My 3s MidLife Crisis

Hows it going everyone. Ive been playing 3rd Strike for about 3 years now and i love it more than life itself. I think that 3s is one of the greatest games of all time and has held its playability for almost 10 years now and is still considered in many peoples opinions the best competitive fighting game out there. At this point in my 3s career i am at a very dull point and i am looking for some guidance from the community.

Currently i play a pretty damn good Chun Li, i can hold my own when i play Chun Li. But i feel like i am getting bored, or something along those lines. I feel like i need to play someone else, someone that i can go to when i dont want to play Chun Li.

I guess what i am looking for is some advice on who would be a good choice for me, maybe someone that has felt this way and what you did in this situation.

Just for reference, i dont want to play Ken, Ryu, or Akuma, for some reason they are just not appealing to me. But any advice or just old stories about what you guys have gone through with your 3s careers would be most appreciated!


Dudly or Elena - play kinda like shotos, easy to grow in to, and they have some fun links and combos.

Yang - not quite Yun, but i think he is growing in popularity

Makoto - eehhhhh good, but i dont think she is as fun as some of the other characters.

Q - ! surprise everyone! play Q!

alex … random mid-range powerbomb…

Sean, struggle to defend yourself.

Give sa3/sa2 oro a chance,its hard work but it should bring the fun back.

You mean you’ve been playing 3S for 3 years and the only person you could see yourself playing with is Chun? Chun’s ok and all but…she’s not a character that I could constantly play with. Her playing style is too…methodical for me. I say go with Ibuki or Yang. Teach yourself how to use a rush character.

yang dude

Yang all the way, hes easy to puck up go get some vids!!!

Give Urien a shot. If you dont like charge characters then try Makoto, Yang or dudley. Just play everyone a little bit until you find someone who you really want to commit to.

Play Remy He’s Nash,Guile,Charlie 2.0

In all seriousness you can go with anyone other than Q, Twelve, or Nerco and be competitive. Yes Hugo is more competitive than people give him credit.

If you want to whore the Top Tier and not play Ken then Pick up Yun, Yang is coming up though you give him a shot too.

:rolf: at Sean he;s Dan 2.0. I take that back I think Dan could kick his ass and that’s saying something.

play dudley or yun. fun characters.

Ibuki- really fun character, despite the fact that she can’t take a lot of damage,

Necro- nice electric snake and mag storm juggle combos.

Elena- nice mixup game.

Ken- because his hair is pretty.

The hair-king of 3s ->

Yang or Ibuki!

You should try the godly Q:nunchuck:

I say Yang or Ibuki. Yang’s pretty good and you can do a lot with those slashes. Ibuki has some pretty cool tricks also, but get ready to take a lot of damage.

Just pick a character you enjoy playing and feel somewhat strong with. Im gonna recommend Oro though, because he is truly the hidden heart of 3rd Strike;]

Well you’ve played the crap out of the best character, so you oughta rock some 12. I think he’s fun, eventhough I lose with him:confused: Don’t touch Sean, shame about him really:rofl:

I think most of the characters are fun though, you’ve played a patience game with Chun Li so mix it up, Yang is good for getting in there. Oro, Q, I actually find the stranger characters the most interesting. And Alex is fun too, them EXes be lovely.

Not sure how I really feel about 3s anymore…ever since I got totally raped by an Elena…I need to take a brief hiatus from that game and come back with something new I guess.

I play a prety wide range of characters with varing degrees of skill. My main is Urien - unblockables are too fun. As threatening as Chun or ken with meter can be, there is nothing like seeing someone in FEAR of your Aegis. Makoto - I’ve been playing her more and more recently, and discovered how much of a positioning battle she has to play to win. She also has a decent mixup game if you explore her deeply enough. Ibuki - Mixup characters are not my thing, but playing her has taught me that footsies can make or break you in high level play. Remy - My Remy actually has a pretty good win record, but I refuse to play him seriously. He’s a keep-away character extroidinare, but zone control and the “don’t jump” factor make him pretty fun to play casually. Hugo - For me, he’s a high risk, HUGE reward character. Even if I don’t win it’s still fun to see how close I can get in on a shoto or keep away Chun. Playing him has probably upped my parrying skills like a billion% damn, I forgot Oro - He’s like my second hand man next to Urien. he’s really got to get in to do real damage, but once you get consistant your opponents wil be in fear of unblockable Yagu Dama or that nasty Tengu juggle. I swear I can only beat my freind’s Akuma mixup game with an extremely safe SA3 Oro. Try some of these and if you don’t like them there’s always… twelve and Q… :tup: