My 4 page essay on Oh Nay on capcom unity

I voiced my opinions and balance suggestions there. Though many posts lower my IQ just by reading them, I posted there in the hope that combofriend browses as a mod. Who knows? Maybe if we keep that thread on the front page long enough then come ultra patch time we might get the rebalancing we need. Any suggestions are welcome, but keep in mind the key for anyone to take balance suggestion seriously is to not ask for the world or if doing so preface it by saying that you know such and such changes might make oni too strong and hed need nerfs in other areas.

Thank you for your tiem.

A few things:

Oni’s best meterless is 316, jp.hp > cr. hp > HK Tatsu.

More importantly I agree with most of what you’re saying, especially health back to 1000 and the being a -0 on hit. Instead of making fireball go full screen I would rather severely reducing or completely removing the lp(-29) mp(-31) and hp(-33) active fireball frames, strengthening oni’s mid game by a lot. Also increasing his fw. dash to a distance of 1.25 (E.ryu is 1.32) for 18 frames from 1.10 to help him keep aggressive, as well as an increase in backdash to assist in deal with footsie heavy characters.

Very good suggestions! Come balance patch time we should have a lot of these in the unity thread. I didn’t even think of the fireball buff, probably because of my own prejudices and experiences with onis fireball game. His forward dash being longer would help a lot. Alternatively keeping his dash distance the same and giving its total frames of 16 from 18 would help make his focus dash forward punishes during footsies more leniant(probably getting greedy with that request)

I chose his vanilla standing punish combo because in my mind landing a jump in hardpunch is a rarity/gift on anyone good outside of dizzy combos. If i wanted to get technical the majority of Onis combos will come off lowchecks from crouch lk, random touch jabs into tc, or cr mk/stand lk into fireball fadc, turning his 400+ 2 bar damage combo into 300 something.

Im working on a dudley write up, and its taking soo long. It seems like anything you do duddles has an answer to it. His effective range is the same as yours and a little farther and his options lead to bigger damage for less risk. Theres so much meta involved in the matchup its not funny.

I’d go one of two ways, either

  • give him back the 1000 health
  • make his light and EX lightingball have the same startup and recovery as a regular fireball (Mid and hard are unchanged)
  • change the startup of his mid and hard slashes so it’s more of an ambiguous cross up at close range,
  • give his light slash the original amount of stun,

or lower his health/stun even more to 900~800 and give him

  • A six-way airdash (qcb P for up-back, straight back and down-back, qcf for straight up, up forward and straight forward)
  • A dive-kick
  • Gouken’s AA fireballs that change speed if you hold back or forward a la Zod in Injustice
  • A light slash that has much less startup and remains stationary (like Gouken’s DP or Hugo’s lariat) to make it a better AA option
  • Akuma’s/E. Ryu’s light tatsu into DP combo
  • Another frame or two off his sweep so he can combo into it from jab without a counterhit.
  • Air stomps

Also give his EX DP 300 frames of invincibility if it whiffs.

I like the way you worded it… made it seem like Capcom are retarded for what they did to Oni… and believe me they are fucking retarded…