My Adobe After Effects Demo Reels

These are essentially just video portfolios showing what I can do in the program; enjoy.

Good stuff man


for old time’s sake

I’m gonna kill my mind trying to remember which movie I’ve heard Dead Reckoning in.

Smokin’ Aces. That shit MADE that movie for me.

Thank You

Bump with new half-finished demo;

Are you trying to get work in Motion FX specifically? Or just AE work in general?

I’ll just play devil’s advocate for a while and say that your stuff isn’t showing much depth. Your focus is on abstract, moving art pieces. That’s fine, but if it’s a “demo reel”, I’ll assume you’re trying to get work with it. I don’t know how it flies in other cities, but at least in the community here in Chicago, people are looking for more skills than background fills.

Believe me, i’m not trying to say you’re untalented, but I think you need to breanch out for a demo reel in order to garner enough positive response. Most effects houses see dozens of reels of stuff like this daily. Hell, I’m not even technically in an effects house, and people send me reels of this stuff a few times a week. There are a lot of people out there that can make cute moving blobs of red dots or swirling lines.

My suggestion to you, if you’re early in your career and about to start looking for serious work, is to get some more real-world stuff in there. Do a motion-track shot. Make a Day-For-Night. Add an element to an existing scene. Create a few plates. Do all sorts of random stuff mixed into your motion graphics work. It’ll set you apart from the rest of the crowd.

Nothing says pro like using Trapcode Shine

A better question is “what should i make for my demo reel”. Programs don’t mean shit.

hahaha. beautiful

Seriously…I can’t imagine it would be very hard to get some kind of job in the field nowadays… =/

Over…and over…and over again :stuck_out_tongue:

Also to vap; thanks for the advice; that actually does mean a lot. I’m pretty confident in the whole “Whee pretty colors!” aspect now, so I’m definitely going to try and branch out now.