t take as well as i wanted.


Looks different- I’ve never seen a joystick done with buttons. Hows that work? Looks cool though.

are you used to playing fighting games with keyboard or something? looks interesting but i guess whatever rocks your boat:wink:

Well technically isnt this cheating since you have a block button sort of? Your reaction time for blocking would be faster wouldnt it?

How do you a pull a 360 on that thing? O_o

would pulling off charge moves on that be easier?

with a spoon

Wouldn’t a pad then also be cheating because of (in my opinion) possible faster reaction time?

I can’t see how anyone would play a fighting game successfully on a keyboard or with buttons like this, which is basically the same thing.

I’m not sure if it’s a good idea making the top “sinking” in the box. I mean, that the top part where all the buttons is lower than the sides. It should be unconfortable IMO.

i roll my fingers and palm across all the buttons in a circle motion.

yes :slight_smile: i always used to play emus and stuff on my pc using only keyboard.
i was actually going to model the dpad_buttons on this after a keyboard layout, where the LEFT DOWN and RIGHT are all on the same row; but i didn’t have enough room so i had to go with the cross shape.

plays nice. took me a few minutes to get used to, but i picked it up very quick.

right now it’s a mostly a ‘fit’ to make sure everything works. the 1/4" gap is for the 1/4" plexi that i haven’t cut yet. it’ll be flush like all other customs.

haven’t tried it yet.

thanks for the feedback people. i wasn’t sure how everyone would react to this one :wonder:

Call it a click.

nice. i like it. much better than ‘mutton basher’ or ‘palm breaker’ (other names i thought about that sucked.


i called my other one piqsulz arqad stiq (with the AY accent above the a for the sound)

thats pretty fucking tite man… yeah one of my buddies is a HUGE emu keyboard guy and ill admit he can do visms as good as me on A3 on a keyboard… so i bet he would play with something like this like crazy…

but heres an idea for your next one… if you want them in a straight row for the bottom three (im actually considering making one for him so he can learn third strike lol)

why not use some sanwa 24MM buttons…
they are kinda small and a little bit bigger than the keys on a keyboard

that would be a bitchin idea

you can get square sanwa buttons… ;]

Dude, Palm Breaker is a dope name.

I’d be taking that thing straight to Space Channel 5.

Cool idea though.

do tell where from.

@ Dj-Matrix

i have like 4 red sanwas 24MM left over from my first stick. thing is, they’re very hard to mount into a sheet of 3/4" MDF.

thanks for all the feedback peoples. :wonder:

I…really don’t know what to say about this. If it works it works I guess…

well you can either route out a bunch… not recommended for performance… but if they are snap ins you can use a perfect 24mm holesaw through the wood… the little tabs on the sides would be more than enough to hold it down… plus they would mount perfectly on lexan or plexi… i can show you how to do it if you would like ?

then you can use QDs( for ease of soldering) so you dont have to route out wood alot… this method there should be no wood routing needed

arqéd is the ‘eh’ sound. The letter ‘a’ with the same accent does not exist, therefire it has no sound.