My awful experience at Evo - share stories - share pain!


(I couldnt make it this year:( )

First, I’d like to apologize for even bringing up the whole “scrub” thing… going to EVO is about trying your best, regardless of skill. You have to play to win, and I know it sucks ass that you had to play your friends so much. I guess I was just upset that after having such a great time myself, someone was trying to “talk down” how good it was. For that, I apologize.

Shirts; I’m one of the best GGXX #Reload players in America, along with the rest of Reno. That right there says it all is right. I also don’t really care if I misspell an obscure word, so nya. >P

Look, Chickenman, we try our best to make everyone happy. And we’ve already had some people posting and bitching about being DQ’ed. You’re asking us to DQ people to alleviate problems, and then complain we have only 1 game. What about the people we DQ? They have now played ZERO games. And that makes for even a MORE shitty trip than being forced to play 1 out of 1. I was running that 3rd Strike bracket, and it kills me everytime I have to DQ someone.

As for the 3rd Strike bracket on how many games, we had over 128 people for the semi’s bracket. If you’ve run tournaments before, you know that over 128 makes a really ugly number of people to have a good bracket. So an initial group of people were drawn out randomly to play for their spot in the bracket to narrow it down to exactly 128 people. Because these people got unlucky and have to play one extra match to get into the semis, they were given 2 out of 3, so the FIRST FEW MATCHES of 3rd Strike semis were 2 out of 3. Once we got the 128 established, we moved to loser’s bracket being only 1 game for the first round. I initially told everyone that it was all of loser’s bracket, but I was mistaken and THAT I apologize for: 100% my fault. Afterwards, I cleared it up to as many people as I could. A couple of guys even came by and said they played 1 out of 1 in the second round, and I apologized, and told them to go finish their matches out much later than when they initially played. I let them play their next 2 games.

In other words, I did my best to compromise in every situation, and when people came up to me to ask about problems or inconsistencies, I TRIED TO FIX IT. PLEASE next time (if you decide to come again), if you run into that sort of situation where your friend plays best of 1 and everyone else plays best of 3, COME UP TO ME AND ASK ME ABOUT IT. Don’t yell about it in the Forums after the weekend is over. I like to think I’m a nice guy, many people say I’m a little TOO accomodating to people. I hate DQing people, sorry. Because getting DQ’ed sucks more than 1 out of 1 games.

And ABOUT that 1 out of 1 games. So do you think all players and tournaments in Japan are BS? If it is as random as you say, how are the same people in Japan winning over and over and over and over and over again? Japan tournaments ONLY HAVE single elimination, 1 out of 1 game tournaments. Without allowing character changes. SBO is ran that way, ALL tournaments are run that way there. To the Japanese, it is ODD that we have best of 3 matches. There is NOTHING BS about having 1 out of 1. Do you think the NCAA Basketball March Madness is BS? That’s best of 1 game as well. Come on!

But I guess my biggest complaint is that you tell us we are asses for doing things like switching to best of 1 game, and then say we aren’t asses enough to DQ people right away. In other words, you want us to be asses or not asses depending on how it benefits YOU, not how it benefits everyone. Sorry, but we simply cannot bend to the whims of individuals in this situation.

And I’m glad you think that equipment failure is a BS reason for tournament delays. Next year, if you want to bring 20 back up PlayStation 2’s for us to HAVE, feel free. Then you can PERSONALLY ensure we have no more excuse. And that 90 minute line you stood in this year? Fucking-A, that was an improvement. People stood in line for EIGHT HOURS last year to get their badges. Tell those people that 90 minutes was too long and I’ll videotape their reaction 'cause it’ll be priceless. Mailing out badges and stuff is a good idea, we’ll look into it, but my God, can we be constructive here without trying to imply that we don’t have our shit together?

And sorry if I sound really angry right now, but after 4 days in a row of 3-4 hours of sleep (WHICH INCLUDES NO PARTYING OR HANGING OUT AT ALL… 100% working), I come home and read this and I just don’t know how to react.

  • James

The announcer…guy on the mike…was gay.

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Probably because MLG paid for the venue, and since they run Halo and Smash Bros, that would be why those games were there.

As for the booing, that was ridiculous and stupid. Why are fighting games, tournaments, and the scene dying? Because there are too many idiots out there that believe fighting games are the only genre that deserves to have competitions. Over the past 6-7 years, how many companies have actively come out and sponsored Street Fighter tournaments besides passing out T-shirts and small promotional items?

MLG sponsors Halo 2, Smash Bros, and Tekken 5 tournaments. If people want events like Evolution and the other major tournaments to stay alive or improve and become even better events, then we’re gonna need sponsors that are willing to work with us. Hardly anybody went to the Namco sponsored Championships earlier this year, and people were booing the main game of Evo’s big sponsor MLG. Way to go everybody, way to show what a class act you all are.

Street Fighter is NOT the only game ever made, it is also NOT the most important. The games played in the tournament are almost all at least 5 years old with the exception of Guilty Gear XX #Reload and Tekken 5. Do you honestly believe that the scene can keep going without any help? If you really want events like Evolution to get better and continue to be around year after year, ya’ll need to get off your pedestals and realize that you are NOT the only video game competitors out there. I’m not going to speak for the Evo staff, but MLG helped us big time for Texas Showdown 5. We need the sponsors to help us out, its the same for most events that want to grow and continue going.

<3 James Chen, and I applaud your efforts sir. I’m sure if I would have said something to you about Sebastian and I playing you would have moved one of us, but since it was 1 match I didn’t really care anyway. =)

Everyone knows that tournaments never run as smoothly as you want them to (especially those of us who have run them), and I understand this. It went about as well as I expected, and although I’m not angry, there were a few things that disappointed me.

  1. Tournaments being held up for as long as 2 hours because a “named” player or a Japanese player was nowhere to be found. Were there special rules that prohibited them from being disqualified? One of my friends was 10 minutes late to his match and got DQ’d. A well-known MvC2 player was over an hour late for his and still got to play as far as I know. =p

  2. Single match is… how should I put this? Not the American way. One of the biggest factors that differentiates our tournaments from Japanese tournaments is the fact that 90%+ of our national or ranked tournaments are 2 out of 3 matches. If you plan on changing it to 1 match halfway through, don’t advertise them as being 2 out of 3 matches and have ALL games single match to keep things fair.

  3. Have more people help with sign-ups. Waiting 90 minutes to talk to Tom to have him put me into the correct bracket for the correct game was not fun. Signing-up and making sure everyone is where they need to be should take precedence over starting tournies. That’s just my opinion though.

  4. Please try and make some separations or cordon off the areas around the “machines” so people can actually get to them and not be smothered. This had a lot to do with 75% of the TVs being taken over by Halo/SOCOM players on Saturday, but the crowd was so bad that the nice people from Tecmo that were there demoing Ninja Gaiden Black had to pack up and leave because they couldn’t move. And I can’t really concentrate on playing when some fat sweaty guy is so close to me that I can smell what he had for breakfast. =(

  5. On Saturday, most of the semi-final games I saw on the big screen were MvC2. I don’t give a rat’s ass about that game - where was the love for ST?

Other than those few things, I thought it was good. The room was large and ventilated, and until 1500 kids showed up to play Halo, it was rather easy to move around. I enjoyed the fact that there was water provided for the players (although the cups ran out pretty early on) and there were mints for people to chew on, because some players need that. If you can get some love from the Axe body spray guys next year, things will be even better! Neil’s cabinet had it’s own section, which was popular also, and it was cool that you guys let Vic/Neil run tournaments outside of your own.

it doesn’t make sense that MLG teaming up with Evo 2005, Halo is not a " Fighting " game like CVS 2, MVC 2, Tekken 5 …etc :lame:

do we actually need to team up with MLG, it doesn’t take no skills to play Halo :clap:

Overall I thought Evo kicked ass, but since this is the bitching thread let me drop a few complaints:

1st Complaint: Day 2 was awful. All I saw was foggy brown 1st person shooters everywhere. All the SF games were packed away in the corner, you couldn’t fucking move around. And you can forget about BYOC or casuals. I’m so glad that Halo2 shit got booed down, I only regret I wasn’t there to join in the booing. Fuck MLG.

2nd Complaint: Hey all you fat stinky fucks out there, take a goddamn shower. It was bad enough I couldn’t move how crowded it was I had some B.O. ridden fat shit so to boot I couldn’t breathe. Goddamn.

Body Order isn’t just a fat people thing … BITCHES!

People who were booing are not that smart. Fighting games are not the only games that are played competitively. I don’t like FPS’s really (SOF2 is hot though), but you have to respect the people that play them. You know how many people make fun of people who go to fighting game tourneys? Then we make fun of people who play other genres in other tourneys? It doesnt add up.

That said though, BYOC area needed to be bigger. Maybe get those other conference rooms?

one match 3s would have mattered to me if I would have known before even starting the match. I was under the impression it was 2 out of 3 like the other 3s pool I was watching, shit even Buk (who I lost to ) thought it was 2 out of 3 to

Can’t speak for anyone but myself, but I know I waited a long time to DQ even non-famous players. I even tried to re-insert DQ’ed people who showed up over other people I DQ’ed if I could, but it never worked out.

True. But we don’t want to do it to those we can keep at 2/3. We’d prefer it that way, but we did state in the rules page all along that we can adjust these things at any time due to time constraints. It sucks that the most popular game is the one that suffers (popular = most people = takes longest) most often.

It does take precedence. That’s why we started so late the first day, trying to get those few people straightened out. But a lot of people don’t seem to agree with that.

But thanks for understanding that you had to end up playing your friend. We’ll definitely do our best to not have that happen anymore in the future.

  • James

Exactly, respect your fellow competitors and just make a bigger BYOC room.

/sarcasm on
"OMG YOU PLAY HALO… WHAT A LOSER" (goes back to mashing on buttons for more hits of Air Hyper Viper Beam. )
/sarcasm off

i dont get why a tournmanet game had to be held in the byoc though. I would expect MLG to have covered a space for them to actually play, instead of sniping the byoc.

just out of curiousity, what was wrong before MLG came aboard? pomona went fine didnt it?

You know, i was a little upset about it not being 2/3 in 3s as well, but oh well. It probably would have kept me in the tourney longer as sometimes it’s a huge advantage to have the chance to adapt to your opponents game play. But oh well, shit happens, eh?

Overall it was pretty fun. It was my first time at Evo and i got a shitload of experience. Next year i’ll be more prepared now that i know what to expect. For those that didnt have time to get to the strip, i’m not sure why you didnt, but then again, i’m not you. I’m assuming because you had late pools. I found ample time to hit up the strip on Saturday Night and it was a fookin hoot. The rest of the non-tourny night time i spent drinking until 6 in the AM. There were some good room matches going on as well. I even got the chance to get owned by Chikiu’s Necro a few times.

I’m looking forward to seeing you all next Evo. Cheers

I liked last year’s better- I would do 2005 again but it really wasnt that hot.

2004 was my first Evo, and everything I pictured it to be.

Wow where to begin…

-slicing part of my left finger when i tried to open the door to the shuttle on the airport.
-300 dollar camera breaking
-fat burger
-fat burger giving me diareeah on friday and makeing me sick till sunday
-who ever had that sore throat giving it to me!
-paying 20 dollars for a dispoasable camera
-paying AT LEAST 30-40 bucks on water the whole weekend
-chicken teriyaki at pancake house(probably shoulda known better on this one, but i survive on chicken)
-loseing me ID, or having it stolen. No idea wtf happend there.
-not knowing where i parked and getting lost

phew thats enough emo needs for now shrug…

The worst part about evo was during the finals. right before 3rd strike. “Alright you guys, congratulate the winners of the Halo tounament!!! the winner here recieves $2949 (whatever) and is qualified to go to the national halo tournament where they have a shot to win $60,000!!!” … $60,000… i’m sorry, fighting games are fun, but i think i’m gonna start playing Halo. If Ohnuki, Crow, Duc Do, Gian, RF, BAS and Qudans pooled the money they won, they might come up with 12,000… if even that… So even if you sweep every game at evo, you don’t even come close to what a freakin halo player gets?! I wanna know what capcom has to say about this seeing as how it’s more than a majority of the people there playing their games. where’s the love crapcom? stop spending your money of half-assed street fighter movies that get boo’d and give it to the people that matter. wait… capcom might read this, i can’t insinuate who the important people are… IT’S THE PEOPLE WHO CAME TO EVO TO PLAY. i saw no capcom love at evo… i’m even almost positive that capcom didn’t give the SF generations movie to evo, but it was some other third party. does capcom even know evo exists? do they care? wtf??? i’m tired of ranting… there could’ve been so much more, but then again, i’m a person that’s never satisfied… a Halo player that’s given up on fighting games that’s never satisfied… piece out SRK. i’m joining a halo forum…

you’re right about Capcom. what they’re doing (or not doing rather) is pretty weak.

anyway, that being said, who here is playing for money? its nice to see people play these games not for money but for pride, competition, fun and enjoyment.

if you’d rather play for money (course i doubt youd actually win close to the amounts you mentioned), then you definitely should, for you never understood what the thing is about to begin with.