My Annoying Stiff Joystick

On my SE i have a sanwa joystick which is super stiff. i have already replaced the spring but it is still super stiff. What should i do?

Oh man, this thread title is too on the nose!..must…resist…bad…jokes!

Sounds like something is stuck or the pivot needs lube.

i took it apart a couple times so i dont think that anything is stuck. what kind of lube should i get?

It’d be perfect if the title was “My Annoying Stiff Stick” haha

If you take it apart, is the stick still stiff? If not, then obviously something is preventing it from moving freely, it’s got to be one of the parts you separated from the joystick.

I’m doubtful it’s the pivot+lube issue, but you can use plumbers grease (what I use). Officially people use this Dow Molycoat 44 Joystick Grease, 150g Tube however it’s pricey. You can try chapstick but there are those that swear not to, because of deterioration or some shit to the pivot.

Cold shower.

This, you might also want to try eating some Papaya (Pawpaw fruit) as apparently those help.

Exercise is the answer.

You could also try cutting your spring a bit. It’s been done with Happ springs a lot. Just cut off a ring or two.