My aim done messed up

Is this just mine or did everyones buddy list get reset? Everyone is gone @@

I like your avatar.

Mine too…WTF?

aaaayup ditto wtf

Mine’s fine…using Trillian btw.

“And then one day I woke up, and realized that I never actually had any friends.”

(credits roll, Japanese ending song plays, montage of characters)

Digsby… chea

What version? Just today I was told that I could not connect to AIM and that I needed a new version, so I got the newest Trillian and it still won’t connect to AIM so I’m stuck having to use AIM itself which I hate.

I’m using AIM, no problems

It’s back to normal now…

There’s nothing wrong with AIM…

AIM still exists?

2010 and niggas still using AIM.



^Haven’t ever used AIM really. I made an account a few months ago for SF, but never really used it lol.

4.1 Build 24 Free

Should I be using Facebook instead?

Negative on that. Facebook is for talking to and keeping track of people I actually want to talk to. AIM is for anyone else.

Man I didn’t know people still used AIM. I haven’t logged on for several years.

Fuck you you fat piece of shit, the internet has limited bandwidth and it couldn’t contain your fat ass on instant messaging.

Also +1 for Digsby.

I use AIM because the Facebook app on Android blows.

What the hell, i thought this was about peeing all over the toilet rug…