My beefs with Hyper Street Fighter

Let me say that I’m having a blast playing my friends with old school chars like HF Blanka, CE Sagat, and so forth, and I can’t wait until January when I can play it on Xbox Live. I love how faithfully the old chars have been ported, right down to the sounds, damage, and win poses. But I have some beef with the rather sparse options in HSF.

  1. VS mode is severely lacking, even when compared to the SNES SFs. There is no win/loss record. There is no stage select. There are no handicapping options. There is no option to set either player to CPU.

  2. No OG versions of stages. Some of you may remember the chart I did of all three versions of the stages. I’m glad they brought back some classic elements like Ryu’s signs, but we should have been able to fight in the WW and CE/HF versions of the stages too.

  3. They only have AI for Super Turbo versions of the characters. Notice that even if you go into training mode and set the dummy to CPU, you can only pick the ST version. This is pretty lazy.

  4. No extra modes besides training. No survival mode, no teams mode, no tournament mode (even SNES Super SF had this). Kind of sucks.

  5. For some reason, if you pick the Super version of a char, you can only get the original color. Why? In Super you could pick any color except the Super Turbo color because it didn’t exist yet. Just a weird omission.

  6. No bonus stages. This sucks, because those were really fun with two players.

  7. Only the Super/Super Tubo “Big Bird” announcer. I think most people agree that the WW/CE/HF announcer was much better.

  8. Only the Super/Super Turbo lifebars & name fonts. Would’ve been cool to be able to select the old versions.

That’s all I’ve noticed so far. These may seem really nitpicky, but my point is, if we’re gonna go all nostalgic, we might as well go all the way, right? It would be cool if they fixed some of these things for the Xbox, but I seriously, seriously doubt it.

Hmm, the only thing I dislike is that all the opponents are ST, other than that, bleh.

People are never satisfied!

I remember the MegaDrive version had an 8-player mini-tourney mode… As well as time trials, and on/off options for specials.

I guess that’s pretty bad…

The Super colors thing is strange, but I think you’re overreacting with the fonts and other stuff… Remember that there probably won’t be any bonus rounds because it’s an arcade conversion.

One question: is the CPU the US SSF2: Turbo version or the JP SSF2X version? It seemed too difficult to me on Medium.

The bonus stages were in the arcade versions of WW, CE, and HF.

^ Well, yes (and so did Super), but the actual HSF2 game is a port of an official single arcade cabinet that (I’m pretty sure) didn’t have them. People would probably complain it wasn’t arcade perfect otherwise…

Is the port for all the character versions exact? I couldn’t do WW Guile’s upsidedown kick (I think it used to be f+RH) as I wanted to do THE FREEZE. I was also disappointed you couldn’t play the WW boss characters.

I actually found the cpu to be damn hard on medium. I think in part that it actually is difficult. The other thing I think is that I am way to spoiled by the “give” that other SF games have in their controls. SF2 is very unforgiving when compared to 3s.

I love the games but Capcom got lazy and made all the AI in single player Super T, meaning every fight is a huge pain in the rear because your foes are ridicuolously cheap. You have to be aggressive if you want to win. I’ve beaten the game with Ryu, Ken, Chun-Li and Bison so far. Capcom better mix up the single player AI in the Xbox version.

I see what you’re saying now. But my problem isn’t just with this port, it’s with the arcade game as well (which I never played). Still though, Capcom has added stuff in the past. They added whole characters to Alpha 3. They could have and should have done more.

My lone with gripe with the game has nothing to do the options. I wish the game didn’t even feature ST. It should have been just WW-SSF2. That would have made it a True Old Skool game. ST waters it down by bringing in its own brand of New Skool BS (techs, juggles, supers)…now if the Xbox version omitted ST, that would be classy.

This game is so rushed you cannot even save your button config, nor can you pause the game and set up your button there.

I feel all these gripes are complety justified, it’s 2004 and developers are still being lazy wankers :lame: it’s not like this was just someother sf game it was the 15th anniversery and all they churrned out was this

u cant change button config on sfac or the jap hsf

either way that sux

Fuck Techs. You get thrown you get thrown!

Does it look better than the DC version of ST, I’m hoping it is arcade perfect as far as visuals.

not quite. just like 3S, the DC version looks nicer.

can you pick the O characters like O Sagat?

Yeah, you can. You gotta hold Start and pick Super version.

I guess I can’t really argue against that. In a market where over 99% of players have only 4 face buttons, you do need that. Next they’ll probably release a game that can’t be paused…

I suppose they spent all their time working on 3S or something.