My Anime Art

^^ lol

But see,even if I have the picture in front of me to copy,it still takes time,you cant just rush through it. I know alot of people who copy works from DBZ or other Anime. Sure,its a copy,but you still have to draw it. Its not tracing where you just copy every line, you have to look back over and over to see if its done correctly. But meh,Ill stick to copying,Im not a good freehand drawer,but I will try to free hand more often.

spike looking back is the best one:cool:

Seth : Thanks for the feedback

So yeah,heres my newest crappy drawing of Alucard in a fight scene from HellSing. This was my first time ever trying to draw a fight scene that was in shadow form,so it looks crappy and yeah,but yeah… Please dont flame/kill me for making it look dumb…lol…

Hellsing Drawing

try drawing something u made up on your own. Thats the only way u can really get better at drawing. As for the hand eye coordination, just play capcom games.:smiley: Oh, and I don’t want to sound like an ass, but it shouldn’t really take that long to copy a pic.

Luv the ed pic. Her eyes looks a tad weird tho.

I play CapCom games alot,and about the “it shouldnt take really long” part, it actually can,well,for me. Reason is is because of the things I do with the picture. I have to enlarge it and all,plus the details and what not.

LoL,yeah,I noticed and was like "Eh,Oh well,just leave it as it is"
and scanned it…LoL…

Thanks for the comments guys.

Heres my new Angelic Layer one,its the full size one.

And heres my Trigun one, yup yup

New Vash from Trigun drawing

Good Stuff,

It’s really cool seeing People post stuff in pencil. I like seeing howpeople sclupt out there drawings. The stuff in the 3rd strike thread is very cool too. Especailly the stuff in Biro.