My Arcade Setups! Excuse the lousy pics...ENJOY!


sorry to bump this thread (found it on google)

do you still have any pictures? id like to see one or two but they seem to be down :frowning:


this is fuckin 2 years old dude…


Holy old skool thread, Batman!

Yeah I got new pics. I’ll post them later. I am at work now.

Why does the "WTF" tag bury posts?

I’d like to see some updated pictures too.

How to Dual Mod Eightarc ISO 360 Onyx to use with PS3
How to Dual Mod Eightarc ISO 360 Onyx to use with PS3

sorry m8


I Decided just to load up all the pics I had of my gaming and entertainment setups and hobbies…enjoy.

Capcom Impress Cabinet with Dreamcast(Running SF3)

Impress Running NES Emulator

Running SF Collection 2 on PS1 in my Impress Cabinet

The Jamma Adapter Uses PS2 Wiring So I Use PS2 to Xbox/Dreamcast Adapters to Use Xbox and DC In My Cabinet

The Console To Jamma Adapter Supports Both Jamma Mono or Stereo Sound When Connected to an External Receiver It also keeps the cabinet intact so I can still run regular Jamma games.

The inside of my Wife’s Neo Mini 19 Cabinet

Official SNK Cabinet Serial Number

Pictures of Pictures of us at E3 Hangin With Pac Man and Ms. Pac Man

Puzzle Bobble Poster and Junk

Mini Neo 19 with NEW Sanwa Sticks and Buttons(Running SS2)

Another View of The Buttons On The Mini Neo 19

Another View of the Mini

Busta Move

Me n My Cab

My Wife and Her Cab

Custom Pelican Real Arcade with Sanwa Parts

SF2 Anniversary Stick with Pelican Guts and Headset Port

Top View of SF2 Anniversary Stick with Sanwa Parts and Pelican Guts

Pelican Headset Port in SF Anniversary Box

Top View of Anniversary Stick(Sanwa Style)

Ricky Ortiz’ Biggest Fan

Modded Pelican(Best Stick Ever)

Me and My Homie, Pac Man

Impress when it was down.

Random SF2 Junk

Random Junk My Wife and I Collect

More Junk

Even More Junk


NES Games

DVD and Movie Corner Yeah Yeah, we like J.Lo so what!?

More Movies


Boxed Sets

More Boxed Sets

Yup, you guessed it…more boxed sets and dvd’s that my wife and i watch

Mo Movies!

A Few More!

No More Movies

American SF2 CE Cabinet(FOR SALE! $400 OBO) Pickup Only in Houston

Me and Dirty Cole

Random NES

More Random Nes

Pac Man Owns Me

New SNES Never Opened

Control Deck n Games

More Games

Yeah More Games…NES

Missing The Power Glove


Mario and Parappa

Weird SF2 Cabinet I came across
Weird SF2 Cabinet I came across

Congrats on all the stuff but congrats on life also your wife is very pretty :pleased: (not trying to be a pervert :tup: )


Nice stash man! I think I’m going to buy a Dreamcast because of this thread! Inspired I am to make good arcade thingy. (My Yoda Talk)


Thanks Meign!

She’s the best thing that’s happened to me …and now she too is a gamer :karate:


Now only if she can kick my ass like your Fei Long. :nunchuck:


OMG can you adopt me?

Your collection looks sweet, and its dope that you have someone that supports and enjoys that with you :tup: I would say marry her but you already did that…


Believe it or not she is really good at Dead Or Alive…Ayane is her fave fighter. She’s not a masher either…she just owns me at 3D games and at puzzle games.


Was that picture with Cole taken at 6 AM or something. Both of you guys are looking haggard in that picture! :slight_smile: :slight_smile: No disrespect. Awesome collection you have there. I’m in the process of building up my Sanwa cabinet (not a candy cab unfortunately) right now.


very nice collection.


cool collection


When you attend a tournament with a group of friends you tend to NOT get much sleep. There is drinking, partying, eating junk food, fatigue…it all sets in by they time finals come around. So tournament isnt only a test of skills but of endurance as well :slight_smile:


yo jesse, did you ever figure out what sticks came stock on the impress cabinet (the ones with the extra short throw)? i’m curious

Planning to be an entrepreneur for ggxrd

i want to do this exact same thing… any ideas would help.


Nice collection man. I hope to one day have a set up like that myself. My first step is buying the neo Geo (the old school red one. I am getting that this year) then I plan on building a MAME setup after that.


No i didnt. There isnt a brand or company name on them at all. I sure do like them tho. They are ideal if you have a metal or plexiglass panel. I’ll ask NKI