My 3rd Strike website!

Click Here to visit my new site! It’s made with but, I used the HTML and not the template package so, I think version 1.0 came out fine. I hope you like it!:slight_smile:

where did you get those combo pics from? Tosaka website right?

And the Parrying School section it’s just a copy/paste from Thehy’s Parry Faq (Found in gamefaqs).

Oh wait, surprise… your entire movelist it’s an exact copy of Kao Megura’s Faq…
Where are the credits section in your site?

PS: Since a guy took all the info in my site and put it on his claiming it was his creation, I hate plagiarism

The combo transcripts are directly copied from pocari sweat’s posts in this thread:

The fake Ken combos are from JChristopher’s Ken FAQ:

TheHY’s parrying FAQ can be found here:

Kao Megura’s system FAQ here:

If you’re not going to ask permission to post someone else’s work, you could at least give them credit.

Your site sucks.

Might as well make a site with just links to their stuff. That’ll save you lots of time pasting and copying. Really.

Your site sucks.


Actually I got permission from them before I started the site. Think again before you speak because, you will be proven wrong.

hey evilken, i dunno about these other haters, but i like the site. i’m sorta late to looking up info on the net, so i don’t know which ones to get what from, but it looks like your site’s got lots of stuff, so i can get it all here, nice work! (more videos!)

the site is better then that kara throw site.

i think the only reason ppl would hate is because u didnt show u got any permission for the info on your site, its not the general public’s fault either. if i wrote a paper in college and quoted ppl that my professor knew i would be kicked out of school even though i knew the proffesor knew it wasnt my quotes.

as a owner of a webpage u gotta make sure u tell the audience where u got your content from, even if its cool with the ppl u got the info from, u’ll only be flame bait for whoever goes there no matter how many ppl u got permission from. and there will always be someone that will say your biting off someone else’s info unless u put it down u got the info from SO AND SO…

writing down credits should be like the first thing u think of when putting down other ppl’s ideas and info:lame:

fix the credits the site should answer the question of where u got the info from not u on this forum.


ok, I will post up all the credits right away! sorry, I didn’t before but, I did ask and that’s probably why I never posted the credits.

The site will be uppdated with the “Hyper SF2: Aniv. Edition” video today while adding the credits.

I have no problem with your site if you’re going to give these guys credit, but making it look like it was your own work seems disrespectful. It’s okay if you just forgot to give their names, even though that should be common sense.

For instance, you can read the following disclaimer in the full version of TheHY’s parrying FAQ:



  • DO not disassemble or edit any material in this FAQ.
  • The Parrying Timing System (PTS) and the Point-Blank parry term were
    created by Hon wai Yip on the 1st of January 2001.
  • Any references to material included in this document must include
    references to the owner/creator, this includes the PTS and it’s affiliated
    keys and acronyms.
  • Plagiarism is a crime. If you can’t write it, don’t copy it."

Even if you do get permission for posting the material you should always give your sources, otherwise it can still be considered as plagiarism as EVERDRED said. Taking out the credits section and other parts of their own FAQs also strikes me as a bit rude. I think you should also give credit to whoever wrote the transcript for the combos (pocari sweat I think) and to the group who performed them in the video. You might also want to mention that they’re not regular combos. Did you take the pics yourself? If not, give credit where it’s due.

The JChristopher combos… I don’t think they even work without system direction.

This is actually an important debate, I remember reading somewhere a while ago that Kao Megura stopped writing FAQs because he was sick of people copying his material whitout asking his permission or giving him credits.

nice site. it’ll be even better if you post some matches online. basically stuff we haven’t seen before.


yea, I know. I’m going to post up Midwest Challnge 2 PICS(alot of them!), and videos after it’s over. Also, I’m going to post some of my own pics of combos I succeeded at home or an arcade.

um, i wouldn’t go so far as to say that your site is better than, which has really helpful video updates atleast once a week with commentaries which are as good as the vids. but it’s good, i’ll admit.

i’m not sure about the other combos but for alex. did you make up this fake combo? or did you change the system direction on the console? because no way the alex combo can work, foward does not connct with strong flash chop unless you dizzed him inbetween.

also you can’t fierce flash chop after his boomerang raid because he powerbombs them.

weak info.


Have u downloaded the Tosaka video? The person who made these combos succeeded and he’s WAY better than your are I bet. Download the Tosaka video and look at the pics i will post soon and you’ll see.
I dont mean to be rude to u Gamble but, you are speaking against a Japanese player’s combo. When I say Japanese I mean, he’s won of those Japanaese people who are very very very good. I didnt make the combos but, I succeeded on arcade with Ken’s, Ryu’s, and Sean’s combos. And they are GREAT! Also,m with Alex, the combo only works against Urien(just incase you didn’t notice). That’s why.

hey, is suspended or something? that sucks…

no it isn’t! wha?!:bluu:

Please do NOT link directly to the vids on my site from yours. I don’t care if you link to the main page but do not link to the individual files.

Congrats on getting your site back, Streak.


ok, sorry streak. I’ll do changes tomorrow.