My Blazblue Continuum Shift 2 guide to being the best you can be

Are you new to the world of Blazblue? Have you been playing casually, but now want to become more competitive? Maybe you’ve been playing for a long time, but haven’t felt like you’ve made any progress? I know how it can feel like you just don’t know how to start getting better(always losing, but can’t figure out why).

I am writing this guide today for anyone that wants to be the best they can be and understand why. I can’t speak for anyone except myself, so this is how I approach learning a new fighting game.


Ok, first thing I do is read and learn ALL of the system mechanics. They can be found here:System Guide

To be the best you can be, you have to know what is possible in the game. The understanding of the system mechanics will give you the ability to see why anything in the game is done. This information also gives you the edge against those who are too lazy to read and study(lol). Think of it like the rules of a boxing match. Without understanding those rules it becomes more difficult to win.


Now after I understand what options the system mechanics give me, I can now find a character that fits my play-style. You see, learning the mechanics makes this decision a lot easier because you can see what the characters are capable of in the system.

For now I would stick with just one character. In Blazblue most players only have one character they play with. This game allows this because it’s system mechanics give every character the ability to win. The only thing is there are various degrees of difficulty for learning each character. Personally, I wouldn’t start by playing a character just because they’re easy to learn. You should play a character that fits what you want to do within the game system. You should most importantly enjoy the character you’re learning. There’s nothing worse than trying to learn something you don’t like.
Use this to help find what you’re looking for:System Data

Here’s also IMO a list of how much effort it takes to learn each character(from easiest to hardest):


After I’ve selected my character, I start learning what that character is fully capable of. Here’s where to find that information:
You can also use this to find a character to learn as well.

Now what I do is I put myself in this frame of mind like I’m tying to understand what my character/s purpose is. So what I do is pretend I’m learning my own personal martial art style. I start by learning the normals and command normals. I experiment with them to test range, speed, can they combo, Ect. I learn what EVERY move does and try to make it so they become as natural as a reflex. You do this for every move in your character’s arsenal(working your way up to more complex things). Learn all of the move’s properties so you can figure out when they should be used(if they should even be used at all). Remember, learn all of them so they become more like reflexes. It takes time so don’t rush it either.


Start by learning how to block and using the system mechanics in play. You can go into the training mode and put the AI on the highest level. This is to get you comfortable with the game. I’ve noticed people putting too much effort into doing combos and moves. Like I’ve also heard complaints of “fingers hurting” and things like that. This should never be the case. When playing you want to be as relaxed and as calm as possible. These games are NOT pressure sensitive. So don’t kill your fingers/arms to do actions.Take a more accurate and smoother(calmer) approach to doing what needs to be done. Conviction and a lack of wasted effort are key.


Start looking for unconventional ways to use what your character has. The properties for moves are definite, but that doesn’t stop you from using them in ways(safe ways by the way) that they are not normally used. This also applies to not getting yourself caught in playing in patterns. The worse thing you can do is be predictable. Never become a one-trick pony(or even a three-trick pony). Look for ways to keep your opponent guessing while staying as safe as possible(which isn’t always possible though. Sometimes you HAVE to take risk).


Start learning basic 1-3 hit combos and gradually work your way up. Take your time. Also try to learn your own combos. Look for situations that might happen in a match and use that information to build new combos. Stay far away from impractical combos. Damage isn’t the most important thing; Keeping your opponent in your style of playing is.


Use anything and everything to your advantage. If it’s in the game and it’s not banned, it’s fair game. Just because a strategy is hard to get around doesn’t mean it’s a cheap tactic. People constantly throwing certain moves is definitely spamming, but it is not cheap. Your opponent’s job is to win. Period. There is no such thing as honor. You’re supposed to try to win by all means necessary(with the exception of knocking the controls out of the other guy/girl’s hand). For those still having problems understanding this, think of it like this: Cause and Effect. X happens and it creates Y. X can equal a vast amount of things like:

  • The inability to capitalize on your opponent’s mistakes.
  • Not being aware of your opponent trying to condition you into a specific frame of thinking.
  • The inability to execute moves properly/effectively.
  • A lack of understanding what is possible at any given time or situation(for both players).
    *The ability to read tendencies in what your opponent is doing.


Learn the properties of characters you don’t use. Do they have invincibility on moves you need to watch out for? How effective are their moves at different ranges? Can they be punished for having certain moves blocked/miss? Do moves they use on you keep you blocking longer than normal(frame traps)? It is extremely important to understand what every character is capable of to have the best shot at winning. It’s like picking a fight with a stranger. You’re going in blind with a lack of information.


Once you get a good understanding of the system mechanics, your character and characters you don’t use you can start developing mind games. Each character you go against will require a different set of mind games(for the most-part). This is because every character’s play-style is so different from the others. What I look for are the strengths and weaknesses of each character and try to take advantage of each point. This is best done by getting your opponent to play your way. Limiting their options and putting in their mind what works/ doesn’t work is key. You see, when you limit a player’s options they become more predictable. Remember this.


Learn from your mistakes. Whenever possible record your matches and study what you are doing wrong/right. Also look at the behaviors of your opponent and figure out what they are doing and why.


Play against people better than you from the start. This keeps you from learning bad habits. You may lose a lot, but you are also(if you’re paying attention) going to learn more a lot faster.


get plenty of rest and maintain a healthy diet. Lots of fruits, vegetables and anything with antioxidants. Stay away from too much sugar, salt and grease. This helps you focus better and also live longer(bonus).

This is not a race so take your time and let everything build up naturally.

If you have any questions feel free to ask.

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I’m not trying to patronize you, but seriously to sum it all up, niggas need to stop skipping tutorial and challenge they’re in the game for a reason, not to mention these lazy ass kids these days would take one glance at a system guide or frame data and say F it too much information i cant understandz this. I will agree with you that people need to learn the system, but Tut sums it up very well, people just need to stop acting dumb and take the information given, cuz I remember back in the day(pre internet days) I had to learn everything bout any fighter on my own and that wasn’t much info.

Very informative post Grandabx, I was just about to start my “journey” into some online play after learning the basic combos, minor sysem info and what not. I found this post very informative and insightful, just popping in to say thanks for your work.

@Konflyk. Yeah man I totally agree there’s way too much info out there to not be great games now lol, people ask all the time “how’d you get so good at xyz game so fast”. All I can say is lol 1.Video games are more often than not very simple and easy once you understand how the basic system works and a little frame data (what’s safe/unsafe and what gives you frame advantage) 2. How hard are you trying to get good? Going online and just losing a lot isn’t going to help much, knowledge is power lol. But yeah there’s no real excuse today to not be good at games! (also Valk isn’t in your ease of use list)

amagod, all dustloop links. I might as well just stay on that forum for BBCS2 stuff.

Well it is more or less the place for those players kinda like how SRK is for Marvel/SF (lets be honest).

I updated it, but yeah Valkenhayn is little or more an easier Tao in a way, they fight similar when he’s in wolf form, in terms of movement, he got 10k hp and does good dmg with good pokes, any CH can lead to a combo of 4k or more, I don’t see him as difficult to learn, just grasp when to cancel into human or wolf and how to apply pressure, and when to do certain moves like, if opponent is crouching during hitstun, lead into 236C then wolf combo etc. if they’re standing while in hitstun, dont’ do that unless it’s guarenteed something most ppl need to learn which I see a lot is, they try to do combos that won’t link, eg Jin’s who get a 5C non CH and try to lead to 6C while opponent was in standing state during hitstun, or when an opponent is crouching they just go for 3C, ice car instead of taking advantage of a 6C combo for more dmg.

That’s so it’s easier for people to find what they need. Some people hate searching for answers so I gave them direct links. It can’t get any easier than that. Also a lot of new players only hang around srk and don’t know about dustloop.

Interesting guide, I think there are a lot of unnecessary points tbh.
Play tutorial and challenge mode, pick a character, play. Then play more. Then think about your games learn new strategies/combos and keep playing.
I think anyone can get as good as they want in this game depending on how hard they want to work and how much they play.

I’ve been playing fighting games since Street Fighter 2: World Warriors and from years of playing I know not everyone has the same what’s the word I’m looking for…oh yeah aptitude. A LOT of new players think anything that goes against what they want to do is cheap. Period. That used to be me as well(to a degree). Tutorial and challenge mode won’t teach you how to play against a smart human. It’s not like either one of them is very deep any way(virtual fighter 4 has the best teaching modes btw). I HAD a friend who thought beating on his brother and being perfect with combos/moves made him elite In Alpha 2. It’s been over five years since the time he disowned me. I had to show him things he couldn’t learn from just the in-game modes(the hard way). Combo execution and even knowing all the properties of everything in the game mean nothing if you don’t know how to apply them in a match correctly. The engineer will never be better than the strategist. There are players that play non-stop and still don’t have the chops to win consistently. Why? A lack of knowledge on fundamentals. For instance: ryu’s hadoken. anyone can see it’s a projectile(that you can combo into), but not everyone is knowledgeable/capable of using it wisely. Some people just need to be shown what to do before it all clicks.

I only mentioned tutorial and challenge as a starting tool.
But yeah perhaps watching others play is also a good way to learn. Overall, I feel that playing and thinking about your mistakes/asking what you did wrong is the easiest way to improve.

Speaking of which. I registered there a week ago (with same nick as this one) and have a profile but still can’t post or whatever. I never received a verification email either. I saw in this thread it happened before and it’s annoying me.

Use the contact me option on dustloop and they should be able to help you.

Thanks, I just sent them message.

I understand that difficulty list is your opinion, But damn son. Tager, 2nd?

Ragna, Noel, Bang, Platinum, Lambda, Tsubaki, Hakumen, Jin, Makoto, Valk, Tager, Litchi, Arakune, Tao, Hazama, Arakune, Carl, Mu-12, Rachel.

hey, I just jumped into CS2 a couple days ago with no experience to GG or BB. Seeing that dustloop has been down for some time now for whatever reason, I’ve been reading the japanese guide-specifically on valk.
So a number of his combos listed start with 5b 5c Rosen. The funny thing is, I can do the follow up to those combos after the 236C, but for some reason, I can’t link the 5c to it (even though the character seems like it’s clearly still in a hitstun frame when I connect).
I know it’s a noob question, but if someone can help me, or give tips on the combo mechanics of this game, I’d be very happy.

Could you give me the whole combo?

2A> 5B> 5C> 236C> 9D [> JB> JA> 5D 2C landing -> 6C> 2C> 6B> 5B> 2C> JB (jc)> JB> JC dm2962

Firstly, You would usually be better off cutting out the 2A unless you’re more or less hugging them. If you hit a 5B, You are assured a 5C and 236C.

I’ll reply more after work bro.

I tried it out: 5C>Nacht Rozen and same results although the character seems in hitstun. But if you turn on ‘After First Hit’ with the Blocking settings in Training Mode you’ll see your opponent CAN block it. Are you sure the combos from that site are CSII or is this an annoying nerf that wasn’t there in CS?

Edit: I get it. I see the combo from that site you metioned. Thank god for my Japanese: above it is mentioned that the combo is for crouching enemies. Try it out. Make your enemy crouch in Training Mode and the combo DOES work. :wink:

Well I made it for a beginner to see who is the most easy/difficult to get adjusted to(once again IMO). Not match up-wise, but moves/properties-wise. Tager takes A LOT to learn when you’re fitting him into a match up sure, but learning what he does on his own isn’t very difficult.