My birthday cake

My birthday party was this weekend. My wife got this cake for me. Yeah, I love her.

nice man…this is what love does…

That is the tightest cake I have ever seen.

Sweet… literally that looks sugary!

DAYYUM That is NICE. I don’t think I could even find a store that could do something like that around here.


you can actually do these yourself…

Kopykake Edible Inks

Kopykake Edible Frosting Sheets

Its mt bday today and I havent even got a plain cake.

You are one lucky man :rofl:

that cake sucks cause he wouldn’t let us eat it

lol holy shit. that’s about the best birthday cake i’ve seen. also looks very delicious.

Haha, awesome. Last year for my birthday my friends got a fighting game cake too!

Yes, it was delicious. :rofl: Hope you had a good birthday dude :slight_smile:

u win at cake art.