My beefs with Hyper Street Fighter

on the bright side, you can pause the game just before the round starts (or was it just after it ends?).

To answer some random questions I think I saw in this thread:

WW Guile does have his upside-down kick.

There are more than the U.S. 3 difficulty levels.

And you can save your button config. Just go to SAVE after you change them in the options. But I think it’s true that you can’t change them during play. That’s pretty sad.

Damn the big bird announcer (haha, that is the best name for him; I just realized how true it is)! If you pick the CPS-1 BGM, you should get the CPS-1 announcer! At least the old characters get their original VOs. It’s nice to hear Guile’s long-lost manly “Sonic Boom” after big bird and the Australian accent (isn’t he fucking American?).

Actually, you CAN change the button configuation during play. Just press pause and go to Controller Setting (obviously).

Yeah, I just tried it again and it works–in any play mode. Wtf? I remember having to return to the options menu because I wanted to change my controls:xeye:. Maybe it’s a time released secret, lol. Oh well.

Yea when i got it yesterday the CPU was pretty hard and I know how to play SF but damn i didn’t know how much i got owned when i see the fight number is 34 :wow: Than I noticed that that whole rumor that Q is in the background thing is gone, he’s not there anymore cheering.

I agree, the color select sucks. Some of the motions seem impossible to do, they need the o.g. announcer back, no ST characters in Arcade. No score, and the cpu is impossible to beat.

I think the difficulty of the SSF2T is that of the aracade, if you have it on arcade, then you will see how BADLY the computer cheats, even on the lowest difficulty. I just played cammy on it and it reminded me of the original WORLD arcade version.

The only beef I have with HSFII would be the Super Turbo AI in solo play. It is absurdly broken. I thought the AI would be mixed up from different SFII games but Capcom got lazy and just decided to make the CPU always be on ST. I screwed around and got frustrated with that crap on the GBA. Why in the world would I want to do it in this game? There is absolutely no excuse for this. I love Capcom for all the greatness they’ve given us but for restricting solo players in HSFII to ST AI, I say screw you, Capcom. Screw you. :tdown: BTW does ST fighters do double damage? It seems like they dish out more damage than usual. :wow:

omfg Thawk on ST = Annoying bitch.

^You’re telling me. How can a dude that huge move so freaking fast?

Yeah, I wish the AI Sentinel in marvel was as fast. But overall, ST T Hawk just takes some getting used to. His attack patterns are pretty much one dimensional. He jumps in, goes low, then he almost always jumps back for a dive. Or if you’re too lazy to learn his attack patterns, just pick honda. =P

Was SFII: Turbo the first game to feature air throws? I was sparing with ST AI Cammy as Chun-Li and we were both in the air and I grabbed Cammy and threw her to the ground.

Both Chun Li and Guile could air throw since day dot.

WW has air throws.

Wow, really? I had no clue. :wow: You’ll have to excuse my ignorance. All these years and I’m still learning more about SF since coming to SRK. :clap:

Cpu Vega, too. Not just his wall dive, but his “toss their ass damn near horizontally” throw.

stop crying, not everyone is gonna be pleased.

Well I’m pleased that I finally have practically every fighting game on my PS2 now. ( Had a Dreamcast but ended up selling it to pay for bills, now I regret it.) I’m having a good nostalgic time and am pleased with third strike. Of course, I also notice some stuff that doesn’t seem right which is still dissapointing. Which stage is Q in as a background character? Is this true?

it was only in like the WW Ken stage. maybe CE and HF too. but in ST definitely he was replaced with that guy in the t shirt. and ST is what the stages are based on.

Although I like the game, I bought the collection more for 3S, but here are my issues with it, mostly the same as yours…

-No old stages or stage select.

-Weird menu system (having to actually select OK instead of just hitting start during in-game menus)

-ONLY ST AI (This pisses me off the most)

-Suprisingly hard (and I’ve played ST recently, I don’t think it’s just me forgetting how hard it was)

-I swear to god the AI cheats. (SONIC B…crouching jabSONIC BOOM!* “WTF?”)

-Old music is nice, but an art gallery of the characters and concept art, old cabinet marquees, toys and such. Like some sort of memoribilia thing. Sort of like what MK:DA had with having ads and such. Make me remember just how long it’s been!

-Interviews would have been cool.

-I kinda wish rather than using the ST sprites for every version of the character, they’d used the actual sprite from that version. Maybe it’s wouldn’t look as consistant, but who cares?

Overall, sorta had my hopes up for more of a nostalgia package. I’m loving 3S though.