My Blanka gimmicky? :(



So I’ve been trying to get back into my former SF4 main, Blanka. I’ve been tearing up all the scrubs and beating some decent players. And I got mad hate mail. Most I didn’t care about, like:

“Fucking Turtle scrub”

“Cheap ass”


“Little Bitch”

“Turbo using scrub”

and so on. but this hurt me the worst:

“GG, but your Blanka is a little gimmicky. No offense”

:(. Wow that hurts. Let me tell you what I do in most matches:

Beginning of the match, I use either jab ball or fierce ball, mix it up so people won’t punish it as often. after the lp ball, i either grab, or surprise forward then grab.

When I know they can’t punish it, I spam ball. chip them, and hope they get hit.

When I score a knockdown, this is where the options come in

A) cross-up horizontal ball

B) lp ball

  1. grab
  2. surprise forward grab
  3. Surprise back (expecting a wake-up)
  4. surprise forward up-ball

C) walk-up grab.

D) EX Rainbow ball

I also like cr. lk cancel into rainbow ball, because I believe it is a good mix-up opputunity, kinda.

After a cr. lp xxx electricity hits, i like to do some ball mix-ups. If it gets blocked, I either do an unexpected ball, or surprise forward grab.

I can’t think of anything else I do usually. So you guys are the judges. Is my blanka gimmicky. If it is, is it necessarily a bad thing?

Thanks in advance!


Dude. The amount of hate Blanka creates with players you might be the Daigo of Blanka players and you would still receive hate mail. Infact you would probably receive loads more!

Take it almost as a compliment dude. Don’t let them psyche you out. Blanka is a gimmick based character. I say exploit it even more! Get them salty at you and they will make mistakes.

Why change your playstyle as some dudes you beat are crying.


You speak the truth sir. When I go to the local tourneys, I don’t want to be easily found out. Is there a way to prevent that? Ball mix-ups can only go so far…


I’m also gimmick crazy, but that’s what makes him fun.


If Blanka is gimmicky then so is every other character. Everyone goes for cross-ups every chance they get regardless of the character they use. Is Ryu spamming fireballs trying to get you to jump over them while he’s turtling the whole time gimmicky? Sure, not to mention annoying and boring, but blah blah you have to have so much skill to mash punch, punch, kick, fireball. lmao Is Ryu and Sagat getting free hits on exchanges gimmicky? Sure, I don’t hear them complaining about their free ultras and various other free damage hits. Zoning is a gimmick, baiting for exchanges is a gimmick, they can go fuck themselves. Blanka might have a few extra ways to cross someone up but most of the time they just lead to you getting punished anyway against anyone who’s half way decent at the game. Hop around a shoto on wake-up you’re going to eat the uppercut they’re mashing out, rainbow ball, huh, nothing a focus attack can’t completely neutralize, j.m>anything, welcome to shoto uppercut domain.


So basically, you are saying that Blanka is a gimmicky character and their rants are just hate because they suck at the game. Well thanks to the people that responded. :slight_smile:

And dude I hop around flowchart scrub or even good Sagats and Kens and anybody who has a DP like Ryu to bait out Shoryukens, then punish with cr. lp xxx electricity. It sounds like you got mad trouble against shotos with Blanka. With the right timing and spacing, Rainbow ball is almost unpunishable, even with a focus attack. Just a thought.


You need to up your reading comprehension skills. smh I said he’s as gimmicky as any other character, no more or less. I absolutely destroy Shotos, thus the name, genius. LMAO @ almost nonpunishable rainbowball, I can tell you eat a lot of ultras, supers, etc… for breakfast. Even if you use it just to jump over someone to escape you can still eat an ultra or super from someone like Gen. If all you’re doing to punish a whiffed shoryuken is c.lp xxx electricity you suck at this game. Whiffed shoryuken = free super, free ultra, free focus attack>free combo damage, etc…


ok bitch you don’t have to insult me.

no I don’t eat Supers and ultra and other shit, because nobody knows how to punish it.

Your name doesn’t mean shit. What does my name mean? lol

And you and me know that some shotos mash the hell out of lp shoryuken so focus attacks wouldn’t work. in fact I was fighting a ken, he whiffed EX shoryuken, I did tried to do a focus attack, I eat another EX shoryuken. c. lp xxx electricity eliminates this problem with ease.

EX rainbow ball can get out of range of Gen’s Ultra and super for that matter, and even if it does have enough range, it recovers quickly. You should know that, so Idk why you would say that.

Seriously, no insults were needed. It just sounded like you had problems with shotos.


I wasn’t insulting you. lol But you can punish any whiffed uppercut with a focus attack if you use proper timing and spacing, it’s actually rather easy. And, sorry to have to be the one to tell you this but any decent player will punish the hell out of rainbow balls, really any of Blanka’s blocked balls when they have the opportunity and right character will get punished severely. Plenty of people know how to punish all of his balls. There is no recovery time while blanka is in the air Gen can land his super before blanka hits the ground full screen. And if you’re actually dumb enough to try to hit a Gen with one and he blocks it, that’s a free double hit, super and ultra if he has an ultra. Gen can do them back to back. There are exceptions, it’s up to you to learn all the matchups you want to learn, but Gen isn’t one of them. If you toss your balls around while he has meter you’re going to get punished, on block, on hit, on run, on air, a decent Gen is going to punish you.


That seriously happens with Gen’s super? That never happened with me. hmm… my bad then. Thanks for responding


Not really sure how I got here but:

Gimmicks are strategies and mix-ups that basically hinge on the opponent not expecting them or not having the knowledge of its counter. Fireball spamming and DP mashing is a gimmick, but zoning and DP reversal attempts with meter are not. This is because zoners have multiple options to fall back on if a properly used fireball doesn’t land and a well thought out reversal can be FADC’d to minimize risk.


it does feel somewhat “gimmicky” when youre mashing any punch and it becomes the electricity thats a killer. i just started using Blanka and it feels pretty weird that im mashing punch buttons like a mad man to execute the electricity to anti-air, combo, when im cornered, or just or the hell of it cuz im losing. other than that, hes a fun character to use. sometimes i think hes too easy of a character to win with against scrubs. i wouldve never got as much wins with Blanka as i did when i started using a character like Abel.


Rainbow rolls are horribly punishable. Scrubs might not punish it, but just know it’s fucking hella risky as fuck. :stuck_out_tongue:

If you want “solid” play with Blanka, I suggest watching Chari (no videos of him in Super though :[). He mainly uses two types of mixups when he gets a knockdown (I’ll just use Blanka’s forward throw for my examples but it works for any of his hard knockdowns):

  1. Walk forward a tiny bit so that if you hop, even YOU don’t even know what side you’ll land on. So yeah, it’s walk a bit, wait, hop, then jab xx electricity. If done correctly, it will be very ambiguous but will still lose to dp masher and such.

  2. Walk forward so that it will be clearly obvious that a hop will cross up. Now, either hop to the other side or do a regular dash to stay on the same side. Then, jab xx electricity.

Also, I seen him do this safe jump setup though I never really played around it with myself so I’ll tentatively say it. So, after a forward throw, hold up so you will immediately jump after the throw animation, do any jumping attack, then hold up forward so you will do an immediate jump after landing, and do a jumping roundhouse and this will be a safe jump set up. Now, you can option select and such, but I can’t really say much since I haven’t tested out this stuff yet. Maybe later tomorrow. :stuck_out_tongue:


This sounded pretty cool so I tested it out a bit, but it seems like if you immediately do the jumps one after another, you end up jumping in a little too early and the j. HK whiffs. So you still have to add in a slight delay on the second jump, which obviously doesn’t make it as reliable. I’m still trying to figure out if there are more foolproof ways of safe jumping via a similar method.

One other neat thing I noticed from a Chari video was that performing a back throw on Balrog, then immediately dashing forward once (not command hop), and immediately jumping HK looks to be a safe jump. I tried this on some other characters and because of hit box differences it ends up being crossup so you need to use j.MK. I’m not 100% sure it’s a safe jump for other characters but it can be pretty ambiguous.

Finally, it can be quite useful to option select slide when performing a safe jump with Blanka, and it’s pretty easy to do and works nicely on characters such as Chun who love to backdash.