My 360 won't register diagonals at all

I just installed a new 360 on a custom stick my buddy made for me back in So Cal. I twisted the wires together and electrical taped it. Up, down, left, right work perfectly, but the diagonals don’t register at all. I haven’t used the stick in about 2 years, so I don’t remember if the old stick had the same problem. The reason I changed 360’s was because one of the 4 metal parts(UDLR) on the old 360 was broken. What could be the problem? :sad:

P.S. a ps2 controller was used.

are you sure you have the actuator on correctly?
you might have it in 4 way mode

flip the actuator on the bottom and it might work

Excuse my noob-ness, but where is that?:sweat:

8-way play: small diameter toward E-Ring
4-way play: large diameter toward E-Ring (as shown in illustration below)

Assembly diagram:

Make sure the smaller side is facing the e-ring to get 8-way.

Got it! Yep it was upside down I guess. With the thick part facing the E-ring. Flipped it and it’s working now. Thanks!