My amature(sp?) tweleve question



why the hell my attacks won’t show up during fast air dash ?
after doing a quick jump-forward , forward tap lp/lk/mk/mp

it just won’t show up , or is it i should tap on later ?
because of this i’m vulnerable … gliding towards doing nothing…

how in the hell i’m gonna do that , AXE XX XNDL <-- any one did that before ?

that actually does more damage than strong XX XNDL

how to fight hugo with tweleve ??

and i found that chaining forward --> XFLAT is easy after all …

what should tweleve do when he is invisible mode ? and the opponent rather walk back to corner or jump with pokes

all i know was when he jump , tweleve use qcf-pp(dunno what to call that )

who’s good invisible anyway , and it has slow start up and recovery :C


Yeah there’s an input delay it seems during the start of the airdash, you have to time it just a split second later.