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A month ago, i wanted to make a video about 3s. I couldnt even find anything to make a video about. So i decided to just make a video with some old stuff, and some small thigns that i discovered while i was bored playing training mode. And here it is.

edit: you need XVID to fiew the video.

I forgot to thank Supapuffy in the credits. The Hugo stun combo and the corner 360 setup is his.

Everything in the video is performed by me. That Red Urien combo is not my combo though. It’s Fob Louie’s setups. I dont know why the 7th palm doesnt hit. Dont be idiots; I obviously didnt really get all 3 shotos on the screen at the same time. I edited that part. But that is a real move they are doing. Thanks to Paul on that one.

And if you dont understand why the 3 clips after “breathe” are showing moves whiffing and then hitting, keep watching. You’ll eventually understand it.

The video is supposed to be a lot longer. But my 3s disc doesnt work anymore so i couldnt capture any more shit. I guess i used it too much in the last month.

There’s a bunch of clips i realised i have recorded that i didnt put in the video. I’ll put them in the next video. Once i get a new 3s disc i’ll start working on the 2nd 3s video.

The video was originally much bigger and longer because it showed all the combos in full up to the display of the combo meter. But the video was then very boring and had a lot of dead air. But i give you my word that if there are situations where you think “That didnt combo”, it combos.

I cant stress this part enough: I do not claim to have discovered any of this stuff first. I mean you’ve probably seen 3/4 of the stuff in the video before. I just wanted to put it in because it’s just really cool stuff. And if there’s something in the video that you dont find that cool, well maybe someone else actually likes that part of the video. It reminds me of why i love3s. So please dont post here bragging about how you knew about it 10 years ago. And no, your computer isnt lagging at the end of the video. Some of you didnt even notice why i paused Alex’s powerbomb at the end (edit: I edited out the pause menu). Watch it again. LOL

alright. That’s it. See you guys next Video, and dont be afraid to say hi to me at Evo2k4.

good shit waiting for the vid to finish

it played jerky on mine so i couldnt see some of the shit (my comps prob tho), but good shit overall. that sean shit was weird

Looks good. Keep’em coming. :slight_smile:

yeah if you guys are having problems viewing the video, i need to remind you that i used Xvid to compress it. YOu can get it from or you can get it along with many other codecs at .

Very impressive vid. See you at evo. Nice disney font btw.

great vid!

looks like a range matter…

how do you perform Urien vs Necro bug shown at ~3.50?
Or Oro vs Urien @ 4.15? (invisible Aegis?)

keep up the good work!

Yeah that vid is quite good, lots of strange stuff in it, also I liked the kara palms:cool:

Jiggabry and I thought it was the hit boxes changing as the character’s head bobs up and down while breathing…actually we are pretty sure it is? Hence the breathe hint he gave out?

edit: oh ya, C-royd, what is the music track you used?

the Sean roll-a-thon was the best!!!

that Urien beasting on Dudley was tight too! scary!

good stuff C Royd.

yes the “Breathe” part did in fact have to do with breathing. It wasnt a range matter.

A character’s hit box usually moves up/down or left/right/up/down (elena. She goes all over the place) while they are standing because of breathing or beause of their stay-still animations. Actually, i think Makoto stays perfectly still. I dont remember.

for the chun li MP against a shoto, they have to breathe properly for the MP to hit. Then you can cancel it.

If you wish to LINK it, like i did in the video, you have to whiff the MP over their head at the right time, and then when their head rises, the MP will hit them on it’s way back to Chun li, and then LInk that shit.

Good old Sean Roll’a’thon!

oh yeah, the basketball part of the video was my way of showing you that you can actually control the basketball when sean throws it at his opponent. If you hit your opponent, sean gets a bit of Meter before the rounds even starts. "Sean is the best!"
Take note that Sean will only throw the basketball on his own stage.

okay I’ll try to explain everything i feel needs explaining from the video.

The Chun Li Jabs XX super: nothing special. I just felt like showing all the combinations that you can jab into a super.

Ken on Dudley: 3 jabs XX super. Just looks cool because it’s 3 jabs.

The idiot Breakdancing: that’s Ratio1Beatdown breakdancing at evo2k3 that i fillmed with my digital camera. Glad i brought that thing. I have other videos of him breakdancing. But i’ll save them for my other 3s videos

Makoto Taunt XX super. Yes that combos.

Red Urien Combo: not my combo. It’s Louie’s.

Yellow Urien Combo: MY COMBO! Made it up myself! I put it in because i suck with Urien and felt proud that i made up my own unblockable setup that looks relatively cool

Sean SA2 vs Ryu SA2: Sean’s super always wins whether it is first or 2nd.

Alex in the car: i kept canceling lk into a LK tornado DDT and then he goes inside the car.

Hugo Super Armour: I’m canadian. Yes i spell it ARMOUR. Take a fireball-nullifying move and make it trade with the first hit of Chun li’s ex Bird kick and the character will not get knocked down by the bird kick.

Yang stand MK sj RH, land, SA2: Works on a lot of characters. But on dudley, it hits him from behind. WOW!

Kara Palms: i wanted to show how much damage the max # of palms does. Which is why I didnt do a stan MK superjump cancel. I wanted to. But then it’d take away the damage. But i also wanted to show how you can land all those palms. So I made the dummy jump to simulate as if I did the SJ cancel…so 2-in-1, i showed max damage, and i set it up like a SJ cancel. Did that make sense? whatever.

3 shotos on one screen: That actually is a real move that Akuma, Ryu, and Ken are doing. But I edited them onto one screen at the same time. Can you guys figure out which move they’re doing?

Remy parrying the drill low: The Drill thing can be parried low. It can also be blocked low. But not everyone knows that. it just looks hella weird.

Makoto EX chop XX SA2: If you hit someone with EX chop, they get knocked down. But if you just hit their limb, they dont get knocked down.

Oro hitting his rocks: If you hit a reflector with Oro’s rocks, they technically become enemy rocks. But this is where it creates a glitch because the rocks are meant to be controlled by Oro, yet the reflector changes ownership of the rocks to Urien. So when oro starts attacking, he is technically hitting enemy rocks. But keep in mind, Oro is still able to hit urien with them.

Chun li stand RH link cr JAB xx super: The Stand RH has to be meaty,which means they have to be either landing from a reset or waking up from the ground. And opponent has to be crouching.

Frozen floating Necro vs Dudley: Arcade only. Necro has to do a back throw on dudley…Back throw as in…backwards from behind throw…yeah…that’s it…and then i heard someone say that at that point, the game thinks Necro is in the air or something. So when dudley jumps in with a move and necro parries it, all hell breaks lose. Note that on some arcade machines, when necro deos the back throw, neither opponent can move or push buttons for like 10 seconds.

Alex powerbombing Urien: I dont know whats going on here. Looks like the animators got silly and forgot to put in some animations for urien. When alex does any powerbomb on Urien, you’ll notice that urien kinda Flickers for a split second. I didnt know wtf that was, but it kept happening so i decided to pause the game and it turns out that the flickering is caused by the fact that urien…well, he just isnt there. I paused the game, edited out the pause menu because it’s ugly, and that’s what you see.

How did you get Yang and Necro to say “Magnetic Storm” in unison?

By the way, this is by far the best 3S vid of the year – Fuck Mopreme. I don’t even know what he’s trying to prove. Gettin’ all famous for what? Pixie dust… :stuck_out_tongue:

Isn’t that becuase of the max juggle setting in 3s? I know you can do c.roundhouse /w Dudley 6 times, max, then the 7th one always whiffs.

But then again, could you do karapalmx6->st.fierce->karapalm to get another karapalm in before genei jin finishes?

The yellow Urien combo was sick though. :slight_smile: Good job for coming up /w that. :slight_smile:

no it’s not because of the max juggle settings. I know what you’re talking about, but it doesnt apply in Genei jin. If you want to try it yourself, you’ll notice that you can probably do 10 standing jabs to juggle the guy. I asked my buddy Secret Weapon, who is the best yun IN THE WORLD,and he said the 7th palm should have hit. And then i killed him. LIterally.

Tight vid, good job.

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because he is my enemy

Well done. Proud of you. :slight_smile: Got a video of that?

Love The Vid !!!

Your my hero :smiley:

Thanx a bunch for the vid! :slight_smile: