My avatar Request

Hey I like for someone out there in the SRK community if they can make me a Super Mario Avatar?? I like it to be flashy :wink: Thanks for whoever can do it.

You don’t need to use it if you don’t want to. I won’t get offended or anything.

Thanks U think u can make it flash though?

Nice job I’m gonna prolly wear it now. If anybody feels free to make another one by all means do so.

I don’t like the way the text came out… i’ll try to do something or someone else can get on this. Don’t matter to me.

Here’s my attempt…I’m still new at this shi’, that’s why Mario’s got some sweaty pits (had to make it fit the 19.?? requirement, otherwise he’d be sportin’ some dry ones yo). Trust.

Thats pretty good Sasmasta. I need to get on this making avatar shit.

SunocO take your time buddy. I like the design and all.

If your using PS; try doing a filter>Gaussian blur. Then set it to lighten and erase so the main light effect is around his arms. Or if you knew this. +1 post count.

LOL i don’t know jack shit about PS. I’m just use to imageready with animation pretty much exclusively. As for the light effect around his arm, i just got the jpg like that. IS that what you meant?

BTW - i love what you’re doing in your avatar request section. Shit is HAWT.

edit - btw i forgot to save the psd and saved only the gif lol. Shit i’ll make you something else when i get the time. I would make you an animated but nonprem is soo hard it’s hard.

Can you give me the image? I’ll try to show what I mean.

I don’t have the psd i forgot to save it lol.

oh the image here you go

I just need the pic of Mario if you didn’t do any extra brushing and such.

Ok here’s what I made based off of the image:

This is really simple, and I’ll go by each layer what I did:
Layer1-Just put the image in after resizing it.

Layer2-I made a new layer and did:Image>Apply image.I went to filters>blur>Gausian blur. I kept the blur in the 1-4 range for the best effect. Then I to the little thing that says normal and changed it to lighten.

Layer3-I went to the top right corner, and with my brush tool, go to a soft brush circle brush.di a click brush once or twice with the 200px soft brush. Then I went to the layer and changed it to linear dodge.

Layer4-I went to layer>new adjustment layer> Gradiant Map. Play with the various two color maps( you’re going to need to look for some most likely) and set that layer to color. Click the opacity and lower it to 40-15.

Layer5-I put the text in.

Layer6-I did another Gausian Blur. This one I set to Screen, and erased some parts of it with a soft brush.

Layer7-I put in a black and white gradient map. I set this to soft light at 100% opacity.

Layer8-I did an Image>Apply image. Then i went to filters and went to Sharpen>Shrapen. I left this on normal,but lowered the opacity to 69%.

Layer9- Image Apply image. The I went to image>Stroke, and picked a color that matches the av somewhat.

Nice shit!!!

HAHA i only had 2 layers. It seems like a lot of work though and i really can’t see a difference except that it gets white on the top right corner. Am I blind for not seeing the blurs or the opacity?

Eh I probably went to overboard with the lighting effect truth be told.

HAHA that shit was discouraging at first when i saw your instructions.