My Anime Art

Hello,yeah,this is my art,ill keep posted…Heres my Ed from Cowboy Bebop…I know its not all that good,but I dont have any blending sticks,so yeah…Ill post my stuff right here so its alot of an easier access…

Angelic Layer Chick(few mess ups/THATS NOT PERSPIRATION!!) Angelic Layer (Full View)
Ed from Cowboy Bebop
Spike from Cowboy Bebop
Spike from Cowboy Bebop (Looking back)
Alucard in a Fight Scene from HellSing
Vash the Stamped from Trigun
Vash Chewing Gum

Shit Mason

The second Sweet sees this he is gonna’ shit a stone forgery of hate. Nice rendition of Ed, and looks like we have an attempt at composition! N1.

I dont get it.


OOok… let me simplify.

Good job.

Sweet will hate it.

LOL! Ok,thanks:p

Gar…so yeah,umm,heres another peice…Its from Angelic Layer,but my paper is small,so I didnt get to do full body…:frowning:

EDIT - AND NO! That is not perspiration! Its a shadow!:lol:

fyi, there is always a space after a comma.

Dang aren’t you gonna comment on the piece? lol. Anyways this is pretty good stuff. Make some line variations and it will better.


thats a nice looking ed. Nice expression. The other one is ok, it looks incomplete.

Thanks for the feedback. Comments and suggestions are always welcome :smiley: :slight_smile:

Spikes face,took me like 2 hours,mainly because of how big his face is:p

Man! why are you wasting your time copying? unless your 4 yrs old its a good start but come on guy. at least give us ed or spike in your own style not ghetto ass attempt at a copy.

LoL,I cant free hand that good :frowning: I need to look at a picture to draw it…-sigh-:frowning:

that is why sfmc. there is nothing to comment on. do u want me to congradulate him on how well he copied the pic?

It may be “copied”, as you said, but it is still a drawing,nonetheless :wasted: and no…these were not traced if thats what you meant…:mad:

damn i was gonna comment on spike’s facial expression but damn. Copying is bad. Its only better than tracing because it shows that you have some good hand eye coordination. But for what it’s worth u did a good job. The shadow under the girl’s armpit look out of place though(but I didn’t think it was perspiration) Her eyes are also out of place, and I think her hair(the two pigtails) looks too hard, when it whips around her chin like that, more of it should be hidden by her chin.

You should ink your work. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the comment,but could you shed me some light on what you mean by “copying”?
I didnt trace them,I just got em off a website or found em on Google and just drew them. I cant really free hand because alot of things go through my mind when I do and it makes me mess up, so yeah. Thanks again. And by inking,do you mean outlining the face with Ink? Or using ink to draw it? I cant ink that good since im a person that likes to learn from my own mistakes,so if I ink,then I end up trying to make it perfect rather than trying to learn something,but ill try.

Heres another Spike drawing but this time,he is looking back.

dont worry about it, if you want to copy, then copy. I’m just saying copying really limits your creativity because there is none involved. Now copying a pose(a hard one) ,imo, would be ok. Try drawing the image again and again w/o looking at the source and identify what it is that you draw, like oh the eyes should be like this, nose like this, etc.

I meant inking it as in just going over the lines with an ink pen. YOu SHOULD be trying to make it look perfect because inking is more of a mechanical process than anything.

Ah,I see. I sometimes make the image over and over, like on some DragonBall Z pictures. But OK,Ill try to do some poses and what not. Ive been trying to get a hold of a Ken picture where he is posing or looking back.

The worst part about seeing a copied picture is if you’ve seen the original version.

For instance if anyone on here had seen the original versions of the pics you copied then, your art would make them cringe (maybe thats an exaggeration)

For me the worst copying I ever saw had to be the Capcom (of America) Art Contest, GEEZUSS it was so bad, they let people submit stuff that was obviously copied from official Capcom (of Japan) artwork, but it wasnt even copied good, and some of it was drawn in craylon (?)

Also if you’re copying, I dont think it should be taking you 2 hours, thats kinda long, for instance Ive seen people and friends do pencils, inks, and add (proffesional) photoshoped color in half that time, like most artsits on this board could do the pics you did in a few seconds copying or not.

But anyways Im just rambling.