My Agetec Mod

Evening folks, just posting another mod I’ve decided to work on, I’ve not done a mod for a long time, last one I did was a Namco one, and I just got bored with it…

This one is my Agetec I decided to mod up, with some special touches. As you are (some of you are) aware, I was fiddling alot with that whole Naki Wireless Arcade Stick.

But moving on, I decided to play it with the PCB and make myself an stick I could use on Xbox/PS2, (with the uh whole advantage of wireless). Plus I really wanted some Sanwa stuff in an agetec, I like the size of the case, and it feels very comfortable, Sanwa parts should make it better.

Sure it gave me alot of problems, random disconnects, battery having to be replaced every 2-3 months. but thats not really much of a concern for me, it plays and plays well when I need it to.

I haven’t finished it yet, well, it’s done but I need to get some new art for it. Since the template is a scratched and worn out, I might get myself some custom art on it.

I got some ole pictures thanks to Toodles in advance for letting me use his camera.

Now the paintjob came out decent, I tried following some of the steps that leaveal has done, and I credit him for the inspiration of trying to get a good paintjob. Though it may not be as good as his, it’s still nice and glossy. The paint is black with ‘metalic sparkles’ not sure if you can really notice it in the pictures or not.

Now I tried something different with the Start and Select buttons, I sanded them down, and tried to make them more flush. You know, like recent T5 sticks have. Nice flush, to help prevent accidental pauses. Since I covered the old start button. Had to make myself new ones, with select in there too.

Now, for the battery case, I used the stock Naki-WAS battery case, it was small compact and fit very nicely into the open gap in the agetec. And I covered up the bottom UMV port that it normally has. Painted the battery case as well, (also some may know that the battery case usually has the switch and whatnot on it, after covering it with a hard plastic piece, and superglueing it into place, I sanded it down and repainted it. to give it a better flush feeling.

The LED lights are a Green and Orange, Green being power, and Orange being my Search LED so I know when I have signal and when I don’t. I used the Naki plastic piece becuase it looked pretty slick, I made a few openings in the Agetec plastic piece with a small carving tool, (took about 3 hours of carving) so that the LEDS would fit flush, and that the plastic clear piece would fit snug, and snap onto the other side to prevent it from falling off. AS for the switch, that is in the middle, the Naki-WAS normally has the ‘analog’ button there, but I replaced it and put the On-Off Switch there. Looks alright, pretty nice, and it’s small so I don’t have to worry about accidently shutting the unit off, but yet still easy access to powering it on/off.

The bottom is pretty simple, a solid black, no gloss, with new rubber feet, I went with bigger rubber feet so that way it will grip any surface better, or if I rest it in my lap, it will remain in one spot as the rubber feet pretty much just lodge themselves on the outside of my lap, it makes it very nice and I won’t have to worry about it sliding off to the sides.

And for the inside, I figured if TheRealNeoGeo were to meander about this thread, he’d be asking for inside pictures. (Don’t worry comrade, I didn’t forget about you)

I tried making the inside as clean as possible, with plastic tubing to cover most of the wires, heat sink tubing, (and quick disconnects with heat sink tubing around them) I got it as clean as possible, and used some zip ties to hold wires in place.

As you notice the PCB is well located in the center, and it seems like it’s screwed into the plastic itself, well it isn’t… I made myself custom PCB mounts, by getting solid little pieces of plastic about 1/2" in length, screwed small holes in the top, and screwed the PCB into each little piece, super glued it to the base of the case, and left it for a while, It hardened and won’t budge a single bit. this gives it a nice little ‘stock’ feel in my opinion.

The buttons, you may notice are Sanwa, yes like everything else in the stick, All Sanwa, each one is semi-color coded, for easy access, quick disconnects encased with Heat Shrink Tubing, leaves it nice and clean.

So, there it is. thus far I should say, when I finish and actually put some art on it, hopefully it will look alot better. (I may even get a new metal template done if I can get the chance, and have them put a real sanwa layout rather than the Agetec button layout, also may have them remove the ole-opening in the center of the metal panel so that way it remains flush when I put any art on it. Won’t even look like an Agetec VMU opening.)

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated, positive or negative.
Questions are welcome too.


Very nice! I was thinking of doing this if I ever came across a cheaper agetec

That’s a hella clean mod, Ramon. Can’t wait to see some artwork on there.

You should put some ninjas on it.

Damn man. You’re finally done with it. Its very clean inside. Hell, its overall very clean. You need to bring that whenever you come up here. Put some Yoshi art and it’ll be even more beastly. AAAAAAAAALRIGHT.

that’s some awesome work man. :smiley:
i like the sparkly things in the paint and the LEDs there.
and the inside looks great!

Very nice mod, love the paint :). Your insidejob is A+.

Thanks for all the comments and compliments, I really appreciate it.

Also some people were asking if it was square gate or oct. It’s an Oct, gate (clear Oct Gate, not the normal yellow ones you normally get). Also the Dust cover is a solid white disc that I just enlarged the hole on it and used it. I sprayed some lacquer on it, helped it stay shiny like the rest of the buttons and balltop.

I’ve actually got a question for you if you have the chance to answer it. For your agetec metal template, how did you manage to remove the old paint and add the new art? Did you use a heavy duty sander to remove it or did you just go ahead and cover the old art?

I really appreciate the compliment for the inside work I did, I really tried to do a good job, seeing how I was trying to atleast impress you, (by the way, I may have to order some Sanwa lubricant from you, the stick is feeling a bit worn out and stiff due to lack of lubrication. Not sure how to get it from you, hopefully you can fill me in with details later on)


nice. question. how did you fill up the start button? and does your old start still work?


Hard plastic pieces I gathered from old computer port covers, you know those hard plastic covers that go over the 5 inch CD rom bay, etc… Using a dremel, I cut the basic circle out, and with a file, I would sand it to the right size, fit it into the opening. Superglued it (with massive amounts of glue), and then sanded it down.

As for the question about my start button working, do you refer to that actuall small switch that it comes with? becuase yes, it should still work. though the yellow button that has ‘START’ written on it, has a black smear on it that came from no where. But the small switch itself should work just fine.


Looks Awesome!

the agetec “art” isn’t paint. IIRC it’s a thick plastic sheet stuck on the metal. you can use a knife at the corner to carve an opening and rip that stuff right off the plate (it’s kinda tough) but you don’t really have to do that unless the markings and gray color will show through your art.

Very nice mod! I love what you did with this thing, very creative! The mod is so well done, that it looks like it was made this way from the factory. Also, nice touch on the placement of the start and select buttons. The insides are immaculate as well. With new artwork added, this will be an amazing stick!


That stick is sexy. Nice work.

nice job on the stick. i’m planning to do this sometime in the future, and i hope it turns out just as good as this one. :tup:

Once again thanks for all the compliments.

I started removing the old plastic coating that it had, this way I can get some art on it, ASAP.

For those of you who are wondering, the art I am going to put on it will be in the following link.


kool artwork

very kool man… hehe i have an agetec modd comming soon… its already half done im just waiting for soemthing special that will go inside it. :slight_smile:

did you just use any kinda paint or did you grab a specific kind i have plans to mod my agetec its just been chilling here


As for the paint, I was really hoping to use the same kind of Paint that leaveal uses; (Nippon Pylox) But, unfortunately that brand isn’t sold around here. So I went ahead with some generic ole (rust-o-leium I believe) paint, With some 3 coats of primer, 3 coats of Paint, and 2 coats of Lacquer. It ended up being alright.


wow, i know like, 10 people including myself that has used rust-o-leium for their sticks. that stuff seems to work. haha