My awful experience at Evo - share stories - share pain!

good call on the air freshener sprays

I think it should be noted that the soap there… well… wasnt really up to standards… not that soap at hotels is usualy that good… but the soap in our room i know wasnt exactly the freshiest shit ever.

I work in a poker room, and people play in there non-stop for days at a time. However, at any time if a person is starting to smell disgusting (and make me gag like some of those Evo players were), they are asked to leave and not allowed back until the issue is resolved. I don’t see why the same can’t be applied to a major tournament like this. It was way less crowded in the GVR ballroom than a busy casino poker room usually gets. Some courtesy to fellow players please, and if the offenders can’t comply, then I think the staff should be professional and do something about it.

lol, I’d take em out back and professionally hit em with a hose.

Oh, got the guy sprayin the dual Oust’s (choice weapons in situations like these btw) on camera. Maybe I’ll post up the clip.

Man you people are spoiled ass faggots.



Booooooo. Halo took 75% of the room, that’s whack. 3s going to one match was unfair

i think having online registration only would alleviate a lot of problems. brackets could be posted up in advance and people can state their grievances, specific match times can be given (and followed by the tourney), lines avoided, etc. basically less surprises leads to easier planning.

also, i wasn’t particularly fond of the decision to only seed by region this year. seeding by ranking/rep is necessary also to avoid crazy pools like the jop/jinmaster/ricky pool in t5 and stuff. maybe we could draft somebody who follows each game to help out with this kinda thing

i think only having an online registration might be a bad idea. There will always be great players or newcomers to the scene, or people without ways to pay online who decide to go at the last minute.

I think people who sign up online should be pooled according to their past tournament records and location. If they have no records to show for, then it could be based on location alone. That way, decent players wont end up in the same pool and nor will people who live in the same area.

People who dont sign up online could be shoved in random pools with no thought given to skill or location. That factor combined with having to pay extra should be insentive enough to register online.

Either way no one should have any reason to complain then.

I think 3 minutes should be given to arrive for a match or you’re disqualified. 5 minutes adds up, you dont get to wait 5 for you train to work every morning, and if you’re travelling to las vegas to play you should get your arse in gear and turn up to your matches online. It’s amazing that peple can wait all year and save money to go to the event and not have the discipline to structure their time properly.

Finally, i always bang on about this, but most people who give advice on BO on srk give crappy advice. ‘get some deoderant’ isn’t good advice. Antiperpirant is what you need, but not the spray on kind (because your hairy pits will absorb the spray before it can reach your skin). Instead you want roll on/stick/cream ANTIPERSPIRANT, that stuffworks, deoderant does not stop you sweating stinky sweat. I would kick people out if they stank, sabre you’re too soft man.

JOP, Jinmaster, Ricky Ortiz, and Panther all being in the same pool was shenanigans.

Disqualifying no names that didn’t show up for their pools on time but giving other 15-45 minutes to show up is also fucked up.

Only things I think need to be changed are the region seeding. Past two years, my CVS2 pools have been EXTREMELY difficult. Choi, Viscant, Ohayo, Ashley Hernandez, Peachy, and Baltimore CHun are just SOME of the players in my QUALIFYING POOLS. Now I know it’s random and one match, which is fine, but I have not made it out of my pools, and I have taken anyone I have lost to at EVL down to the last 15-20% on final character the past two years…

I think the fact that Viscant, Choi, and Ohayo are all from CA like I am is the issue I am concerned with…

Even though I don’t “play” CVS2 much anymore, I know I’m at least a decent enough player to break top 40.

Yeah, I also think that pools should be seeded according to rank/rep.

A run-through of the pools after they had been randomized would probably have helped. I understand it’s impossible to notice ALL difficult pools, but groups like mago/choi, leezy/buk, ashley/viscant/wilson/kim were just pretty blatant.

damn this fool said blatant

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My Bad Evo Experience

Overall, I do not blame people working Evo. James Chen is a workhorse every year. The Cannons spearhead what is an extremely complicated tournament. Wizard seems to attract all the people with questions. It must have been the big orange shirt.

I do think that communication could have been better. Posting names on one of the big screens with active pools would have been nice. Getting everyone’s cell # is not practical. Starting on time would also have been nice.

The BIG COMPLAINT I have was with the hotel. I sent my 2 MAS joysticks UPS to the hotel as I could not carry 2 on with me on the plane. They got the package, signed for it and then lost it. They promised me while I was there, they would replace/pay for them if they do not turn up and was comp’d a few days for my troubles. Well, now that i have left Vegas, they did a switcheroo and said that the comp’d days compensate for the lost sticks. they no longer return my calls. If I had known this, I would have checked out on day one. Thanks Green Valley for being negligent, passing the buck for days, then giving me the brush off. Green valley should really take more responsibility for their screw-ups. I love SF and appreciate EVO/ EVO staff but I WILL NOT go back to Green valley again!

im too soft? no you guys misunderstand my view. im all for kicking fuckers out that stink badly. but how are you gonna pinpoint the bad seed when theres like 60+ people huddled in one tiny area? put em in a line and sniff each one? or just kick em all out, even tho only one or 2 is causing the smell?

either way, room with 1000+ people, each body at 98.6degrees, stuck in there for most the day, plus all the shitloads of equipment in there generating heat, its gonna get sweaty, people are morons if they think otherwise. unless they got an insane ac that has an overkill switch.

but yes there are bad seeds that really will stink bad. i take really good care of myself hygenically, and even when 8-9pm hits, basically 12 hours in there, i start feeling nasty and a little smelly, even when spraying axe allover, using antipersperant deoderant, leaving the room sometimes to get some cool air, etc… it just builds up eventually. you just cant really prevent it

Best of 1 is OK. Doing your best is OK. Failing to do what you promised to players is a shame.

Players lose hundreds or thousands of dollars to go to Evo. If you lie to them, they will be disappointed. If you planned it right, and know ahead of time how things are going to be, tell theplayers in adavance and hey can decide to go or not. Do not mislead them. This is not a tourney at your friends house, you know.

In short, thats basic for any business whp wants to avoid being a big joke or being sued. Just promise what you can deliver. Thsi is marketing rule numebr 3 or whatever… If you promise more than you can deliver, youll have lots of peopke bitching a lot, and every single one of them will be right.

I think it’s the case of taking the lesser of the two evils. Given the choice between cutting matches to best of 1 or running the very high risk of not having enough time to finish the tournament, which would you have taken? Are you saying that having the pools and brackets run horribly behind and having to close up before the tournament is finished because the room rentals are up and we have nowhere to go is BETTER than having to cut down the earlier matches to get back on schedule and actually have a decent chance at being able to finish the tournament?

Secondly, as it was mentioned before, it did state clearly in the rules that they may change things if the situation calls for it.

Lastly, Evo is not a business. Evo is not there to make money, and in fact Evo does not make money. Do not treat it as a business, as it is not. Evo is a volunteer-run tournament held for the sake of the fighting game community.

First of all, you guys reaced a bit strongly to what I had to say. I’ll admit that maby my opinion on halo is a bit extreme, but I truly didn’t know about the MLG thing, although I still think they should be seperate events. It’s not that I think Halo sucks, I was very frustrated that most of the floor space got eaten by a game that I didn’t expect to be there that I didn’t play.

I also understand that there WERE reasons for everything they did, but by making my suggestions as to what they SHOULD have done, I am making more choices available to the people who run the tournament next year. My mailing the nametags out idea was actually referenced as being taken into consideration, so even if 90 minutes is an improvement over 4-8 hours, 0 minutes is an improvement over 90.

Sabre wrote:
but how are you gonna pinpoint the bad seed when theres like 60+ people huddled in one tiny area? put em in a line and sniff each one?

For some reason I started laughing uncontrollably imagining people “sniffing” players in a line. HAHAHAHHAHA

i was disqualified from marvel while playing in the st tourney
then i got thrown into a new marvel pool that already contained 2 people from my hotel room i was pissed cause the judge said he couldnt do anything
after like half my matches i went and told the cannons and they said they would put me in another pool or give me a refund but i said i was all set
that pretty much destroyed the rest of my tourney play i just didnt feel like playing anymore after that
but he they were willing to rectify the situation so i can hate to much

These are not excuses, IMO. There’s no respectable entity or charity who says “it’s OK to fuck up because we don’t want to make a profit”.

Saying that they may change things is not a free card to fuck up either. It’s just a security blanket (IMO a good idea) because something can always go wrong.

The best option is always to plan right. If one or two things goes bad, that’s understandable, but Evo is having lots of issues, and by pointing them were helping the staff to make something better next year.

And, seriously, Evo doesn’t make money because they don’t want to. The staff seems even proud to get a loss every year. Whats teh averag total cost for an Evo atendee. I guess something between 500 and a 1000 bucks (hotel, plane, food, lets not even get into teh cost of opportunity). Charging 50 bucks for Evo would add 30 over these 500 or 1000. A pretty good deal for most players and a way to solve several Evo problemas jeck, you can probanly charge 90 and have a pretty good turnout (BTW; this is not my opinion, you can find pricing research in any library explaining that point, with sttistical tables and everything).

The biggest downside is that the organizers will not be able to bitch about how they take a loss to make everybody happy and what not.

For Evo staff - BTW, I realize that there are many good things and improvements going on with Evo and srk, bt its a moot point to tell you about stuff that is already OK in my book, so I came bitching but, deep down, I am really trying to help.