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Hello dear SRK members!

I asked for permission to open this thread as I don’t want to overdo the advertisement of my blog but I got the permission and here’s the thread.

Link to my Blog

I’m reviewing Arcade Sticks and posting the reviews on my blog (as some of you already know as I got a lot of clicks from here) but I also need support from the community.

I already reviewed the Hori Real Arcade Pro 2: Special Addition and updated the blog today with a review of the Mod-It Arcade Stick. As I’m German, mistakes will appear in the articles and please tell me about them if you find one.:wink:

Hopefuly I will be able to update the blog again soon but there is only one stick left I can review that I got. I’ll try to get some shops to send me some sticks to review but this could take some time. If somebody wants to write a guest review don’t hesitate! I don’t own a PS3 or XBox360 so I would be thankful if somebody would be able to take a look on one of the sticks avaible for those consoles.

You can also criticize my articles here or on the blog and tell me what I could to better or ask for more pictures and more detailed informations on the sticks I reviewed. (I still have to figure that digital camera out, that’s why the pic quality sucks, sorry)

Thank you already and I hope you like my reviews and news.

You write pretty good English. Is it your first language?

As for contributions, a production stick I could review is the X-Arcade, for which I could tear a new a**hole, but I do not have much time for that atm.

Yes it’s my first foreign language in school. I’m learning english for 7years now and I like it that much that I chose to go to the English Course that counts twice into my final degree (but it’s also more difficult than the normal English course).

It would be awesome if you could review the X-Arcade as I tried to organize one for a review but could not make a shop send it to me for a review. Just take you time. No need to hurry as I won’t abandon my blog.:rofl: I’m very thankful for every support you give.:wink:

I have a few reviews I’ve done for the VSHG and HRAP3, but they are Tekken centric.

Great blog though. I see we share the same interest in news… (arcade stick related) :wink:

I’ll add your link to my community links on my site!

SinJul and Slagcoin show dem fagg0ts (no offense) at Kotaku how to review a controller. MarkMan,me likes your review too but its Tekken focused :stuck_out_tongue: which is cool cuz you a tekken kind of guy.

Didn’t read a review by Kotaku until 5minutes ago. Do they always write like 5-6 lines only?:rofl:

@MarkMan: Wow, thank you. I will do the same with SDTekken then.:wink:

Announced my Summer Break Project just now. Hope I can count on you if I got some questions! Let’s build that 2Player Arcade Stick guys!:rock:

I’ll update with a more detailed description of the stick when I got the parts I need.:bgrin:

I have an xarcade tankstick:pc&ps2,a hrap, I also have a custom case with an I-PAC in it that I can test all the sticks I have in.sticks I will review: sanwa jlf square and octagon, sanwa jlw-um-8 with round and square gate, seimitsu ls32, seimitsu ls56 with square& octo gate, seimitsu ls55 with square&octo gate, happ competition, suzo inductive. It will take me awile to review all of these but I’ll do some writeups and post it on your blog.

Wow that’s a lot of sticks.:tup:
Thank you for all the work you are willing to do.:tup:
Just take your time. There is no need to hurry ^^

very nice :tup:

Small update on my project. Buttons/Sticks arrived today and I’ll get my 2 PS1 controllers soon. Maybe I’ll get the wood and paint for the case today but I’ll have to see when my father comes back cause I go no car.

I got 2 questions, I hope somebody can help me:

  1. Where do I have to solder the ground of the Stick harness to?
  2. I wanted to use 4layers for the top of the stick. The top would be plexi and then 3wood layers would follow. The one under the plexi would hide the stick, the one below would be the one where I’ll fit in the mounting plate and the last one will be the one I mount the stick on. Do you think that’s too much or is it okay like that?

Thanks already and updates will follow soon!


  1. The ground on the stick harness can go to any ground you choose on your ps1 pcb or daisy chain it to the buttons.

  2. I’m not sure about the 4 layers for the control panel, but I remember reading something at slagcoin website that showed how he created the control panel using layer of wood.

Ah alright thank you. I guess I’ll only need 3layers if I do it like Slagcoin shows it on his site.

Probably gonna do it like that. The Difference will be that I’ll use snap ins and snap them to the Plexi instead of the wood. So the layers would be Plexi, wood to hide the stick, wood that holds the stick like in the picture.

It has been quite some time I posted here and I finally updated Part 1 and finished it. Part 2 will be up soon but the case is not complete at the moment and I want to upload it completely right away. I cut the case with my father today and we only need screws to finish it. Then will come the holes for the buttons and sticks and I will color it in black.
The stick won’t look as professional as those by custom stick builders but well, it’s something special. I still hope that I can help people by describing how to build the stick step by step and in a simple English as I’m not able to use very advanced vocabulary.

Ah no update for 2months! Part 2: The Case is online. Dunno if it’s detailed enough but if it’s not just tell me and I’ll write some more.
Also SF4 Stick news (everybody here knows anyway already) and Part 3 will follow soon.

As far as retail sticks go the X-arcade is far from great, but still underrated to an extent and decent. If the price were lower, say in the $60’ish range, it would be worth it.

The case is pretty nice at least. Even though its small & compact, it has all the properties of a larger case: Good weight to it, does not flop around during gameplay & stays seated well, and enough room for comfortable hand placement.

I recently bought an X-arcade solo for cheap and rebuilt it into a custom Happ: IL comp stick & buttons, and a hacked PSX PCB. Just had a few test runs in marvel and its pretty darn nice!

Can’t judge this myself.I wish I could but I never had an X-Arcade. Maybe now somebody could write a review so I can upload it?
Maybe I’ll start some kind of a Arcade Stick database as a guy I know told me I should do one. Any interest from you guys on that?

The stock buttons in the X-arcade were Happ KO concaves, with ko cherry switches, and 100% better than what nuby had in the SF anniversary stick!

Almost felt bad for just tossing them out after, for Happ clones they were very well-made. The stock stick was identical to what was in the SFAC though, and definitely needed to be replaced.