My Arcade Project

SO about now Im saving up for a summer project. I want my own arcade machine but see I dont know much so Ive done a little research and so far I got something going.

Im going to use a
but Im gonna put a
panel on there or get the blank panel and use my TE stick parts for it.

SEE building and putting stuff together I can figure out, its just the software and like… guts of it ima have trouble with.

I want to be able to play a majority of fighting games ( you know MVC2 CVS2 3S SF4 ETC )
and other random fun arcade games. How would I go about getting this done at a costly manner?
ANY info will help PLEASE.

Why replace the panel with the exact same panel that on it already (unless the one on the cab is rusted/broken)?

well Im gonna order the arcade machine first and see what kidna shape or what button layout the panel has. If its good then i save some money lol.