My bf said me too fat for this dress!

pic of mei’m on the far right. The picture is WAY recent. from the last two weeks
Here’s the deal. I am on the bigger side. I have been craving to have this dressnow. I love its style and plan to wear it for a friend’s wedding. But my bf said me too fat for it. It makes me frustrating. WDYT? Please give me you’re advice. Would I look good or not?

For starters, I’d go back and finish elementary school.

We’re gonna need a better picture, preferably less-clothed, in order to tell you whether or not your proportions will fit that dress.

The dress appears to be form fitting. If you have a gut (which you do) you are too big for the dress. You aren’t huge or anything but tight fitting clothing is best left to people who frequent the gym.

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Me have boyfriend. Boyfriend say me too fat for pretty dress. Me crush boyfriend by banging rocks together. Me strong.

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I’d hit it, good thickness but not good for a tight dress.

Here’s what you do.

1.Buy the dress if you want it that bad.
2. If you’re boyfriend thinks you’re fat in it, go to the wedding without him and have a blast.

Do what makes you happy, don’t let him hold you back from something you want.

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