My 3s gameplay videos`` plz rank 2``

i just uploaded a few videos of me versus other players to my youtube channel ( I mainly use Ken, and chunli is my second best char. There are a few vids i would like people to take a look at, and tell me where i did wrong, and how can i improve my game play.

me using ken

me using chunli

p.s. for chunli, i am always afraid to dash in against shotos, so I don’t have much chance to do close mixups. is dashing-in a common style for chunli to get close to the opponent or you just walk to ur opponent?

I refuse to help because you’ll just use it against me in the near future. :arazz:

chun is nice but dunno if its cause ken was average?

dont forward HP when close, its too slow.
also be ready to dash under him when hes trying to jump, alot of the kens abuse the cross over MK, so gotta make them stop with dash under and make then eat an sa2.

also on chip damage , close HK sjc HP HP or d.MK then LK for 3 hit combo fun :slight_smile:

i’ll use gill then…:wgrin:

You do not need to dash in on shotos with chun. Let them come to you. You have awesome defensive normals that can outpoke and outzone the shotos.

Everyonce in a while a dash in throw is tricky as well as like a dashin (then follow with to possibly verify into sa2).

hmm… so midscreen = no mixup, only zoning? and once u get ur opponent to the corner, u can start ur mixup game?

start using her kara throws and you won’t have to dash in. your normals go far, dash once when you are too far to be any threat then when you are in normal range just walk right up. chun is a great turtle, but when she is even better on offense b/c of the straight up fear that sa2 inspires.
which brings me to the other thing you should work on, hit confirms. you shouldn’t have to parry with chun to connect sa2 (nice parrying btw!) if you can hit confirm off of one high (back fierce) and one low(low forward) option you are deadly and they will block. when they block you throw. when they get scared to block , you super.

also vs. ken, he wants to sweep the fuck out of you at the start cuz you have no meter to punish. so you should standing roundhouse more early round. but ease off it when ken gets meter b/c he can counter poke a whiffed one with low forward super. also learn to link super after standing roundhouse. just do the super during the animation and hit the buttons when it ends but ken’s head is still realing backwards. if you hit the buttons when he face has returned to your direction it won’t connect.