My Artwork


:slight_smile: My Artwork.




yes thats right, make a silly face, just like all the others!


You like my sketch?




Thats cute…

The little soccer girl that is. I would like to see it colourd. Nice VolleyBall girls sketch, looks like she is about to serve. Am I correct?


hey i like it :slight_smile: nice and simple, and volleyball! nice subject :smiley:


Thats cute…

Thanks a million for the compliment I felt a little left out for a sec. I may not be the real Bengus, but I’ve admired his work since middle school. I’ll post more pictures tomarrow unless someone can tell me how to have them next to what you post or what is written. You follow? Can’t Figure it out bad with computers.:slight_smile:


Pretty nice sketches. I know your not the real bengus, but do you really come from Japan cause I see your speaking jap from time to time.


Oh! Sorry about that. Yeah, I’m currently living in Japan with an uncle. Just for a few months.


dame da to omoimasu

He’s lying to you


Good stuff Bengus. :slight_smile:


:confused: watashi wa so omoimasen
Who are you? How did you know?


Bengus san, Akiman san ga hanashite imashita kedo, nijon’ go o ben’ kyoo shihajimeta soo desu ne

Watashi wa…desu


:frowning: sumimasen

Shachoo, oyobi ni narimashita ka


Aa, Bengus san. Jitsu wa, Akiman kun ni yatte moratte iru shigoto na n da ga, isogu shigoto na node, kimi ni mo kyooryoku shite hoshii n da. Isogashikute taihen daroo to omou ga, yoroshiku tanomu yo.


:slight_smile: Hai, kashikomarimashita. Isshooken’ mei yarimasu.

Thank You