My Arcade stick wont work :( Help guys!


So about 3 weeks ago I plug in my stick to get my daily dose of SF 4 AE when my stick stopped working. Now here is the problem my buttons work fine but the actual stick didn’t. So I went online ordered a new stick waited about a week and plugged it in, it still wont work with a new stick. The stick is a SANWA stick. Does anyone have any idea what the problem may be?


What model Arcade stick do you have?

Also All the Mad Catz Sticks and some Hori has a selector switch for the joystick, for the Mad Catz stick its in the guide/turbo area (see photo below)

See that switch with 3 positions, LS, DP and RS?
LS is Left analog, DP is for D-pad and RS is Right Analog.
Your stick will not work for Street Fighter on RS.

Set the switch to LS or DP, preferably DP.

If it still do not work, you might have the joystick wire harness on backwards, flip that cable around.


wow I LOVE YOU and feel completely stupid it was that dumb switch! haha the good part is that i was needing to replace my stick because it was somewhat failing anyways thank you so much!


Don’t sweat it, you not believe how common of a mistake that is.


True story, while finishing up my stick, I plugged it in to see if everything was in order. The stick didn’t work, switched the harness around and nothing. Damn RS lol problem solved! =]


This happens aaaaaaaaaaaall the time. Haha.


You’re not the only one. Another thread like this was made a few weeks ago